To Catch a Killer

January 18, 2012
By YoJenna BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
YoJenna BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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Officer Danny Thig- a rooky cop fresh out of the academy, made the arrest of his career
Officer Mark Wigem- a cop on the force for 15 years, is partners with Danny
Marge- the sassy, no nonsense receptionist
Riverside Killer- a serial killer who has been Americas most wanted since 2007 when the first gruesome kill took place
Scene opens on the inside of New York’s Police station, some officers are running around in a frenzy while some are celebrating in a corner. It’s snowing outside so everyone is in large black coats. Mark is at Marge’s desk talking.
Mark: can you believe it, the kid actually did it, not two years out of the academy and he got the Riverside killer. (Shakes head in disbelief)
Marge: you’re not jealous, now are you Mark?
Mark: Not at all, he did good, you know never mind I’ve been on the case for four years now, (voice starting to rise) or that I was the one who gave him all the reports and evidence!
Marge: Right not jealous at all, well put on a smiling face and act happy, he’s about to come in any moment now and the last thing he needs is you bringing down his mood. He worships you, he won’t be happy unless he knows you’re happy. So snap out of it or I’ll snap you. (Wagging her finger at him)
Mark: (slightly afraid) y-yes of course, j-just had to get it out of my system ya know.
Suddenly the room explodes with cheers as Danny walks in
Danny: oh, a… thanks everybody… (Quickly walks over to his desk, head down)
Marge: see he doesn’t even like the attention, now go over there and give him a pat on the back. Oh and gives these to him too, let him know there from me. (Hands Mark an overly large muffin basket with large frilly bows)
Mark: think you baked enough?
Marge: I wasn’t sure what he liked. Now scoot I want to see that boy smiling from ear to ear next time I see him.
(Mark slowly walks away, taking his time getting there)
Mark: Hey Danny, nice job out there! Oh these are from Marge; see says ‘say to go kid’. So umm yeah… you did good… I couldn’t be more happy…three cheers for you. (Overly happy and clearly fake)
Danny: oh thanks boss, you can have them if you want. (Goes back to his paper work)
Mark: how many times to I have to tell you, I’m not your boss I’m your partner. Why you over here anyway? You should be out celebrating, everybody else is.
Danny: (not looking up) I really need to file this report.
Mark: you need to lighten up kid, the captain doesn’t expect this to be don’t right away, you made the arrest of the century! The captain is even out drinking right now.
Danny: (still looking down) just don’t really see the need. I want to treat this like any other arrest. I don’t want the b**** to think she’s any more famous than any other criminal
Mark: hate to break it to ya, but she is famous and she will be remembered and she knows it. America hasn’t seen a female serial killer in a long time, and never one this gruesome. (Danny continues writing) alright we need to get you away from this desk, come on were going down to booking.
Danny: and do what?
Mark: put this b**** n the system
Scene two: down stairs in the basement, where the booking and the jail cells are. It’s very dark except for the one light in each cell and the lights by booking. Its ten degrees cool down there. There is only one person down there, the Riverside killer. She is very normal looking, brown hair, fine complexion, very pretty. The only thing out of place is the long scar down her left arm, and her blood stained shirt.
Danny: are you sure it’s okay for me to be down here? I haven’t been allowed to book anyone yet.
Mark: Don’t worry I’ll do everything, you can just watch. We won’t be breaking any rules.
Riverside Killer: (from down the hall) Do I hear my prince charming coming to rescue me?
Mark: don’t let her get to you, remember she is known for her mind tricks, don’t let her get inside of your head. Don’t answer any of her questions and don’t talk about anything personal. (Talk as they walk to cell)
Danny: got it boss.
(Lights start to flicker, then all go out, leaving it pitch black, except for the moon light from two small windows)
Mark: da** it, storm must have blown a fuse. Do you know where the breaker is?
Danny: no
Mark: alright, you wait here. I’ll be right back, I’m gonna go turn the power back on.
(Walks away, leaving Danny alone in the dark)
RSK: spooky isn’t it, almost like a horror movie.
(Danny jumps at her voice from behind him.)
Danny: Jesus!!!
RSK: oh sorry Hun did I scare you. (In sickly sweet voice)
Danny: what is it with everyone calling me Hun, and kid; I’m 27 for God’s sake.
RSK: you’re right, you’re not a kid, a kid wouldn’t have been able to catch me, kudos by the way.
Danny: I can’t talk to you. (Stepping away from the cell)
RSK: you’re not talking, I am. In fact I was congratulating you; hundreds of New York’s finest have been after me for years, men and women that have been on the force since before you were even thinking about joining the academy. And yet here you are, the new guy fresh from the academy, and you catch me in under a year. I mean you deserve a parade, a party, something. I’m truly impressed, so tell me your secret, how did you find me?
(Danny keeps back turned, and remains silent)
RSK: not talking huh, that’s fine, I’m just trying to pass the time, gets kinda lonely down here. You guys took away all the other criminals, and all your buddies are up stairs; I’m really bored. But that’s really not the worst, its freezing down here; don’t tell me you haven’t noticed.
Danny: it is pretty cold down here. (Rubs arms)
RSK: I know isn’t it? And here I am, in short sleeves, and it’s wet too.
Danny: its blood
RSK: doesn’t mean it’s not wet, look all I want is a blanket, a jacket, a pillow case; something to keep a little warmer. I promise I’ll stop talking and let you do your job if you get me something.
Danny: it would be cruel, not too.
RSK: yes, yes it would. And you’re not a mean guy, you’re actually really sweet. I mean even when you arrested me you didn’t push me around no, you calmly put on the cuffs and gently put me in the car. Such a gentleman.
Danny: innocent until proven guilty, it’s not my job to be a judge and decide your fate. So until then I will treat every person man or women the same way. You didn’t fight back or struggle so I gave you the same respect.
RSK: How ever so sweet of you.
Danny: err… oh yeah here… (Takes off sweater and passes it through the bars)
RSK: aww you give me your sweater, I was expecting one of those urine stained blankets, thank you. (Grabs onto his wrist)
RSK: no wedding ring, are you single?
Danny: eh... yes (gently tries to pull back arm)
RSK: rough callused hands, a working man,
Danny: can I please have my hand back.
RSK: (holds tighter and stares intently at it) you never did tell me how it felt to arrest me. It must feel good, catching the most wanted criminal state side since John Dillinger. The streets of New York are once again safe all thanks to you. No more front pages splashed with my supposed picture, no more magazines dedicated to my…masterpieces. I have got to say I expected you to catch me long ago, aground my 10th kill, but then again when have my expectations with the police ever been accurate. I mean I expected them to come to my mothers aid while she was screaming for her life, I expected them to bang down the door while my father came at us with a knife, and I expected them to arrest him when he was caught with a bloody knife in hand and my dead mother on the ground. But you men in blue never reach my expectation now do you. I bet those men expected to be saved in time, but you fine boys just know how to let a person down now don’t you. So I’ll ask one more time officer, how does it feel? (Gripes painfully tight now)
Danny: (calmly) I felt scared and nervous. And now I wish I had let someone else make the arrest, I don’t like the spot light and now my picture is everywhere.
(Let’s go of hand)
RSK: your something else you know that.
Danny: my last girlfriend said that after she broke up with me and I said I was sorry.
RSK: (laughs softly) Can I ask you something?
Danny: why not.
RSK: what’s your name?
Danny: Daniel, but everyone calls me Danny
RSK: Danny…it suits you. I used to be Olivia
Danny: Used to?
RSK: he didn’t like the name.
Danny: who didn’t?
Olivia: the real Riverside Killer.
All lights turn on for a moment before black out

The author's comments:
this is written in the form of a drama, wrote it for a class and i really liked how it turned out

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