The Vase

January 20, 2012
By Autibee1 BRONZE, Eatonville, Washington
Autibee1 BRONZE, Eatonville, Washington
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The middle of the woods is where we found it, covered in leaves is how we saw it, and haunted is how I will always remember it. I find myself still walking back to that place in the forest. My hands slid against the walls as I discover its core once again, inside a building that seemed so beautiful and now so ruined. Here we played together as kids, having fun with all the artifacts we could find hidden in the place, but curiosity killed the cat they say. There in that vacant building is where you disappeared out of sight and never seen again. Sometimes I can hear your laughter here and there calling my name telling me to chase you, to come and play. I cannot for you are only a ghost now.

Chills run down my spine as I walk closer to where you vanished, in an ancient vase that strangely only held ash, of the dead or of a fire that broke out years ago. Whatever it was, it swallowed you whole into the black of no return. There I stare at the doll placed next to the vase on which you used to love and never let go. Now it lies beside your grave untouched but always by your side. Again I hear your sweet laughter past behind me then sweep away as fast as it came. How I miss you eyes, your little touch, the memories we shared together, how I miss you Mary Ann. “Follow me Edgar Pollen, follow me to this place I have found.” I hear you say. “Follow me down this path, let us play together.” I turn to only see a blank wall in which the sun shines onto, nothing but moss grows around it now. A gust of wind passes by me as if pulling me its way. “Follow me Edgar Pollen follow me.”

I make my way toward your voice following the path of a breeze that you obtain. I find a candle and light it so I can see where you are taking me. Down a hallway of darkness with faded pictures on the walls, some falling and some had fallen. Men and women from long ago in robes and gold, the carpet torn and also faded from red to gray. Your sweet voice sprouts from the walls again “follow me Edgar Pollen, do not go astray, follow me my friend come this way.” So I follow down the hallway reminiscing on how we used to play. King and Queen we were and this was our beautiful castle. We imagined there were witches and wizards along our side fighting with us against the warlocks and oraces that wanted to destroy our lovely castle, but we would not let them. It was so magical long ago, you and me, king and queen. Finally I have made it to the end of the hallway where a giant door stood in my way. It was cracked opened where the breeze pulled in. slowly I opened the door making it creek as it eased opened.

A ballroom shown before me dusty and wasted out. Broken wooden chairs lay around the sides along with tables and old trays cups plates and silverware. Moss has grown around this place too giving it age and making it look pretty. “Dance with me Edgar Pollen, oh wont you come dance with me?” I hear you ask. “Yes Mary Ann.” I find myself saying allowed. A breeze surrounds me lifting up leaves and making them fly, blowing out my candle. I see a figure in the sunlight walking towards me. A lady in white with dark hair and light colored skin approaches me. I could not believe my eyes, could it really be you who is standing in front of me. “Mary Ann!” I speak out. “Oh Mary Ann it is you!” I hold out my hand towards you for you to take it. “Yes Edgar it is me.” You say placing your hand in mine and coming into a waltz. We dance there in the middle of the ballroom with not music, just staring into each other’s eyes. I want to say so much, tell you how much I have missed you and all those times of walking back here just to see you again, but I keep my mouth shut and just dance with you. You spin around and come back into my arms and spin back out again. “Oh Edgar Pollen, remember when we were kids we loved this place.” You say as you spin. “We would come here every day and play as king and queen. We ruled a kingdom together, we were powerful.” You look at me with passion in your eyes. “Our first kiss was here too, do you remember?” I nod my head yes smiling. “It was so magical!” You say spinning away from me and continuing to spin in circles. Your arms held out spinning in circles lifting the leaves again.

You start to turn sad then you walk back towards me and look me in the eye. “I want to feel that magic again, I want to remember.” Then you close your eyes and pucker up your lips. I lean in and kiss you softly on the lips. I pull away and open my eyes to a blank ballroom. You no longer there in my arms, never to be in my arms again. The window blows wind inside and I turn in excitement to see you, but my hope falls when it only shows a breeze. Tears build up in my eyes as I start my way back to the hallway, shutting the ballroom door to leave it behind. I make my way through the hallway this time with no light, just me in the darkness to cry. One last time I see your vase in which swallowed you whole, but this time your doll is missing and nowhere to be seen. I search for it, panicking that someone has taken it, but still not luck. I kneel down in front of the vase and cry into my hands. Suddenly I hear the vase rattle and hear the ash move around in it. I look up to see the ash floating above me. I scatter to my feet step back and stare at it. It twisted and turned in front of me as if to tease me.

Then I see arms come out of it, then your face come out of it. So happy I walk towards you and grab your hands. You smile at me and bring me closer. I embrace you and hug you there. I start to feel so alive again and my tears go away, but just as I start to feel happy again, you pull me in and suck me inside the vase with you. Now I have disappeared with you. No longer out in the world anymore, but inside a vase of ash where now you and I have vanished.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by music and a picture.

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great imagery!!!! cn u check out a story i just submitted? It's called johnathan's body. thank u :)


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