Camp Oregon

February 2, 2012
By Anonymous

It was a normal afternoon for my best friend Stephanie and I. We received a letter in the mail inviting us to summer camp in Oregon. We had never traveled before so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get away. We went to school the next day and began telling all of our friends that we would be leaving the day school lets out. But, the moment we said the words "Camp Oregon" to our friend Lori, her eyes went wide. I had never seen her eyes look so big and scared all at once. I asked her what was wrong and why she had such a reaction to the camp we mentioned. That is the moment Lori began to tell me and Stephanie about the supposed species that once roamed the camp. Stephanie and I didn't believe what Lori was telling us, and couldn't wait to get there and prove to her nothing was weird about the camp grounds. Lori warned us not to go searching for the species because we would put ourselves, the camp, and the world in danger. Stephanie laughed for awhile, but then I began thinking if maybe we could discover or see this rare thing.
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The all girls summer camp was in the middle of nowhere in the state of Oregon. It was a vast piece of land that stretched for miles. It was desolate now and only used for a summer camp in the months of June and July. It was hot and dry. The camp smelled of trees, sand, and water. As Stephanie and I arrived and stepped out of the car all I could think of was Lori's story and the mysterious species she spoke of. This species was described as horrific and deathly, and one of a kind. No one spoke of it because it was so scary. This intrigued me even more and I really wanted to see the rare species.

The third night of camp, Stephanie and I decided to go out because we wanted snacks. We were breaking the rules, because you weren't supposed to leave the cabin for any reason after lights out. As we stepped out of our cabin, the air seemed eerie. The weather was foggy and windy. Stephanie got frightened and chickened out. She ran back inside the cabin and said something about this particular night seemed strange. I still went though to get some snacks for myself. While I was out there, I couldn't really tell where I was headed. Due to the fog, all of the cabins looked alike. I could not see the common room cabin. I did have my flashlight with me. As I went to flip it on, it flickered and flickered, until it just went off. I was now out on the sandy grounds barefoot with the wind picking up. I lost sight of the trail, and then the noises began. I heard weird nosies. They were noises I had never heard in my lifetime before. Then, suddenly a huge shadow appeared. I ran in the opposite direction, but because I didn't have shoes on I tripped over a log and fell...

About an hour later, I woke up. I couldn't really remember where I was. Had I been knocked out? Did something attack me? I couldn't remember, but as I sat up I stared into the eyes of a big monster. My heart began to beat faster. I was petrified. I thought to myself, could this be the deathly "species" Lori had told Stephanie and I about. I was recalling the horrible words she spoke of about this rare monster. Then, the creature cried, as if it were in pain. I was trapped either way, so I stepped closer to it. I began to pet it. Later, I gave it some food. I noticed injuries on the creature. It had holes from arrows on it, because people had tried to kill it. The species did appear very scary and dangerous looking, but in reality it was harmless. I knew this creature belonged somewhere else, not at Camp Oregon. I wanted to help it. I became friends with the creature overnight. As morning came, I headed back to my cabin and didn't tell anyone what I had done that night. I decided I would go out every night and visit my new creature friend. I decided I would go feed it and take care of the wounds. Then, one night I couldn't go visit it because the faculty was having a bonfire right outside of my cabin. The creature began to scream later in the night, while we were all around the camp fire. Everyone began to freak out. People were running in every direction and couldn't figure out what kind of animal cry it was. Stephanie stood up and told everyone what Lori had previously said about the unique species found here. The girls begin to talk and conspire ways they could capture and kill this species. I interrupted and tried to convince everyone it was nice. The creature appeared near the cabins. I told them what I had been doing and began explaining the rare monster to them. The girls didn't believe me, and pushed me out of the way. The creature ran towards me, and I stood still. As soon as the thing got closer, I heard a gun shot. The creature falls dead. I was shocked and couldn't believe it was indeed actually dead.

The whole camp was dismissed home the next morning. I went home very upset and confused why they just shot my friend. I tried to research what I saw. I typed in all of the physical descriptions I could remember. I came across a myth on the internet about the creature. The creature was part of a family of 15. I realized that the one I met was lost and disconnected from the rest. From then on I dedicated my life to finding the rest of the creatures family and finding out more about its uniqueness.

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