Lost dog and sister

February 2, 2012
By Tabithap SILVER, New Orleans, Louisiana
Tabithap SILVER, New Orleans, Louisiana
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It was a cold black winter night, Bella and Tyre were going to the hospital with some friends that they worked with for the employee Christmas party. Bella was telling her children, Bentley and Tyga, the rules while her husband, Tyre, was trying to figure out how to put on his new tacky Christmas tie. They were leaving Bentley and Tyga with their babysitter, Karen. They hated her because she always invites her boyfriend over and never pays attention to the children. She makes them cook their own food, bathe themselves, and play alone. When Bella and Tyre leave, the kids are sad.

As soon as they left, Karen called her boyfriend Steve. He came over and made fun of Bentley and Tyga, calling them dweebs. The kids learned to ignore Steve and played by themselves. Bentley went into his room to play video games and yelled at the television because he was getting killed by zombies. Tyga was playing dress up on a Barbie website and the dog, Rufus, started tearing the heads off of her barbies so Tyga yelled at him.

The house quickly fell silent, and of course Karen and Steve did not notice a thing. Out of nowhere, Bentley heard this awful loud noise and he had no idea what it was. He figured out that it came from his sisters room. Karen and Steve didn't care about the problem and stayed where they were. Bentley got up to go see what happened and when he entered the room, he realized that Tyga and Rufus were gone. Bentley freaked out and ran to Karen to tell her what had happened.

"Tyga is probably just playing hide and go seek with Rufus. Go away!" Karen said.

Bentley quickly stormed off, furious that Karen did not listen to him. He went around the house, searching high and low, and pacing back and forth. Tyga was no where to be found. He began to think, "What if someone took her! It would be all Karen and Steve's fault for not watching us."

He went to Karen again and said, "Karen, I swear I looked all over for Tyga, she is no where to be found. I need you to help me look."

"She's probably hiding in a. Really good spot. Go away and leave us alone." Karen replied.

There was no hope in finding her with Karen and Steve not helping Bentley search for his sister. Bentley went and searched again and again for Tyga and still could not find a trace of her. He looked on the ground and saw Tyga's baby bracelet covered in dirt.

He ran to Karen and said, "Karen, look here is Tyga's bracelet. Now do you believe that she's gone?"

"Oh my goodness! Maybe you're right. Steve, get up! Let's go look for her." Karen said, shocked that Bentley was right.

They left the house and searched all around for her, with no luck. Steve and Karen started to panic because they knew that they were the ones to blame for making goggly eyes at each other, instead of watching the children.

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