The Game Chapter 2

December 20, 2011
By shelbyoreo SILVER, Weare, New Hanpshire, New Hampshire
shelbyoreo SILVER, Weare, New Hanpshire, New Hampshire
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Tina bent over the board and looked at the red sheet covering it. "Was this here before?" Jillian shrugged as she closed the door. The sheet fell off at Tina's finger tips. The board revealed two white straight lines of squares that lead to a red door on the board. "What the heck kind of game is this?" She tried to pry the board off the table but, it didn't budge. Jillian sat across from Tina looking at the board curiously, "Hm, weird. It must be a choose your own adventure game." Tina rolled her eyes annoyed at Jillian, "Lets play it."

Tina retrieved the suitcase and in it stood two figurines about the size of a tack. One was a girl all in black, and one in red. Tina took the red one and set the figurines on the board. Suddenly, the fireplace dimmed and the lights flickered off. "Did you do that?!" Jillian shook her head nervously and gulped, "I don't think we should play T." "Don't be a wimp, were playing until the dance." Jillian sighed and stared at the board, "Where are the directions?" The little door on the board creaked open and out came a thick fog. "What-!" The girls tried to get up but their hands were stuck on the board. "New players! New players!" Little whispers echoed through the living room. Jillian whimpered, "What is this?!" Tina screamed as they both got engulfed in the fog.

The author's comments:
This is chapter two of "The Game" enjoy and thanks for reading :) constructive criticism is welcome!

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