February 1, 2012
By Shmichael BRONZE, Plainfield, Indiana
Shmichael BRONZE, Plainfield, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself turn into the villian."

For those of you who don’t know of me you soon will. I have lived a life of fear and hatred, hatred of those who surround me and hatred towards myself. Eyes with intense fire in them gaze at me as they penetrate my soul. The eyes that gaze at me with hatred make me hate me at the same time. Total self-hatred consumes me.

Living a normal life around these pitiful, adolescent beings is not possible. Temptation overpowers me to the point that I break down in front of them. What is there to do? Nothing. I can’t do anything. Not here, not now. Timing is everything, and so is the place.

I can smell the fear in those who surround me when the temptation overpowers me. I can see it in their eyes, what’s this person going to do? Motionless and completely out of it. It’s like they aren’t even there with their eyes gazing off into the distant as they think of what will happen. The stories became reality. What’s there to do for them? Help them? No, there’s no point in that; they would already be dead in a couple days.

The image of blood flowed through my mind. The thick blood slowly dripping from their bodies as they cry for help and no one can hear them. Ha-ha, helpless beings. They can’t do anything for themselves. Hatred becomes fear as they look at what would be in front of them and yet they don’t know of it yet.

The words that are said throughout the halls enter my ears as the people pass me by as I sit on the ground leaning back against a locker. “Loser, that’s what he is.” “No one cares about him, he’s an outsider.” Words may be just that – words. But to me, words define who will be first and next. First is the boy who hits me everyday, he won’t suspect anything from someone like me. His time will be tonight at dusk.

Dusk, the darkest part of the day. I jumped out my window and sprinted to the boy’s house. With one solid motion I leaped onto the roof without a sound being made as I landed the jump. Clueless. That’s what they all are. None of them know what is real and what isn’t real.

Light escaped from the house as the front door was opened. Who is it? Is it the boy who hits me? Yes, it was exactly him. Hoping down the roof of the house I landed on their brown dead grass with still no sound made. I followed the boys every movement like a tiger stalks its prey. Complete silence and patience is all it takes. At the right time I’ll pounce.

We entered a forest in the near end of dusk. No one was around, it was the perfect time. I pounced like a tiger and grabbed the boy. I dragged him to the ground and looked him in the eyes. Fear is all he say as I started to tear his flesh off his bones. As the blood dripped off my mouth on the reaming parts of his flesh he managed to spit out just three terrified words. “What are you?” was all he managed to say as he died.

Bones were the only thing left on the ground as I licked the blood off my hands and face. The sun was raising and that was my time to leave. I sprinted to the high school that started all my frenzy and my feasting. Year by year people vanished and died and no one knew how or why, except for me. A new day yet the same old routine followed. I’m a vampire living among nasty humans that have no clue what is real and what isn’t. Now it’s time to replay the day over again as I do every day.

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