January 30, 2012
The icy wind chilled the fingers that stuck out of my gloves. I pulled my gray wool jacket tighter around me to avoid the chilly gusts that floated over the icy grounds. A small white rabbit bolts by, leaving heart-shaped paw prints in the glittering snow. The ice crunches beneath my feet as I continue walking to View Point High for my first day as a junior. I had been transferred in the middle of the year for a kids exchange program, all the way from Arizona. Now I was stuck here, in a small town called Thorn Bridge, Minnisota. I walked quietly onto the campus, a few patches of withered yellow grass poked out from underneath the white blanket. Around the front door, people were huddled talking about who's dating who. A relationship was the last thing on my mind. I didn't need to have a sappy love story or a new boyfriend, I just needed to survive school. As I stepped towards the door a hush settled over the grounds. I pulled my braid from its warm place inside my cap and layed it gently on my shoulders. I noticed almost all the guys stared at me, so I snuck behind a corner to seek refugee from the freezing air and the popular kids. After everyone had redirected their attention one boy was looking at me from across the road. His eyes were fixed on me, not pulling away. Even when someone stepped past him and he turned misty for a moment. I tugged at a girl's sleeve. "Who is that person?" I pointed in the boy's direction and the girl looked at me like I was crazy. "There's no one there..."

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