Death by Chocolate

January 22, 2012
The experience was fatal. Let’s just say that it was also very chocolaty. A week ago, for my 21st birthday, my friend Nancy and I flew up to Hershey, Pennsylvania, my favorite place in the whole, wide world. We were to stay for a week, then fly back home. We stayed at the famous Hotel Hershey in the downtown area. After we flew in from Raleigh, North Carolina, we were exhausted. We both had been up since 4:00 am. Once we got to Hershey, Pennsylvania, we explored the hotel. Everything was so beautiful. My room was painted in a sunny yellow color and there was a Queen-sized bed all to myself. The bathroom was huge with a big window overlooking the formal gardens below. The hotel itself had an enormous indoor water park, a golf course, and a chocolate spa. Everything to satisfy me of course. The gardens were so well kept. Since it was spring all of the tulips and roses were in bloom. The fragrance was unbelievable.

After that we had dinner in the dinning room and went to bed. The next morning I awoke to an ear shattering, glass breaking noise. "What is that sound?" I cried in agony. I quickly sat up to find Nancy singing "Happy Birthday" to me. "Time to get up, birthday girl." She said. "What's all the rush about?" I questioned. She soon produced two golden tickets. On the tickets it read, "Tour of the Factory." I screamed in delight. "I've always wanted to do this. How did you know?" She quickly answered," Well, I just figured that you would love the experience because all you ever talk about is how you wish you could tour the factory." "Thank you so much!" I cried. "Now let’s hurry before we are late to the tour." She replied.

So off we went driving to the Hershey Chocolate Factory (aka Chocolate Capital of the world). It was a typical day in Hershey, Pennsylvania and the streets were crowded. I admired the street lights as the car flew by. They were silver and in the shape of a Hershey kiss. How unique! Finally we reached the factory. We quickly ran inside the main entrance to find our tour waiting. As soon as I walked in the front door, I was soon greeted by yet another round of ear drum bursting singing. Then I was presented with a twenty-five pound, solid chocolate Hershey Kiss. I left the Hershey kiss with the secretary while I was on the tour. Let me also add that I never returned to pick it back up. As the tour started, our guide took us through the Hershey Museum. There he told us about the founder, Mr. Hershey. We also got to see the original machinery that was used in the 1800's.
After that was the tour of the factory. I couldn't wait. First we entered the room where the main ingredients are mixed together. There were a lot of employees with big bags of ingredients. One by one, they poured the bags into a giant bowl almost the size of a swimming pool. Then another person with a huge paddle slowly mixed all the ingredients together. At that point I was bored. I quickly slipped away from the group. I was trying to find the room where the famous, final chocolate product is made. I peeked behind one of the "Employees Only” doors to find a giant room with a huge tank full of the finished product.

I quietly ran across the room and up the steps onto a platform. Just as soon as I was about to dip my hand into the delicious chocolate, my feet slipped from out under me and I went head first into the chocolate. It was so thick that I quickly sank down to the bottom. I tried to kick to the top but the chocolate syrup was too dense. Suddenly I realized that I was drowning and I slowly slipped out of conscience. And with that I was dead. So here I am at the bottom of my chocolaty grave, waiting, waiting to be found.

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