Clipped Wings

January 17, 2012
By Kate1214 BRONZE, Stonewall, Oklahoma
Kate1214 BRONZE, Stonewall, Oklahoma
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The old, small classroom creaked and moaned as the tower peered through the wooden entrance. His presence petrified the class like a bunny would on a racing highway. His large shoes creeped on the dusty purple carpet. With a devilish grin, his meaty hand stretched towards the blue chalkboard. His chunky fingers curled as if they were a puma’s claws. He revealed his sharp nails as they proceeded to scrape the large slate. The unbearable noise smothered the space and made our fragile ears ring in pain. His yellow snake-like eyes beamed in the flickering ceiling lights. Jamie smirked at Court and chunked a pencil at his large head. The poor, defenseless boy winced in discomfort at the small red bump on his forehead. He let out a diabolical chuckle and pranced along the front row of seats. He made the creamy white paint of the walls crack and peel.

His angel wings had been clipped and replaced with sharp black horns.

The whole entire class knew of his evil act, our wonderful teacher just so happened to be outside in the hallway when this treacherous harassment occurred. If only she knew the real Jamie.

It wasn’t always like this. He would laugh without kids cringing and smile without people tightening their muscles, preparing for an impact. That was all before the change. With every inch he grew, so did his hatred, lengthening at a rapid pace. The goofy smile creased into a permanent smirk that would never be changed back. He’s a bottle floating deeper into the dark ocean, an abyss, never to return to the land.

It’s a sea of mumbles as the kids chomp and chat, finally reunited with friends. The smell of french fries and nachos linger in the air like dust. Hardy thumps fill the room, firm and determined, as helpless eyes see Jamie slyly stand from his round seat. It sent a shutter throughout the crowd, rumbling, and summonsed silence. Black Nikes clomp on the tile floor, creeping to the first table. Every slap of the shoe speeds up the heart beats of students, hands shaking. Worries fill the air like smoke, leaving no room to breath.

Court closed his worried eyes as the slaps got closer and closer to his stiff body, afraid to move an inch. The sun slowly passed behind a cloud leaving a lingering eerie feel in the dark room. A large shadow engulfed Court as the demon approached. He bravely opened his eyes, raising his head to see the monster’s piercing yellow eyes looming over him. A growl was released as Jamie opened his mouth. “Come with me.” His deep voice offered no choice. Court was a gazelle listening to a lion. He timidly stood up. Fear was an ocean he was drowning in. The slapping started again as he strutted out of the wounded cafeteria. Court followed, every eye locked on him.

The dark clouds in the sky where the same clouds Court felt brewing in his confused head. The outside air whipped his face at every angle, a stinging pain. Jamie didn’t look back as he stomped his way behind the school building. The grass was dead, just like Court’s hopes. The brick building was an abut, a barrier shielding them from reality. Jamie turned, forcing Court’s gaze at his face. A smile started slipping over his dark mouth, but was a misplaced puzzle piece. It shined with sincerity and cheerfulness. Court wiped his eyes with his hand as he heard a familiar noise. Clack, clack, clack, clack. It’s sharpness pierced the silence. From behind the building appeared a saint, an answer to Court’s prayers. “Court! Jamie! What are you two doing back here?” A smile lingered on her face. Light blond curls whipped with the wind, creating a golden halo. “Dr. Harris,” Court’s voice yearned with sorrow, “please, please help me.” His eyes were heavy with water as he begged. Her southern accent caressed the air, “Oh Court. What are you talking about?! Jamie’s nothing but an angel.” She carried her smile over to Jamie’s face, which was glowing with honestly. A tear rolled down Court’s freckled skin as he glanced at Dr. Harris again, yearning for her understanding. She slightly rolled her blue eyes, still keeping a smile on. “Ok you two. Get to class. I’ll ask you what you were really doing here, tomorrow.” She pinched her face as she let out a chuckle and proceeded to turn around. The monster was released again. “Um, Dr. Harris. That won’t be necessary.” Jamie’s voice was a boulder being pressed down on one’s shoulders. She turned, amused, as Court said a prayer. His snake-like eyes were stronger than the winds and dark storm clouds. They slid into her soul as easily as a bug would with a crack in a wall. Her heart skipped a beat. Slowly, a yellow glaze creeped over her eyes. Her heels became longer, spider-like, only stopping when they reached a foot high. Her floating curls darkened like heavy black fog. She grimaced a devil’s smile. Court’s fear was a blanket with no end. Water streaked his face as he stood frozen, a terrified frown stuck tight under his nose. The one person he could trust, a true angel, had had her wings clipped.

They stood there united, strong, and evil, their horns revealed. If only Dr. Harris had believed. If only Dr. Harris knew the real Jamie.

The author's comments:
This story was co-written with Kendal Wilson.

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Court97 BRONZE said...
on Feb. 6 2012 at 9:15 am
Court97 BRONZE, Ada, Oklahoma
3 articles 1 photo 2 comments
I love it! Super descriptive and so true!

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