Colin's life

January 18, 2012
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In the small town of Transylvania, there lived a young man named Colin; he was sitting on his bed looking at a picture of him and Ella a week after. She saved his life once again and Colin just was thinking of that day as if it was yesterday. Colin remembered it was a lovely sunny fall day. He was just walking down the street right when he was ready to turn. Two really built men grabbed him and drug him into a dark ally. They started punching him with every swing of their fist. They swung harder, Colin could tell he had some broken ribs, he had tears running down his face, and he cried for help but no one could hear him… so he thought.

A girl heard his cries for help. Thought she was right down the street, she had the hearing of a hawk. She was down at the skate park she could hear the helpless cries for help. So she started skate boarding to the cries, unaware what she was getting into. It leads her to the dark ally, a block away from her uncle’s store. So before she dared to enter she put her hood up and her pitch black glasses on. She saw two men beating up a helpless seventeen year old. She was only sixteen. As she crept in the closer she could see their faces. She knew them because of her brothers Luke and Matt. Before they noticed her she slipped her brass knuckles on. She told them since she knew them both, because she goes to school with them, plus her brothers were friends with them. “If you both don’t want your mothers to know what you’re doing in an ally to a seven teen year old boy, I’d leave him alone if I were you.” One of them came towards her and went to grab her, she twisted his arm and whispered in his ear, “unless you want to see me mad and have my brass knuckles meet your face. I’d leave him alone, if I was you”, she repeated. He gave this boy the look and they ran out of the ally. She had a dark evil smirk across her face. She looked over at Colin, he almost hit the ground. But Ella held him up, as she walked him out of the dark ally. She carried him to her uncle’s store; she sat him on the steps of the store. Her uncle was in shock to see her; she asked him if she can brow the truck. He slipped her the keys; she pulled around up front, and helped Colin in.

She drove the truck to the emergence room, she carried him in so lifeless. The doctors’ rush him in so fast it was a blur to her. She fell to the ground. The doctors picked her up, they though she was dead, she had no pulse, and then her pulse came back. She was sound asleep, when they brought Colin in, and then his mom brought his two siblings that lived with him. His mom was so sad to see her son in so much pain and she saw the girl who saved him. She woke her up to introduce herself and her kids. She introduced her daughter, Amber, and her son, Jacob. The two kids curled up next to their brother. The kids were crying so much. She never came back until three weeks later but sent tons of roses.

Three weeks later she went to the hospital to see how he was doing. This time she had a black fish net top on, tight black skinny jeans, neon high tops and a bra. She walked into his room to see him watching Todd and the book of Pure Evil. They stared to talk and became wonderful friends. Until he made her scarred, only reason why, is because he wants her to open up. But he opened up to her so much, he was so happy to tell someone his past. He told her his dad left him as a little boy, and he was left as the only man in the house. He raised his little brother and sister; he was their dad and brother all in one package. What else can you ask for? He told her about what happened when he was a wrestler. He got a really bad head injury, he said, “I was slammed to the floor, I had blood on the back of my head, I was up walking around a little and then I blacked out. They all thought I was dead.”

She couldn’t bear to tell him her past. But he could see she was depressed in her blue eyes. How do you tell someone about your past? Ella was scared of her past. When she was a baby, she was born in Pennsylvania. She has two brothers and one sister. Her mom cheated on her husband with Ella’s dad. They were lovers; her dad was an alcoholic and abusive. Her mom wasn’t any better. Her mom is drug addictive, an alcoholic, and abusive too. Her mom never took care of the kids. Ella’s eight year old sister took care of her. Ella’s one brother Matt tried killing her as a baby. Ella’s dad left her behind and got remarried. Her mom lost the right to have kids for legal reasons. When she got sick her grandparents called Ella’s birth dad and told them that she’s not my child, she’s not my problem, and I have a new family. The only time she saw him was when he though Ella had money. How do you talk about that past? A year after she came here, her brother matt dated this mean girl Emily and he killed himself after she cheated on him. Ella was bent out of shape, and she lost her grandma a few months later.

Ella moved out of the United States. When she moved out to Transylvania, she was adopted by her grandparents and she met Emily. Emily wasn’t a nice person; she was feared by all those around. But Ella wasn’t going to fear anyone, she was a skater girl. Not a cheer leader kind of girl, Emily and Ella were so different. As they got older they became rivals. Emily’s mom and dad divorced, Emily was getting spoiled. She got butt implants and breast implants. Ever since then she thought she was better. But Ella always was better and didn’t care for childish games.

Colin had everything going just the way he wanted. Yeah, he was popular, but he really didn’t care about all that. He enjoyed writing all his feeling down and making them into songs. His best friend Ella got very sick of hearing him say his songs suck. So she decides to email and call Hollywood Undead and Korn. To prove that he didn’t suck at writing songs, one day the band Korn Came to see his songs and to see if he was good enough.

The word spread like wild fire. People walked up to him saying how amazing it must feel to be you, and how they envied him. His arms wrapped around the love of his life. He told her that he loves her; she did a smile full of sadness. He didn’t bother asking what was wrong because she would never tell him.

That day he loaded about a hundred boxes on his old beat up Ford truck. His girlfriend hopped in the truck to with his friends in the trucks that followed behind him. When Colin arrived at the house he saw Korn and Hollywood Undead waiting to great him. They helped him bring the boxes in the house.

So they started to set up the house. “The house is so huge”, Ella said out loud, I could see this house like a mid-evil theme. Emily gave Ella dirty looks for saying that she could do a mid-evil theme. Colin left the house to meet the managers. They took a long hard look at him and took notes on what to change. He came home with his hair bleached blonde. He used to have black hair. The managers took him shopping and they got all blacks and reds for clothing. They had to make him a little meaner. They said when they saw him he was too nice of a guy. They had to make him in to make him in to the new Hollywood bad boy. Those dads would so disapprove of. He went home and made Ella scream so loud windows broke of the horror by all the changes.

After Emily went back to the small town where she came from, it’s lonely without Colin. Well Ella went back a few days earlier because she was done trying to play nice with Emily. Though Ella would miss Colin and had to tell him something. She couldn’t life without him knew. Because before he dated Emily he had a thing with Ella one night. Ella found out she is pregnant. She looked on the calendar and it was right. He was the one. One night Ella walked the beach with her friends. Where she saw Emily and Colin’s best friend making out. Ella took a picture on her phone. So she could have evidence of Emily cheating on Colin. So Ella called the crew for a get together.

So they all meant at the park Ella took her phone out. She showed the picture of Emily and Anthony making out. The crew all hopped in their trucks. It had been snowing hard out Ella was like she is not getting away with that. She drove her ford truck through snow all the way to her truck tires. The guys all looked at her like da**. The guys jumped in the trucks. They drove through flooded road and icy roads. That proves that Colin’s friends really cared about him. Though Colin never thought they did care that much. But friends are family. At least he picked that family.

Ella pulled in the drive way with all the guys right behind her. They all slammed the door as they got out. Colin walked to his front door. When he saw all his friends he walked out with a big smiled on his face. Well Ella and the guy weren’t smiling. They all walked in the house like they were in the army. They all sat in the living room in a circle. They grabbed Ella’s phone and pulled up the picture the crew all bowed their head in shame. They showed him the picture of Anthony and Emily making out. Colin was in pain and was ready cry. The crew was all like we warned you. Come on Ella’s brother dated her three years ago. So Ella warned you more than us. She wanted you to know so we drove throw floods and snow nothing could keep her away. From telling you the truth because she cares about you. More than we do because she’s a real good friend. You’re like a brother to her.” One mumbled, “Yeah who got her pregnant.” Colin was like WHAT? They all said, “Nothing and started humming.”

After telling her best friend Colin she decided to move in to make sure he stays safe. Ella stayed in the basement were she sleep in a coffin. Her room was like a total gothic area. When she came up stairs one day and she was trying to keep the house. She went into Colin’s song writing room. Ella saw all the papers on the floor Ella loves to read things especially if it’s by Colin. Well if it wasn’t bad enough she found needle in the trash but now she found song about suicide. . So now she is worried about him more than before. She knew he was doing something to hide all the pain. But she didn’t know what until now.

Well a few weeks had passed now Ella didn’t tell Colin that she knew. She didn’t even hint it. Ella heard the door bell ring. So she tossed on a t-shirt and some beat up high top shoes. The doorbell rang again. Ella ran up the stairs. She grabbed the door handle she opened the door. To see the girl she hated the most and Colin came down stairs. Emily was out in the pouring rain in her cheerleading uniform. Her red hair was dripping wet. But Emily shoved passed Ella and grabbed Colin’s arm. She drugs him into the living room and slammed the door. Ella went in the bath room and put on her neon skinny jeans on. Then she went in the kitchen and started making some tea. She overheard Emily yelling at Colin. Then she heard the living room doors slam and hit the wall then the front door swung open and slammed shut.

Ella went into the living room to see Colin laying on the floor and bleeding. Ella grabbed the phone and called 911. The ambulance pulled up the guys put Colin on a stretcher. Ella jumped in the orange and black Chevelle SS. She followed the ambulance all the way to the hospital. Ella texted all of the crew that Colin was in the hospital, the crew was there in two hours of the messages, the doctor all keep saying that he wasn’t going to make it. Ella was so sick of hearing that. So she went in the room where Colin was laid in. she laid right next to him ran her fingers through his hair. She whispered in his ear.

“I love you; I’ve loved you for a very long time, longer than I can remember”. He followed the sound of her crying voice only to kiss her. He said “You where the one I was looking for all my life. When I wanted to die in eight grades, that time that boy Derek hit me you floored him, and when I told you I sucked at writing music you were out to prove me wrong yet again. Yeah, the two bands told me it was you. Why do you stay by my side knowing I’ve hurt you? What I’ve done to you from fighting from hurting you making you cry, watching you a few month go just like I am now, and watched you cut yourself over me. Now I realized you are the best thing Ella that has ever happened to me and I really see why now. I look at you and see these punk skater girls who can careless what people think, your pricing blue eyes and your simmering black hair, and the wonderful personality. Where right beside me how could I be so blind?” Then kissed once again and Anthony went to the hospital and brought Emily. The crew knew Ella and Colin were kissing and then the two of them walked right in. To see Ella and Colin sharing an amazing kiss, then the crew walked in to hear Colin asked Ella. “Will you marry me?” Ella was in shock and just hugged him with tears of joy. “Yes! Oh yes Colin I will marry you.” By all the excitement Ella’s water broke and she was having a baby, the baby is a girl they named her Gloria. She looked so cute and full of life.

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