Horror Story

January 26, 2012
By Krembert BRONZE, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
Krembert BRONZE, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
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“Mom, can I put it on him? The boy says.”

“Ok, but be careful.” The boy walked slowly toward the scarecrow. He walked up the rusty ladder. He stumbled on one of the long runs across the ladder. The scarecrows hat was placed on top of the emotionless scarecrow. The parents then asked the child something. He asked what the name should be. Thinking, the child shrugged. The scare crow was gradually coming alive. The boy then jumped down the ladder. He then fell down and broke his leg. The boy left into the primary car The parents left the precinct and the motionless scarecrow came to life. The scarecrow had a mind of it’s own and screamed, in his head. It was alive.

“What happened? Why am I alive? Who created me? Why am I here?” He was getting so, so cold. He really did not have too much clothing on. He had a ragity shirt on and torn up pants and really messed up clothing. He if could run and crawl up in a ball in a hole, he would do it. He felt really miserable. He cried and he went to sleep. So the scarecrow was then put to endure the cold, shivering weather until after the horror of a holiday, Halloween.

The miserable scarecrow felt like he was frozen. He really felt like he can’t endure the cold. His owners came out towards him. He was then taken out from the location he was at and was move towards the streets. This made him really colder. He really did not care if he passed away because of the cold.

The time came. The season fall came. Shivering and freezing, he was really sad that he would past away before Halloween pasted. Time pasting like the wind, he was just standing there. Sitting there alone, he was suffering and thirsty. He really needed certain things. He needed clothes, water, food, and warmth. But it never came to him. The people just drive past and mock him. He just felt miserable. The things he could not do were just sad to the thought when if come across his head to him.

The day came. The holiday, the mocking holiday to object just like us, Halloween. Just another day full of mockery, just any other day for him. After 35 days in the cold, freezing weather, only one more day he thought, just one more day, until he could get some warmth from the old and rusty garage, and be put to rest for another year. Hours before the long rest, he was kicked on, hit on, and was striped of his shirt. Finally, after being striped of his dignity, his owners took him and put him in the old, rusty garage. Finally he was free!

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