Thriling Story

January 26, 2012
By KylaKitty39 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
KylaKitty39 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Character Page

Main Characters:
Mika Leann(P. I)
Samantha Uzana(Assistant)
Camille Einii(Assistant)
Luke Saiyin(Other P. I)
Saiu Maru (Assistant)
Maiu Maru (Assistant)
Supporting Characters:
Dave (Chief of police)
Kasin (Dubiety)
Ms. Koru (Sensei)
Amie Curru (Popular Girl)
Yuki Kira (Popular girl 2)
Ylla Ruula (Popular girl 3)

Vacation From

Chapter 1 “Oh My God”

“Stop” Mika yelled. “Quit throwing water on me.” “Lighten up boss we're on vacation.” “Yeah relax a little will ya.” Hey! I'm Mika Leann the 16 year old High School Private Investigator. I have sea blue hair that is all natural and I have emerald green eyes and the most babyish face you will ever see in your life. I am the most composed and yet the most nerve racking person ever that you will probably meet and unlike my assistance's I am not sexy or real bubbly. These are my assistance's Samantha Uzana and Camille Einii but we all just call them Sam and Cam. Sam is more sassy more sexy then me and cam (but always kind and sensitive) she has ruby red hair that she pushes back into her pony tail that she loves so much and her eyes are so gray and they could stop smoke. Cam is different she is always bubbly and she has bubble gum pink hair to match her personality and her eyes are cinnamon brown.
“No not me I will not relax every time I relax or try to at least something bad happens” I whined. “That's is not true!!” Cam said. “Please come in the pool you love the water and the upside to this is the waterfall is so loud that it drowns everyone and everything out completely” Sam pleaded. “All right, all right I will try to relax by the waterfall but I am not making any promises OK.” “ROGER!!!” they said in unison.

After an hour and a half of nothing but relaxation (as always) something bad happened because all of a sudden we heard a scream “AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” a lady that looked in her early twenties with dark brown hair was pointing to the top of the waterfall. We all looked to see red running down the waterfall and really dark object to high up to tell what it was floating on top.

Chapter 2 “Not Again”

Then the dark figure started to fall from the top of the waterfall. Then when it got to the bottom of the waterfall we tried to get closer to it, to make out what it was. When we got near it some more people started to scream because the dark figure was a body. But this was not the ordinary body. This body was cut in half and the bottom torso was no where in sight.

Ten minutes later the entire pool resort was flooded with police and police cars. They brought in the dogs to find the other half of the body it was five minutes later that the bottom half was found up at the top by the jet fans. The giant fan that pushes the water forward to make the effects. When we got to the scene the Dave (Chief of Police) and Kasin (the Dubiety) were already there. Dave is the chief of police has dark brown hair, a bread and mustache the same color he also has hazel colored eyes. Also he is 36 and was one of many people that were good friends with my father and mother. Kasin is the new dubiety he is 26 and he just got out from school. He has black hair that he keeps in a short cut with clear sky blue eyes and he also from what I could tell does not like us very much seeing that we are always there at the scene of the crime in the way (according to him at least) and ready to solve the case all the time. The chief was examining the evidence talk to all the people and Kasin was looking over the body.

I ran up to him and asked “Whats going on here? What happened?” Then Kasin responded with the usual nothing is going on and nothing is happening now go home this isn't a place for little girls thing that he always tells us every time. That's when I started to snoop around look for evidence to give me a small clue to what was happen to this poor man and who could have done something so horrible to someone else. That's when the chief came over and said “ The victim name is Charles Monwill he is... was the co owner of the resort and he was supposedly just standing there on the balcony and just jumped off so we've ruled it as a suicide case. But what do think Ms. Leann?”

“I think that......” and that's when I noticed that the body wasn't right. It was cut wrong. It wasn't cut the way it was suppose to be. The body was cut straight through the middle of the upper and lower half of the body and for someone to push them selves off they would have been cut from the middle of the head down to the toes. That's when I realized that everyone was calling me. “Ms. Leann, Ms. Leann” the chief was calling. “Mira, Mira, Mira” Sam and Cam were calling as well. “Yeah” I said sounding confused. That's when chief said “What happened to you? You blanked out all of a sudden.” “Oh its nothing I was just thinking that something is weird here.” “Oh yeah there is nothing more weird than two halves of a dead body of the co owner of the resort we were staying at falling from the top of a waterfall at all” Sam said sarcastically. “ Stop that Sam!” Her sarcasm was very annoying, then Cam said “What is it? What is so weird that would make you stop so suddenly like that?” “Well...” I started but then stopped to gather my thoughts. “Well what?” they all said together. “Well its just that they way he died is not right. Well not that you can die a wrong or right way its just that if he threw himself off, he would have been sliced from head to toe not from side to side.”

They all looked at me puzzled. “I mean it's just that when you throw yourself from a high place like that you would fall head first because of gravity. But he was cut from side to side which means somebody threw him off to make it look like it was a accident which means the killer is still here hiding among the the visitors.

Chapter 3 “And the Investigating Begins

“So what do we do” Cam asked. “Well I think we should re-interview everyone and then see where it takes us from there OK.” “Yeah I guess” Sam said uninterested. So I asked her “Whats wrong with you?” “Well nothing big really its just that I did not want to have any cases for the last couple of days of are vacation” she whined. “ I know that's what I wanted to but duty calls and we cant ignore it so lets get this over with. Like they say 'the quicker the better'.”

We went to re-interview all the witnesses and found some new ones to interview as well. Like the guard outside Mr. Monwill's office remembered that Mr. Monwill was going up to the roof to look at the resort from a higher point. “ Maybe we should go up to the actual seen of the crime to have a better understanding of what could have possible have happened.” I suggested. As we were looking I noticed that the outside door knob to the roof looked like something was scarping against it. After a while everyone decided to go back down stairs to re-group and think about everything we know. I decided to stay and look around a bit more when it hit me. Everyone was just about a flight down so I yelled “ That's it. Why didn't I realize this earlier, guys I figured out something come back up quick.” When everyone got back they all said “What happened? What did you find?” I chuckled and said “Look at the blood spatter don't you think its a bit odd.” Again they all looked at me puzzled. “ Sheesh! Guys look and think carefully about what we know and what we see.” They still didn't see it. “OMG! The blood is splattered backwards this means 2 things 1: It is most definitely not a suicide because if it was a suicide the blood wouldn't even be on the roof. 2: The body was cut from the front to the back by a sharp and long object.” ....To be continued

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