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January 26, 2012
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(Info comes from the Night World by L.J. Smith)

Night World
NOT A PLACE, a society of what we believe to be imaginary such as Vampires, Shapeshifters, Werewolves, and Witches.
There are 2 laws. 1:NEVER tell a human about the Night World. 2: NO Night Worlder is to ever fall in love with a human(which is harder than is seems)
Soulmate Principal: There is one person in the world that is perfect for you(whether you like it or not)
Classification: The Night World have groups that are classified by (black) flowers:
Witches - Black Dahlias
Werewolves - Black Foxgloves
Vampires - Black Roses(a chain group is Black Iris)
Shapeshifters - Black Lily
Additional Info: There are two types of witches 1: The ones who know of there powers. 2:Then the ones who don't know about there powers(psychics, telepaths, and clairvoyants etc.).
There are two types of vampires. 1:The made vampires that are bitten from other vampires. 2: The lamia which are born vampires that can have children, eat, walk in the day light, and grow old(ultimate human).


Main Characters
Human:Lily Lunes – Main Characters
Mari Dorei – Best Friend
Kimmy Taye – Popular Girl (Twin)
Kacey Taye – Popular Girl (Twin)
(Others – Luc, Clay, Maxxy, Kandy, Mariy, Tonii)
Vampire:Quell Lunnar (Brother)
Maxwell Lunnar (Brother)
Carman Lunnar (Sister)
Lunnar (Sister)
Anna Lunnar (Mother)
John Lunnar (Father)
Villains: (not related to each other)
(Vampire) Terrance Vill (Boy Twin)
Litta Vill (Girl Twin)
(Werewolves) Drinni Little (Wife)
Kevin Little (Husband)
(Witches) Tammi Lune (Sister)
Shari Lune (Sister)

They Came

“Mari what are we doing after school today?” I was whining. “I don't know? What can we do today's been hell types of boring.” “Well we better figure something out because I need something to tell my parents cause I really don't want to go home after school.” “Whatever I'll think of something.” “Alright.” I said while turning to look out the window. My name is Lily Lunes I'm 16 years old. And a description of my self would be that I have jet black hair, sea blue eyes and have somewhat of a baby face (so say others). The girl I was just talking to was Mari Dorei my all time best friend she has blood red hair that matches perfectly with her hazel eyes and she loves to dance, she swears she can beat everyone in our school in a dance contest and she loves talking to guys.

“OK class take your seats so I can introduce our four new students. Please come in” Mr. Baxter said as he walked in the classroom and behind him was well your probably wondering what I was damning about, well the most beautiful people ever to walk on earth was what I was DAMNING about. I turned to see if Mari saw them and of course she saw them. And she was looking at them as though she fell in love. S*** that's how everyone was looking at them. “OK please welcome Quell, Maxwell, Carman and Diana Lunnar they are Mr. and Mrs. Lunnars children. Now each of you say a little about yourselves.” And he gave a swift hand motion. “Hello my name is Quell Lunnar and I like to read and a hobby I have is drawing.” He was tall and has brown-black hair and he has light blue eyes. “Next.” Next was his brother who was just as cute he had waves because his hair was cut and had green eyes.“Please to meet you my name is Maxwell Lunar and I like to box and my hobby is boxing.” “Next.” After him was his sister she and light brown hair with brown eyes to match.“Hi my name is Carman Lunnar and I like to read poetry and my hobby is writing poems.” “Next.” The last one had blond hair with hazel eyes and she looked more like a 9 year old with a sexy twist. “HIYA my name is Diana Lunnar and I like to talk a lot and my hobby is dancing!” “Ok thanks you four for giving us a taste of what your personalities are. Now take your seats. Ummmm, Quell you can sit next to ......” Don't say my name. Don't say my name. Don't say my name. “Lilian. Lilian would you please stand up.” Damn. “Mr. B my name is not Lilian its Lily.” “Yes I'm sorry Lily please stand up would you.” I stood “Thank you” as the day went on Mr. B put Maxwell next to Mari and she was oh so hype and Carman and Diana were put into the middle of Luc and Clay. Luc was the party guy 'cause he was always throwing a party every time he could get his parents out of the house. And Clay was the Jock to be more precise he was the football teams star quarterback and girls loved him and worshiped the ground he walked on.

Then the bell rang. After 1st period the day was as boring as it was going to get that is until lunch. “Hey Lil, Mar come on over!” Maxxy yelled from the other side of the lunch room. Maxxy was the go to guy he knew everything about anything there was to know about someone. He knew what was going to happen to you before you knew it. “Hey Maxxy! Whats up?” “What you haven't heard the news 'Twins' were throwing themselves all over the new kids. Well the guys at least ” he was saying. “Well why not those two are hot and there sisters are gorgeous they all look just like angels.” Mari was saying as she skimmed the lunchroom for the Lunnars. “Well yes if I was a self centered egotistic beauty queen then I would be too. But I'm not so I'm not going hang all over them because there kinda cute.” “KINDA girl they are cute and here they come.” and then that's when things got all types of crazy. All the girls and guys ran over to them asking for there phone numbers, email's, where they lived, where they grew up etc. I thought they were acting so stupid (even though I wanted to know too).This went on for a couple of days.

So then came Friday this was probably the noisiest week, ever since the Lunnars came and at lunch it just got louder. I decided to sit there at the lunch table alone cause everyone was crowding the Lunnars. So I sat there hoping for peace and quiet until the 'Twins' showed up. “Lilykins, how are you today because we're just fabulous as always!!” Kimmy squeaked from the other side of the table. “Yea and wheres your lackey whatshername. Peri.” Kacey said in a voice just as squeaky as her sister. “Ok, first of all I have no lackey. Second her name is Mari not Peri and third leave me alone. BYE!” “Well whateva we didn't not want to talk to you anyway. And also I saw you looking and Quell and I want you to know that he's off limits cause I call dibbs on him and my sis has dibbs on Maxwell so tell whatshername to back off got it.” Kimmy said like she won some type of prize. “Well unless they know of it or they're some type of food you two cant call dibbs on them at all. Now I'm leaving stay out my face.” Now I was really pissed off. I really hate those two they make me so sick. And why is this crowed so thick like they've been here for days aren't you people tried of trying already. I cant believe these people are still trying they're freaking pathetic man. BAM!!! Next thing I knew I was on the floor. “OOOhhh!!!”. I heard everyone gasp.“Ow, what was tha.........” I looked up and saw that I had bumped into Quell. “Oh sorry I knocked you down, that's my bad.” “No it's ok I was not paying attention to where I was going so I'm the one that's sorry.” I was talk like a little girl with her first crush. Then I heard Mari. “Lily are you ok, your not hurt are you. You fell really hard.” “Yea I'm fine Mari, you know how clumsy I am anyway...” I tried t laugh it off. Mari still looked unsure. “I'm fine so lets get to our history class.” Then I threw in “and we should plan something to do after school. Maybe we could catch a movie seeing as it's Friday and we have nothing else to do.” About 3 minutes after we walked out the lunch room we heard our names being called, so when we turned around we saw Quell and Maxwell running to catch up to us. Then Maxwell said “hold on up you two, did y'all say you didn't have anything to do after school today.” “Uh. Yea. Why?” We both said confused. He continued “well cause you two can hang with us, if you don't mind, it can compensate for my brother knocking you down. I mean only if you want to.” Maxwell suggested. And that's when Mari's eyes lit up and she nudged my arm. “Well.....” she nudged me again harder then said. “Excuse us for just a moment” She grabbed my arm and pulled me toward the staircase. “What are you doing? Are you crazy? They are asking us out and you have to think about it.” I rose my voice just a little “if you would let me speak for like half a minute, you would know that I was just going to ask where can we all meet. I want to hang out with them just as much as you do.” “Oh. Well you should have said that a little bit earlier.” I gave her that I will hurt you look. “Whatever.” When we walked back they asked us if everything alright we said ok and added “ok we can hang together, but where can we all meet.” We all started to think, when Maxwell said “we could meet at the school's east side parking lot.” “That sounds like a good idea” Quell said. Then we all agreed where to meet at. Me and Mari then left to go to History class.

“Now can anyone tell me who signed the declaration of independence?” Mr. Dier our history teacher asked. But I wasn't paying attention because me and Mari were passing notes back and forth about how she could not believe that she would be hanging out with the most hottest guy in our school as of today. S***, I couldn't even believe it. “DING, DONG, DING, DONG.” There goes the goes the bell as we're trying to get out the classroom Kimmy and Kacey and there Barbie patrol came up to us. “What do you two think your doing?” they said in unison. “We don't think we know we're leaving.” Mari replied she hated them just as much as I did. “You two think your slick. Don't you.” Kimmy said, and before we could answer Kacey started saying “we know you two have a date with Quell and Maxwell. And we want you to know that y'all cant go with them.” I could tell Mari was about to blow when I said.“I don't know who you two think y'all are, but I'll be damned if I let you sit here and tell me that me and my best friend cant go out with Quell and Maxwell because your mad they don't want some self centered egotistic beauty queens such as yourselves ok . So I'll say this once get over it. We're leaving now BYE.” And me and Mari bumped them out of our way to make it out the door. When I looked back to see the looks on the faces something felt wrong because they were both smiling as though instead of us walking out on them they scared us out of the classroom but I paid it no mind. When we got to the school parking lot we did not see Quell or Maxwell around. After about 40 minutes we decided to go home. On the way Mari was saying, “This is so wrong. Weren't they the ones that asked us to hang with them and now their standing us up.” said was saying. “I mean it just that... I ... well... aahhhhh. I'm so frustrated that I can't think or talk straight. I hate feeling like this. I was really looking forward to spending time with Maxwell. Man this sucks. Like I've never been stood up in my life.” I think I saw tears in her eyes when we were beeped at. “Beep. Beep. Beep.” It was a jeep so me and Mari started to walk faster. “Wait you two it's us.” That's when Maxwell stuck his head out the window of the jeep we both stopped in awe. That's when they pulled up next to us and he said “Where are you two going, we thought we were going to hang out today?” “What are you talking about we where waiting at the school's east side parking lot and you guys never showed up.” Mari was saying getting a little upset. “What, but your friend said y'all were going to be waiting at the west side parking lot so that's where we were and y'all never showed up.” “What friend, we never sent anyone to tell you that.” “Yea you did. I think she said her name was Kacey.” “Ooh that girl I'm gonna....” I cut her off by saying “Well to put it simply, Kacey and her twin Kimmy are not our friends and she lied to you about everything but since we're all together we might as well hang if its not to late.” I saw Mari calm down a bit. On the drivers side I heard Quell say sure why not since it was all ready planned. So me and Mari jumped in the car Maxwell got out so that I could sit in the front, but it was actually so he could sit with Mari in the back. But I was happy cause I got to sit next to Quell which made me real hype.

First we started with going to the café to get something to eat. While at the café we all sat and started to get better acquainted with each other. “Why don't you guys say something about yourselves so we get a sense of who you guys are” they agreed. “Then now who's first.” “I'll go first!” Maxwell volunteered. “Ok then Maxwell you go first.” “Well to start everything off don't call me Maxwell call me Max.” We agreed. “Next as I said in the classroom I like to box and its my hobby and I'm also the typed of guy who likes to play a lot” the last part he said with a sexy devilish smile and was looking at Mari which of course made her blush. I rolled my eyes, they were obviously flirting. “Oh and I am a very straight forward guy. Just wanted to get that in too.” “Next Quell” I said a little more interested. “Ok first off please call me Que. Second also like I said in the class I like to read and my hobby is drawing. Also I'm more of the silent type, so I like peace and quiet.” “Ok then I think we've got a sense of who you are so what are we go......”Max cut me off. “Wait now it's your turn to tell us about you.” Me and Mari looked at each other. “Why don't we start with Mari.” She agreed. “To start my name is Mari Dorei I like to party and my hobby is dancing and... oh yeah I am very friendly” she said the same way Max did earlier. Then he said “Next.” That was me. “Um... My name is Lily Lunes and I also like to read and my hobby is swimming and I'm very shy.” We stayed at the café for like another hour then we went up the block from the café to the movie theater. We offered to pay but they insisted that they would pay. It was there way of saying sorry so we let them. We went to go see Attack of the Undead.


After the movie we all went to take me home first when we got there Max offered to walk me to my door. “Omg!!! What do I do he's walking me to my door. Please Lil tell me what to do I'm so nervous.” “You've done this millions of times and you can't think of what to do.” “But this time its different, he's different. I mean it's just that I don't know. Come with me.” “No. Now go he's waiting.” Then she gave me a little push forward. “This was a fun night wasn't it, I mean everybody seemed to have lots of fun don't you think.” he was trying to make conversation.“Yeah it was really fun. I liked the the place we went to first you know the café because well... I like to eat a lot, food is like the best thing on the planet. You know because of all the different types of food and all the different ways to make any type of food, but nobody really notices how much I love food. Except Lily of course.” Oh god why did I tell him that he's going to think that I'm a fat a**! Oh god!!“Really, I would have never notice I mean your real skinny.” Oh my god he's didn't say I was a fat a**, why he said early today he said he's a very straight forward guy so why didn't he say I was fat. Wait! Does that mean he doesn't think I'm fat! Oh god I hope so. “Yeah everyone says that but it's ok.” He stopped. “We're here.” When I looked up we were at my door. “Yeah we are.” Things started to feel uncomfortable. “Um... thanks for walking me to my door.” “It was no problem. I was happy to do it so its ok.” “All right then I'll see you tomorrow and again thanks.” “Umm... yeah ok then, I'll see you again tomorrow. Good night!” “Good night ” I definitely had to call Lil to tell her what happened.


When Max got back to the car we drove to my house it was about 15 minutes away from Mari's house. When we got there Que walked me to my door when we got there he said “Well I hope you had a good time and again I'm sorry for knocking you to the floor earlier hope we can be friends.” I giggled a little. “Yes I had a wonderful time and it's all right you don't have to apologize anymore it was an accident and yeah I think we can be friends” he started to laughed which made me laugh and we both kept on laughing until he finally said “Good Night Lily.” “Good Night Quel.. I mean Que.” He walked back to the car and I went into the house and watched them drive away from my hallway window.

When I got to the living room my mom and dad were waiting for me. But I was so happy that nothing could make me upset. “Lily Rose-Ann Lunes where were you” my mother and father asked in their parental voices. “I went out with Mari and the two new boys in my class.” “What new boys?” My mom asked looking very interested now. “Well there's these 4 new students in my class and there.... umm dad can you leave, girl talk here.” He looked upset but said “ok, but we still need to talk about you coming home at 11 o'clock at night when your curfew is 10:30 young lady.” “Ok dad, but girl talk first.” Finally he left it took some time, but I persuaded him to. “So like I was saying there are these 4 new students there Mr. and Mrs. Lunnars kids and they...” My mom cut me off “You mean Mr. Lunnar as in Lunnar Law Firm, and Mrs. Lunnar as in A.L. Wedding Dresses, that Mr. and Mrs. Lunnars” she knew them.“Yep that's them and well they have 4 kids Quell but we meaning Me and Mari get to call him Que, Maxwell but again Me and Mari get to call him Max and there sisters Carman and Diana and they... well they're just hot they all look like angels sent from heaven.” “So which boy do you like?” my mom asked. “Well I sort of like Que, because well there is something about him about all of them that is just mystical and I want to get to know them better.” “Well that's good you should welcome them with open arms and they'll feel like you care but now lets talk about your punishment since you did break your curfew your grounded for the weekend which means no phone, no outside, no computer and you have to babysit Mrs. Millers daughter Lulu. Got it.” What? She did not just say no phone. “But mom I was going to call Mari to talk about tonight please just let me have the phone that's all mom please, please, please, please.” “Lily that's final now go to your room and no phone.” I ran up the stairs and yelled “Fine.” This is so unfair I never break my curfew and the first time I do and I have a reason that's true and they ground me with no phone. Ooh they me so mad and on top of that I have to babysit. God, I can't wait until Monday.

What We Saw

“What the hell Lil? Why did you not pick up your phone this weekend, I tried calling like 102 times what's the deal?” Mari yelled. “My mom grounded me for breaking my curfew by 30 minutes.” “What that's totally lame. But enough about that, what happened between you and Que?” “What do you mean what happened? Nothing happened.” I said playing stupid.“Don't play stupid with me. Now tell me!” “Well like I said it was nothing he just asked me if I had a good time and apologized again and asked if we could be friends.” I remember as if it was yesterday. “And what did you say?” She was very anxious. “Well I told him that I had a wonderful time and that he didn't need to apologize anymore and that we could definitely be friends. That's all.” “That's all, wow that's totally lame. Well you know me and Max got along real well.” “Really what happened?” Now I was the anxious one. “Well I kinda told him about my loving to eat all the time.” Excuse me, wait a minute, hold the phone what did she just say, I couldn't believe her. “You told him what?” I wanted to choke the words out of her. “I know, I know. I told him something so secret and he did not think I was fat or nasty or a freak he said it was ok and...” She finally took a look at me face “whats wrong with you Lil?” I couldn't believe her. “I cant believe you told him that. It took you three years after we met to tell me and you told him after one date.” “Please Lily I didn't mean to. It was just that there's something about him that makes me feel complete so I felt as though I could tell him any and everything. I'm sorry Lily please forgive me please.” “I don't think I should. I mean it's so frustrating that you told him after one date and it took you three years to tell me.” “I know I'm sorry please, please, please forgive me.” “I don't know I mean that's a really big secret for you and I didn't get your trust to tell me until 7th grade and you tell him after one date that wasn't really a date, it was more like a hey lets hang together type date, and the only alone time with you to was the him walking you to your door!” “I know and I really did not mean to hurt you it was just the moment I guess but I'm really sorry, so please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please forgive me for the bad thing that I have done to you please, please, please!!!” I thought about it for 3 minutes and I said “yeah all right, I forgive you.” “Yay!!!” Thinking further into it I said “speaking of the Lunnars where are they? “Yeah that's a good question. Maybe their just late.” “Maybe?” I was questioning it because something just felt weird. And my head started to hurt like it always did when something bad was about to happen. As the day went on there was still no sign of the Lunnars. When we got to lunch we sat next to Kandy, Mariy, and Tonii. Kandy is captain of the cheerleading squad and Luc's girlfriend. Mariy is on the news paper club and has been totally crushing on Clay since like 8th grade. And of course Tonii shes on the school council and she is the gossip queen she knows about what happens or going to happen to any and everyone, which is why she and Maxxy are the perfect couple of the school. So I’m expecting her to know where the Lunnars are. When the saw us coming toward the table they all said “hey you guys!” “Hey!” Mari said while sitting and I asked “Tonii have you heard anything about the Lunnars and why there absent?” “Well I did hear that they got sick from the 'Twins' but that's all, why?” That struck me as odd. “No special reason, but how and why would the 'Twins' know that they were sick?” Then Kandy said “that's because they went over to their house yesterday.” “THEY WHAT?” Me and Mari said, we were furious. I really believe you could see the smoke coming out of their ears. “Why are you guys so mad?” They all said together. I tried to calm down and said “we're not mad just surprised that's all.” they could probably tell that I was lying throw my teeth. “Yeah there's nothing to be mad about.” Mari said also trying to calm down. And it worked for about 2 seconds ‘cause that's when the 'Twins' came over. “Hey y'all what’s up!” Kimmy asked. But before we could answer Kandy said “not much obviously. But did you find out what happened to the Lunnars.” They smiled and Kacey said “that's why we're here. To confirm that the Lunnars are definitely sick. We checked it out yesterday when we went to their house.” While holding Mari down I asked “since when does the student council presidents make house visits to confirm if someone's sick or not?” Then Kimmy said proudly “we were there because they were suppose to meets us and the Principal on Saturday and never showed so we volunteered to go over. Happy?” “Why yes, yes I am!” I said with as much excitement as I could and also trying not to kill her. “Well, we have to go now because we actually have lives! So bye bye!” They laughed while walking away but before they reached the door Kimmy turned around with a evil grin and yelled “Oh and Lilykins Quell told me to tell you 'Hi'!” I wanted to rip her throat out.

“Ooooooooooooo, I would kill that girl if I could. I just can't stand her.” I was yelling at the top of my lungs to Mari in the girls’ bathroom. Then she said “I know what you mean but obviously we can't. So I say lets cool our heads and calm down a bit... Hey since we've got Thursday and Friday off we should just hang out just me and you and forget about the 'Twins' and the Lunnars and we could also go swimming in the lake behind the old camp you know the one they say is hunted which I say is total bull. So what do you say?” I had to think about it because as a little girl I used to believe that it was really haunted, but eventually I gave in and said yes. Tuesday and Wednesday were the same as always and the Lunnars were out on those days as well it was really strange for them to be out sick because Monday - Thursday were beautiful and it was going to rain Friday. When Thursday came, it was about somewhere around 11 o'clock when Mari rang the doorbell I was already packed all we needed was for my dad to drive us over to her house. When she came in the house I called my dad “Dad hurry up we want to get there early and Mari is already here.” “Hi, Mr. Lunes.” “Hi Mari” he yelled from upstairs “ok I'll be down in 5 minutes can you at least wait that long.” “Well I guess we can wait, but hurry up 5 minutes is a long wait and we real want to get there early dad.” “5 minutes ok.” Me and Mari went out to the car to wait for dad. When he finally came down we were able to leave for Mari's house. I was happy but my stomach was still hurting which made me have a bad feeling about this. I thought about this the whole way there things like what could happen, why am I getting this feeling now, if it was related to the Lunnars in some way? All these questions ran through my head.

“Ok girls we're here. Do any of you two need something before I leave?” It took us half an hour to get there ‘cause my dad likes to take the long way. “No dad we don't need anything and I will be home Monday night. Bye.” “All right. Then I'll see you on Monday.” “Bye, Mr. Lunes.” We watched him drive away. When he was completely out of sight I said “now let’s get upstairs to your room so I can unpack then we can go up to the lake.” “All right.” It took us an half hour before we left the house. Then it took us an hour to get to the lake. “Its ten minutes after 1 and the sun is still beaming like crazy.” “Well what do you expect in 90 degree weather?” “Well I would have hoped it cooled down a bit since early. But anyway how much further is the lake from here?” “It’s about 10 more minutes away.” 10 minutes later we arrived at the lake. We laid our stuff down by the old oak tree so when we relaxed we could be in the shade. Mari just threw her stuff down stripped to her bathing suit and jumped in the lake. Me on the other hand laid out my towel and began to relax and the little bit of sun that came through the leaves of the tree felt good. “Lily come on in the water it feels great!” “No I’m trying to relax now maybe later.” “Booo your no fun I want to play.” “I said I'd play with you later Mari but right now I want to relax.” It was about 2:30 when we heard. BOOM! CRASH! “What was that?” I jumped up and ran toward Mari who was also running toward me. “What the hell was that Lily?” I wanted to give her an answer but I didn't have one “I don't know but whatever it was I don't want to stick around to find out either.” We gathered our stuff and was starting to go back to Mari's house when we heard the sounds again but this time it sounded like it was closer that’s when we started to run. The only bad part was that we were going in the wrong direction, when we finally stopped it was too late cause now we are completely lost. “What was that?” “I don't know, but whatever it was I can't hear it any more so I think its safe. Now a better question is where are we?” “I don't know I never been in this part of the forest before” Mari said while looking around. “Well that’s just great we're lost in the forest and it's something out there, so what do we do?” “Well the most I can think of is that we try to find the road so we can flag down a car.” “Well it might be the only thing to do because I forgot the way we ran from so we can't go back that way.” “Well which direction do you think the road might be in?” “Umm... maybe we should go east.” “I guess so. Let’s get moving.” We had to walk for half an hour when we first stop. “We are getting nowhere, and my feet are starting to hurt.” “I know but we have to keep moving to find a road, and my feet hurt to.” “I don't wanna walk anymore.” “Neither do I but we have to keep moving so come on.” So we just kept walking and it seemed as though the forest went on forever. I was beginning to think that we should give up when my phone rang. It startled me at first but then when I answered it was my dad checking up on me. “Dad! Thank god you called me and Mari are lost in the forest can you come pick us up. You can that’s great we'll stay right here.” I gave him a description of where we were and we hung up. Mari was thrilled when she heard we didn't have to walk anymore. And then she asked “Why didn't we try to use our cell phones before?” “Because we weren't thinking straight, so we didn't think of our phones.” “Oh well I wish we would have then I wouldn't have had to walk anywhere and my feet wouldn't hurt.” ....To be Continued

The author's comments:
Title and the material this story is based on comes from my favorite book Night World by L.J Smith

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