The Man From Nowhere

January 25, 2012
I can see him in the dim lit living room. His mind and body tired, exhausted, and sagging in the couch. I could only think of one thing and one thing only; kill him. How could he have done this to me? We loved each other.
Goodbye Sebastian and Goodbye to me.

*2 years ago

My name is Spencer Lee.
I never had a life. Even after becoming a radiologist at the age of 25, it was always work work work. I was never the type of woman that was really ugly. In fact, I considered myself pretty decent. I had long luscious wavy brown hair, light blue eyes, an acute nose, and a killer white smile. I was an all-star athlete in high school and in college. Everyone was jealous of my body. I personally thought I was tall and lean. It’s sad to say, but I never really had friends. Apparently I was stuck up and people avoided me.
I lived with my dad and my stepmom, Semy in San Diego, CA ever since I could remember. My birth mom died when I was 8 months old. I can’t even remember her face.
It was a Saturday morning and I was going through my daily routine, which consisted of a 4 mile run and then work at my office.
I could smell the light breeze and feel the sun burning through my skin as I jogged past the crowded beach. It was the nicest, most calm aura I had felt in years. I was almost done with my fourth mile, when this guy who was running along in his own little La La land bumped and fell on top of me. My morning happiness disappeared in a second. I was disgusted.
“ What is your problem? Are you blind!” I yelled.
“I’m so so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I guess…I was distracted by your beauty,” he said.
I was so confused and aggravated. What kind of catch line is that. I didn’t even know who he was. I looked up at him and everything inside me changed. Something clicked. All the anger that was boiling up inside was gone. I never felt like this towards anybody. He had a surfer/millionaire look to him. He looked too perfect; a little dangerous, but that’s what I liked. He had the finest body I could ever imagine; lean, muscular, and tall. He had the perfect short wavy brown hair and dark gorgeous eyes. This was my dream guy. Of course, I wasn’t going to fall into one of his traps and act all ditzy, so I decided to play cool like I always do.
“Umm…thanks I guess, but seriously who are you?” I asked.
“Oh, well the name is Sebastian Kim. I usually don’t run here, but the park where I do run closed today for some kind of carnival, so yeah. I guess I’m pretty lucky today because if the park wasn’t closed, I wouldn’t have been able to see you.” He said.
“Okay then...well, I’m Spencer. Spencer Lee,” I said.
That was the beginning of our love. Instead of working during my free time, I was always with him after work. He promised to make me dinner and it was this night that I found out that he lived in the biggest house I had ever seen. It was like my condo times fifty. I knew that he was the CEO of a computer software company, but I didn’t figure that he would live in a mansion like this for his use only.
We dined on spaghetti and wine. It was so romantic. The dining room was shining with hundreds of lit candles. He spent his evening preparing the lovely event and even scattered rose petals on the table.
“This is wonderful,” I said.
“I wanted tonight to be special and I know that we’ve been only dating for about a week, but I feel really connected to you. To tell you the truth, you’re my first girlfriend. I never had the time to go on a real date and I was always busy with my work. I never knew my mom because she left me and my dad when I was born for some other man,” Sebastian said.
All I could do was just stare at him and feel the same pain.
“What is it?” Sebastian asked.
“Oh nothing. It’s just that everything you just told me…well same goes for me. You’re my first boyfriend and work was always getting caught in the middle of my social life. I never knew my real mom because she died when I was less than a year old,” I said.
There was a silence between us. I could feel that something was about to happen. He leaned in, getting ever so close to me. I could feel his breath coming closer. All that came to my mind was “what am I supposed to do?!?” so I just did the first thing that came to me. I leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the lips. Sebastian looked at me and I could see that he was hurt. It was just that this was the first time someone tried to make a move on me.
“I need to go to the bathroom,” I quickly said.
“If you go straight and turn left into another hallway, it’ll be on your right,” Sebastian said.
Once I entered the bathroom, I smelled a terrible odor covered by a strong smell of bleach. After I washed my hands, I looked for a towel, but all I found were a stack of duct tape and scissors. That was weird. “Duct tape and scissors in a bathroom,” I thought to myself. After a few minutes, I didn’t think too much about.

After a year of dating, Sebastian asked me to marry him. We had the perfect wedding. Outside as the sun was setting we were declared husband and wife.
The following week after the wedding, I moved into his home. Everything was perfect; until the day of the car accident. Sebastian had lost so much blood that he needed a blood transfusion. His dad had recently gone through surgery and nobody had the same blood type as him. The only person that happened to have the same blood type was my stepmom Semy. I thought it was weird, but I forgot about it shortly. Sebastian was able to live. I was relieved. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to survive without him. I went to pick him up from the hospital, but he didn’t look the same. Something was on his mind.
“Sebastian. Are you okay? Are you still hurt? WHAT’S WRONG?” I said, feeling agitated.
Sebastian just looked at me.
“Nothing. I’m fine,” Sebastian sighed.
I was worried. He never acted like this before. Something was definitely on his mind.
After a couple of weeks, he was back to his normal self. He was getting ready for a business trip in LA and told me that he’d be gone for two days.
The following night, as I was getting ready for bed, I got a call from the police. The police officer was saying something to me, but all I could hear were bits and pieces. “Sorry…you’re stepmother…father…dead”. It couldn’t be. I saw them a few months ago at the wedding. I dropped the phone. Tears started pouring down. I was hyperventilating. How could it be?!? How did they die? What happened? Questions were pouring through my brain at lightning speed. I blacked out.
I woke up on the hospital bed and saw Sebastian.
“What happened?” I asked.
“I came home from my business trip and you were lying on the floor. I was scared if something bad had happened and took you to the hospital to see if you had any injuries. Why were you laying on the floor unconscious?” Sebastian asked.
Right then everything came back to me; the police officer, the call, the news of my parent’s death. I started to cry. Sebastian held on to me and whispered in my ear, “What’s the matter?” I told him. He was in shock, but he just wrapped me in his arms and told me that we would both get through it and that he was there. I didn’t even listen to him. The only thing that was going through my mind was how my parents died.
The next week I was getting ready for the funeral. After I got all the last minute tasks done, I decided to stop by the police station. I wanted to know how my parents were found. I met with Detective Brown. What he told me in the next few minutes was utterly horrid. Detective Brown believed that the case of my parent’s death was a homicide. They were found in the garbage dump; duct taped and their throats slit. I was furious; not at the fact that he was assuming all this, but the fact that somebody out there did this to my parents. I wanted revenge. I wanted to kill whoever had done this to my family.
I came home after my trip to the station. Sebastian was waiting in the living room.
“Where were you? I’ve been looking all over for you. You wouldn’t even answer my calls. I was worrying all morning,” he said.
“Sorry to worry you. I had to stop by and talk to the cops. They said that my parent’s death was a homicide and they’re looking into it. The case starts tomorrow,” I said.
Something happened to Sebastian’s face. It wasn’t a look of relief, but a look of worry.
“Is there something wrong,” I asked.
“ Why would you go to the station and talk to them about all this without telling me about it first!” he yelled.
I was lost with words. He never yelled at me. What was wrong with him?
“Why are you so upset? Aren’t you at least relieved to have a case that will explain the reason behind my parent’s death. Do you not even care about my family?” I asked, hurt.
Then, Sebastian did something that I had never dreamed of in my life. He walked towards me and slapped me across the face; hard enough to throw me on the ground. All I could do was cry. Tears of hopelessness came running down my face. Why was Sebastian acting so strange? It was like he was possessed. He wasn’t the same guy that I had married two months earlier.
I was scared witless, but I wanted to give him a chance. After all this was the only time and he never abused me. So I decided to forget about it.
The next morning, I went to the police station to talk with Detective Brown. He had called me earlier because he had wanted to ask me some questions.
“Where was your husband at the night of the incident?” Detective Brown asked.
“Wait, are you suspecting my husband because if you are, you’re wrong because my husband would never do that,” I said sharply.
“Not at all. I’m sorry to have upset you, but I just wanted to talk with him and ask him a few questions. It’s nothing personal. Can I see him?” Detective Brown said.
I thought about it for a few minutes, and it wouldn’t hurt. I mean how could it hurt Sebastian if he never killed anyone in the first place.
“That’s fine,” I said.
We both arrived at my house. Sebastian looked hesitant when he saw Detective Brown. But Sebastian was willing to talk with Brown and so I left them alone and went out to get some groceries. I came after a few hours and I saw Detective Brown’s car still parked in the driveway. I was surprised they were still talking. I came in through the front door and I didn’t see Detective Brown’s shoes.
“Hey Sebastian, where’s Detective Brown?” I asked.
“He left half an hour ago,” Sebastian said.
“That’s odd. His car’s still in our driveway,” I replied.
“I don’t know, maybe his car didn’t start and so his friend had to pick him up. He’ll probably pick it up later,” Sebastian said.
After Sebastian left for work, I took the trash out. As I headed to the backyard, I stepped on a soft mound. I looked down and saw small strands of blonde hair poking out of the ground. A blood-curdling scream came out. I knew who it was. I got a shovel from the garage and started to dig. It was Detective Brown; wrapped in duct tape and his throat slit. I fell back and landed a sharp hard object. It was a bone. It was a bone of a person’s finger. I couldn’t believe it. Everything went blank. It was a finger of a girl. I started to dig once more, and by the decomposed skeleton lied another and another. “The death of Detective Brown’s was just like my parents; the duct tape and the slit throat. Could it really be Sebastian? It can’t be. There’s no way, but there’s so many things that coincide; there were stacks of duct tape and scissors in his bathroom and the strong odor of bleach. And Detective Brown was last seen with Sebastian,” I thought to myself, shaking uncontrollably.
I ran to my car and headed to Sebastian’s dad house to see if Sebastian was there. He had told me that he was going to stop by his dad’s after work. I walked in through the back door and saw Sebastian’s father watching T.V. It had been just 6 months ago that he was struck with Alzheimer’s. I was about to leave when I saw a picture sticking out of a pile of mail. I looked at it and my jaws dropped. It was Sebastian as a baby and right by him was Semy. I thought for a minute and everything clicked. Sebastian killed my parents because he found out that Semy was his birth mom. That meant that we were stepsiblings. I couldn’t breathe. I walked back to my car slowly and drove back to the house. I didn’t pay attention to anything. I needed to see Sebastian. I came home and he was there, sitting in the living room.
“Hey, you’re home. Where did you go?” Sebastian asked.
I didn’t say a word and headed to the kitchen. I was speechless. Not only did Sebastian kill my parents, but he was also a murderer. The first day I saw him, he was the perfect man, but he was too perfect. My adrenaline was rushing through my body as I tried to control myself. What was the point of living anymore, everything I ever loved was gone. I didn’t want to be held accountable for anything so I knew what I had to do. I grabbed the gun hidden under the cabinet and stared at him in the living room. He was sitting in the couch with bloodshot eyes. I was ready.

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