The Escape

January 24, 2012
By thatguy45 BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
thatguy45 BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
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His whole world had been spun upside down. Two years ago everything had been fine he was going to college getting his degree in engineering had a beautiful girlfriend, Trisha, and had just about become the toughest guy on campus. That all changed in a few seconds when he lost his temper when a freshman in college hit on his girlfriend. Next thing he knew he was behind bars. Jared searched through his old memories of those days but quickly became aware of the situation at hand. He heard someone barking orders but he knew he had time; he swiftly jumped over the rotting tree in front of him. He couldn’t believe what had happened to him during the time he was imprisoned at the lab. Jared had only a little fuel left for what inventions he had been able to get away with from the lab; where he was tortured from the weapons he had helped make possible. He felt them getting closer every minute he could no longer hold his cool. He stopped running.

Wilson had a ginormous headache. He slowly stood up; with his left leg twisted at such an angle he knew it was completely useless. He looked around. The storage compartment completely destroyed; the box was thought to be indestructible. The lab that he had spent most of his life working in was trashed the windows shattered the tools all over, glass everywhere, unknown chemicals mixed on the floors and table tops, and the smell of burnt flesh filled the room. He grabbed a hold of the table by him and slowly limped to the storage compartment. He saw three things missing three items of use to escape.
Jared dropped the satchel to the ground and pulled out a homemade flame thrower and a strengthening device. ‘’I can do this.’’ He spoke as if there were some listening. The bottle of bug killer was almost out. He remembered the tricks he pulled to get the lighter and bug killer. He let out a slight laugh of how foolish they were. He only had a few seconds to do this. He put on the Valiant Glove, as they called it, and smashed the two trees in front of him. They made a semi x shape and landed on a rotting log. The trees burst into flames.

Wilson limped outside only to see a search had already begun. He knew where they were heading because of the smell of smoke and the bright flame seemed to lick the orange sky.
‘’help….m…m….m...a…e.’’ Wilson looked down to the fence 3 meters away from him. The man who crawled out of a hole in the fence had been severely burned on the right side and his neck seemed to lack muscle. Wilson recognized him as the small guard who was supposed to watch Jared’s cell. He leaned on the fence to get to him.
‘’ I...I...I need water’ ’the guard said.
Wilson gave him a sort of dastardly smile and said ‘’why of course but first…’’
He grabbed for the gun that lay on the guard’s hip.
‘’ you failed to do your job Mr. Vincent, and we can’t have that can we?’’ the man quickly realized what was to happen and began pleading for his life.
‘’sir it it it wasn’t my fault he deluded us all!” He cried as he tried to stand.
The look on Wilsons face changed to an evil snarl.
He leaned down closer to him and said ‘’ He hasn’t deluded me!’’
He put the side arm to Mr. Vincent’s head and killed him.

The gun shot rang in Jared’s ear piece it was so loud he had to stop running. It rang through his head like a big rig was in his head. He desperately tore at the ear piece he couldn’t stand he smashed himself against the various trees around him. The ear piece felt like it was glued in. The last attempt he ripped it out from the cord. It made a sick sucking noise as if his inner ear had been ripped out. He quickly moved his hands to his ear to search for blood. His ear was a bloody mess.
‘’Hello?’’ He called while covering his left ear. Dead silence. He now knew he was deaf in his right ear. The pain from the ear seemed to ride down his spine twisting downward to his feet.

The search crew found him face down in the dirt. Everything he had in his satchel was spilled everywhere. The Valiant Glove was indented in a nearby tree, the satchel was torn from a violent rage, the ear piece covered in blood right by his feet, and he was tore up: scratches from the tree limbs, his left arm was slightly burned, and his right ear was doused in blood . The area was beginning to be ablaze and the smoke took control of their lungs. They rushed. Two men dressed in militia uniforms inspected the satchel for the last missing weapon. It wasn’t there. They had no clue what it was supposed to be so they simply picked up the body and brought it back to Wilson.
The flames were getting brighter and the smoke palled the sky. Wilson knew someone had to spot it by now. It was only a matter of time before government workers came to douse the fire. When the body arrived it was now a festering corpse. He had won. That was his first thought when they came back.

“Throw him back into the forest boys. Let the flame eat him.” He said with a nefarious smile. Then he sat back against the fence all eased up until they brought him the weapons. Only two of the three items where there. He began to sweat. “Where is the pill!?” He cried. They told him how there was nothing other than what he had. He quickly told the guards to go to the body. It wasn’t there. That pill made the heart beat too light to detect. The last thing Wilson saw was the Valiant Glove smash to his face.

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