January 16, 2012
By to-love-to-wright BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
to-love-to-wright BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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It's perfection did not go unnoticed. Nestled away on a gently rolling hill lie a small homey-looking house far away from civilization. The trees, just outside the pristine white picket fence, were a luscious, full green. Although man made, the intricate structure seemed to belong there. There was but one thing missing from the perfect seen. It was a movement, a sound. Not one animal was hiding in the woods, so perfect. not one gust of wind was rustling the leaves in the ancient oaks. Then it slipped. A small corner of the glamour shifted ever so slightly. Almost as if it were taking breath into it's lungs. suddenly the veil uplifts. The sight of what wasn't actually there disappeared; it was gone. The sheet layering the landscape was projecting the picturesque scene that the brain registers. But when a keen eye catches that infinitesimal shift, everything changes. As the veil uplifts, with it goes the perfect house, the manicured lawn, and the inviting forest. In it's place is the unimaginable.
There was a yard, and there was a forest. Very unlike what stood there, just seconds before, there was a bone chilling house that emitted a darkness that was not due to the lack of light, but rather something more life-threatening. the trees extend and lose their liveliness. They reach towards the sky trying to strangle and mame the truths of the world from the darkness. The fence rots and loses it's color right before your eyes as you witness hundreds of decomposition in a matter of seconds. the entire house creaks and protests as the boards bend in on themselves. The sturdy cellar doors fall into the dark abyss that it was shielding as the newly rusted chain clatters to the ground. This is the house. The house that will soon be an infamous killer.

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on Jan. 30 2012 at 2:16 pm
TouchOfARose SILVER, Winter Garden, Florida
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This is awesome! I loved it. You really made me feel like I was there, seeing all of it. Definitely 5/5!


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