The Adventures of Alex and Bethany: Book one: Witch Training: Chapter two

January 19, 2012
By Shi23244 SILVER, Thermopolis, Wyoming
Shi23244 SILVER, Thermopolis, Wyoming
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Five weeks earlier...
“Welcome students” this lady said while Alex and others entered camp. “My name is Mrs Henridge and I am the founder of camp witch. You will be here for a certain amount of time time then you will go back to your life. That is what will happen to all of you except one lucky student.”
After she introduced us to camp, Mrs Henridge left and so did most of the students with their escort's.

“Alex, where are you going?” the man said as Alex started to follow the others.

“Following them” Alex said as she pointed to the other students leaving the entrance of camp.

“We are going a different way” the man told Alex “follow me.”
We continued to walk down the halls of the main building. While we were walking he was telling me what the rooms were and what the purpose they serve. The first room looked all dark and there was not a lot inside it. The second room had uniforms inside and many witches hats. It was also filled with huge books. The third room was a storage room, he said that there were broomsticks inside and that was all he said about this storage room, leaving me extremely curious. The last room we came across was a normal classroom which looked like a normal high school classroom.
While we were walking he told me that this camp was for girls only.
We continued walking (which felt like two miles) until we came to the end of the dark building.

“I guess I’ll show where your room is” the man said with a sigh. “It’s in the other building.”
When he finished talking, he opened up the emergency exit door and we stepped out onto the courtyard.
The man continued to escort me to my new room. He did not speak the whole way. On the way, we passed the battlefield. The battlefield had a line of broomsticks which they looked like they need a lot to make them newer. There was not any grass on the battlefield but the ground looked like the grass that was on my old elementary school’s playground. The next thing I saw was a fort, and on it, it had the words ‘camp witch. Founder: Mrs Henridge, Established 1894.’ The letters looked they needed to be put on again but you can still read the words. The final object that we passed was a statue which kind of looked like my mother. The statue was made of bronze and had a witches hat on and it looked like what you would see in a video game. There was also a broomstick right next to it, made out of bronze.
We were walking for about five minutes then we arrived at the dorm building. We approached the doors and i was just about to grab the handle when the doors opened. The man and I walked inside the building.

“Room three, third room on the left” the man told me. “You don’t have to share a room.”
We still walked until we got to the room.

“You get comfortable and I’ll be back in a few hours.” The man said as he left.
After the man left, I looked around the room and I saw that the bed was made the way I liked it. Everything was positioned the way I had it positioned at home. The closet was full of clothes that looked like the same things in my closet at home. The weirdest thing was the desk in my room it had everything in my room at home. At this moment I wondered what Bethany was doing. I thought about how she was having fun in my life. I wondered to myself why this room looked like the one in my house.
Two hours past and the man came back to my room.

“Ready to leave, Alex?” the man asked.

“Yeah” I replied.
We left the room locking the door behind us with the key he gave me. We walked down the halls which were filled with portraits of what I thought were past students. Again there was there was a picture that looked like my mother.

“Why does my room look like the one at my house?” I asked confused.

“We thought you might be more comfortable with your bedroom that was at your house.” He replied.

“Okay, how did you bring it here?” I asked.

“Oh, we just duplicated it. Everything works like it would normally.” He replied.
we continued to walk down the hallway until we arrived at the dining hall.
The man and I entered the dining hall. I noticed that Mrs Henridge and the other students at camp were seated at different tables.

“Alex, third table on the left.” Mrs Henridge said as I entered the hall.
I rushed quickly, and sat down at a table with five other girls, all of which were wearing name-tags. The first girl had short blond hair, and her name was Zamera. The second girl had long brown hair, which was the color of tree bark; her name was Andrea. The third girl sported long sea-blue hair. Her name was Anasteysia. She had little black bows and hearts decorating her name tag in pen ink. The fourth girl, named Paige, had red hair like the color of strawberries. She mentioned her nickname was strawberries. There was one last girl girl at the table, she always had a hood up and nobody knew her real name. Everybody at camp just called her ‘unknown”.

“Girls, this is Alex. She is our newest addition to our camp. Treat her like you would want to be treated.” Mrs Henridge said.

The author's comments:
This is the sequel for the first chapter. My inspiration came from my best friend. She's my editor. And she has electric blue hair!

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Shi23244 SILVER, Thermopolis, Wyoming
6 articles 0 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
True Friends are like the sun, they always shine

The third chapter is on the way

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