Moving. On.

January 19, 2012
By Evan Barber BRONZE, West Jordan, Utah
Evan Barber BRONZE, West Jordan, Utah
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My sister’s expression quickly changed from sunny to sullen as we approached and looked up, there it was-- the most dilapidated and rickety old tree house you could possibly imagine. And there seemed to be something inside. I turned around and started running as fast as I could. My sister quickly followed behind me. We ran back to the car where mom and dad were unpacking boxes from the back of the car. My sister and I explained to my mother that there was something that made a sound, and it came from the tree house. My father overheard and started walking towards the back yard. He looked up at the tree house from underneath. From the inside I could hear a scratching. My dad yelled up at the tree house and the noise stopped. He turned and told my sister and me that it was probably a raccoon and started to talk away. My sister, Katie and I started running towards our dad and quickly overtook him. If anything dangerous was in the tree house then my dad would be first to know.
After Katie and I had played outside till dusk we decided to go back inside the house. The sun quickly receded down behind the mountain. I entered the house and ventured to the kitchen where my mom was making my favorite, macaroni and cheese. I turned around and returned to the door. I tried standing on my tippy- toes to look out the peep hole. I failed to accomplish my mission. I turned around and started up the stairs to my new room. I reached the top of the stairs and took a right down a small hall way to my room. I opened the door and went inside my room. It had blank walls and a bed frame in the center of the room without a bed. I decided there was nothing more to see and left my room and went downstairs to eat.
When I arrived in the kitchen my mom smiled and gave me my macaroni and left the room. I started to eat the macaroni and drank some water. After about five minutes I decided I needed to go to the bathroom. I went upstairs and went to the restroom. During the flush I heard a few pots and pans fall downstairs. I figured it was just my mom downstairs organizing things, so I dismissed it. I left the bathroom and went downstairs. When I arrived in the kitchen I found my bowl of macaroni empty and pots and pans on the ground.
I figured that is was my clumsy sister Katie who decided to come into the kitchen, eat my food, and be dumb enough to throw a few pots and pans off of their resting position on the counter. I yelled for my mom, and she came into the kitchen, and when she did she went ballistic on me, she yelled and asked why I had made such a mess. I told her that is was Katie who had decided to come in and eat my food and make a mess. She didn’t buy it for one second. So I retreated to my room knowing that is couldn’t win the disagreement.
Right when I had gotten to my room, closed the door, and turned on the light. I heard a howl of wind outside. The gust made the tree out back whine and moan. Almost as if somebody was inside the tree house. I crawled into my bed with heavy eyes and slowly drifted asleep.
I awoke to the sound of a scream down stairs. I froze in my bed not knowing what to do. I decided to open the door and go downstairs. I got up and opened the door as slowly as possible yet it still made a loud noise. I heard from downstairs the sound of what seemed to be my mother say
“No stop, stop!”
I didn’t know what to do. I had a burst of courage and went downstairs. I turned to my right towards the kitchen, all the drawers were opened and things were placed in them. I kept going towards the living room. I stopped just before I neared the corner to peer around towards the living room. I heard another sound and my mother screamed and then there was silence. I heard footsteps and a loud thud. It was now or never, I turned the corner and I saw my mother on the couch limp. She was a sleep with a movie playing on the newly installed TV.
I looked around the area and saw that the back door was open. I went and shut it. The old white wood door was not in the best shape. It looked as if the wood was rotten and the paint was peeling. As I neared the door another gust of wind blew inside. A cold rush of air passed by me, I closed the door as fast as I could. I leaned my back against the glass window of the door. I heard a thud against the glass. I turned around and looked at the door. A hand, with a white surgeon glove on was against the glass. I started back pedaling. I hit the couch and fell onto it and a few blankets.
The door opened quickly and a figure came in. He had a shiny knife in his hand. He lifted it, and brought it door upon my chest. I felt the pain of the stab to my heart. He took it out and walked towards my mother. He woke her up, and brought the knife down upon her too. She screamed and my father rushed into the room, he had his .45 caliber gun in his hands. He fired a shot. I heard the shots resignation throughout my ear. I felt a hand upon me and I fell asleep.
I opened my eyes and above me were three doctors. I blinked and opened my eyes again. I saw a bright light. And a shiny object coming towards me, a knife, and a doctor holding a knife. I tried to listen but all I heard was a heartbeat monitor, with its beeps getting shorter and shorter. And there was nothing. I opened my eyes again, and I had a view of the operating room from above, the doctors leaning on the table as if they had given up. I started moving away from the room quicker and quicker, I screamed and was sucked away from my life and everything I knew. From that point on, all I could see were my memories of the man with the knife.

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