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January 12, 2012
By Ro-zXD BRONZE, Des Moines, Ia, Iowa
Ro-zXD BRONZE, Des Moines, Ia, Iowa
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What is right is not always popular, but what is popular is not always right.

A young man walks down a lonely street. His name is unknown, but what he did is very well known. He thought he was alone, but he wasn’t. There was a stalker following him. This stalker happens to be a vampire. The vampire attacked the young man to the ground, and drank the blood from his neck. Not a noise was made. But, the man was turned into a vampire. He just lost his life, but gained a new one.
With his new dark mind, he decided to inject half the world’s population with vampire venom, the other half were to be used as a food source. He gathered other vampires, and infected many, many people. Some lucky people survived the attacks, people like me.
I have a brother named Terrance. He is two years older than I am, but we stick together like glue. During the time in which the vampires would search everyone’s homes looking for the few humans left, Terrance and I would hide in vampire’s back yards, so the evil night patrollers couldn’t find us. The first couple nights were scary, because we had always slept in a nice warm bed, knowing that nothing could hurt us. And then we transitioned to a cold hard ground, while vampires searched for our souls. One night when we were hiding, a little girl spotted us, and told her mother. The mother peaked out the door, kept the girl safe inside, and dashed over to us.
“What are you doing here young humans?” she asked us. I was so scared my heart skipped a couple beats. “I-I”, “Leave my sister alone.” Terrance demanded. She licked her lips, grabbed his shirt, and pulled him up to her face real close. “You know I could kill you in a split second, boy!”
He nodded his head slowly, not knowing what to say. She dropped him and whispered into my brother’s ear, “You know, I have a family in there,” She moved over to me, “And they don’t need to know that there are fugitives running around in our backyards.” I was petrified, as well as Terrance. But then Terrance found his confidence and spoke with a strong voice, “Yes, but we have lives to protect. We value them as much as you value your daughter in there.” The vampire looked at him, and sighed, “I guess you may stay here, but only in the yard. We will supply blankets and soul food for you.” In unison we looked up at her, “Thank you!” we screeched.
Moments later, the middle daughter brought out a garbage bag full of human food, and a ‘Surviving in the Wilderness’ kit. She brought them out to us against her will. She was hungry, and wanted us for dinner. “Here.” She barked, and she spat at us. Avoiding the vampire’s acid DNA, we set up camp further back.
One night we heard the evil vampire guards tell our host family that the neighbors suspected them hiding human fugitives. Our host family tried to convince them that there was no way that was possible, the guards ignored their words, and opened the door that lead into the backyard.
There was no escape; Terrance and I were dead. Terrance dashed into a bush, and I ran after him. And we got down real low, “Alright Layla, if they get close, take off running. I don’t care how fast they can chase us. We need to fight for our lives.” I gulped, and nodded my head. The guards were about to leave, when one stopped. “I smell children.”
In one swift movement, they all whipped around and searched extra carefully. The one that smelled us attacked the bushes, and tried to grab us. Terrance and I moved backward, and fell into the neighbors yard. The eldest boy in our host family caught us, picked us up, and ran as fast as he could inside. Once the guards were finished in the back, we were in the spare bedroom. They burst in, and searched the house once more, angry as ever. Then they found us in the bedroom, and attacked.
Terrance of course jumped in front of me, and did whatever he could to fight the vampires. I was petrified, I couldn’t move. I watched the vampires attack my brother. I knew Terrance was a goner. After they were finished with Terrance, it was my turn. A group of guards surrounded me, and then everything went black. When I came to, I was laying in my host family’s spare room. I had gotten a small scratch that hurt like crazy, but that was nothing compared to Terrance. He was cut, scratched, bit, and every other horrifying injury that could ever happen to a person. Plus he was turning into a vampire, ever so slowly. Most of the time he was unconscious, but the rare moments when he could slightly open his swelled eyes, made me feel better to know that he wasn’t dead. Our host family ended up fighting off the guards that had almost murdered us, but we all knew that they would be back again. And three days later they were. Everyone, even Terrance while he was unconscious tensed up when we heard a heavy knock on the door.
“Come out with the humans, and your hands up,” A voice demanded. “If you don’t we will have a problem… again, but this time you will be the losers.” They hollered. Terrance turned over looked into my eyes and squeaked, “I don’t want to die. Layla, we just can’t die. We’re too young.” I sighed and heard “One, two THREE!” and a boom. Heavy boots up the stairs, and the door busted down and smashed into me. They grabbed me and shook me until everything was all blurry. I tried to roll on the floor and kick them in the face, but then they took my head, stroked my neck and five of them bit.
Pain shot through my body, and I struggled to keep consciousness, and I made it back onto the bed. By the time I woke, both Terrance and I were full blood vampires. No one would hunt us anymore, before we thought that turning into a vampire was the end of our lives, but in reality it was just the beginning.

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