Red's Mystery

December 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Something, someone is following me. I should have listened to my mum. And actually she usually is about these types of things, but me being almost eighteen years old I did not listen to her. She told me don’t go to your grandmother’s house through the westward part of the woods, stay in the eastward part. Now here I am kicking myself for not listening to her. I have decided it is a “something” following me.

“This basket is getting heavy”. I tell the forest. Who knows maybe it is listening to me you never know in this part of the woods.

I think it is a “something” following me because nothing is that quiet in this part of the woods. Thank goodness mum reminded me to bring my bow and arrows, because these woods are really dark, and creepy.and maybe this way I could maybe defend myself. Although my red cape was probably not the best idea, it makes me to easily seen.


Finally. At Gran’s house. I go in the back way setting down the basket just as I hear a knock on the front door. Before I get to the door I hear a scream. Running past the old sturdy table and getting an arrow in place, dread fills me. I get there just as that something leaves my line of sight. I still let the arrow fly towards it, letting out my frustration in that single shot. I look down hesitantly not wanting to see what became of my Gran. what I see is her pale white, except for the blood spreading out from the dagger that is protruding out of her chest. I fall down next to her just in time to hear her last words.

“Red, she loves you that is why...” a breathe, her last came out. And I break out into tears knowing whatever followed me here killed her. Knowing it is my fault, my fault that my one confidant about life, is dead.


I have been outside for an hour or two. Looking. For my Gran’s killer when I see my friend Snow, the wolf, she is white with two different colored eyes, one red one a bright golden yellow. I am still crying and I think that the Snow sees my discomfort and just calmly lays down next to me. I sit down next to her, and just stop crying, there is nothing left to come out. I go back in to my Gran’s house, snow following me in, and get the basket, opening it I see that there is Gran and I’s favorite; chicken noodle soup and blueberry muffins. I give a muffin to Snow and myself then go into the yellow painted cupboard to get two bowls, one for me one for Snow. We eat in silence. When I start to wash the dishes, I tell snow:

“I will solve this mystery”
“I will find the killer”
“ And no one will stop me”


The next day I walk back home. I tell my mum. Snow is by my side when I go back out not letting my mum get the chance to ask anything. I decide to search the eastward part of the woods. Saving the most worrisome for the last. I find nothing though. No clue. Nothing. I decide I might as well go ahead and look in the westward part. Snow still by my side I start out.


It is still dark. Still creepy. No surprise there though. While thinking this I sense something following me again. Snow feels it to. Just like yesterday. I decide to run and then climb up a tree, Snow senses this and starts running with me. My bow still with me, I climb a very large, very old oak tree that was about three miles off from when I first started running from my shadow. As I ready my bow I look to see Snow hiding herself away. Then I see my Gran’s killer.


And I let loose my ready arrow as surprise hits me, the killer is the last person I thought of, Because this person is the only other person that has my quiet step through the woods, my Mum.I jump down to the ground, my red cape billowing behind me, my bow already slung onto my back, my quiver hitting my back as I absorb the Jump through the balls of my feet. As I walk towards her Snow comes out and walks with me.

“No mum, it was you wasn’t it? You were following me yesterday”
“N-no Red I-”
“How could it be anyone else, no none else walks that quietly except me, and I could not very well shadow of even follow myself”.

She smiled then. A horribly crazy smile, making me flinch away and snow growl while I thought that , I knew she always was crazy, saying “why” confusedly.snow
She answered with “ how else was I supposed to get your attention you never listened to me or confided in me”.

It was then that I backed up while simultaneously readying my bow, and asking her “is that what happened to dad and temperance you killed them because they took up my time, why Gran though she was your mother”?
I hit her with my ready arrow straight into her leg not enough to kill. Enough to maim.


I know I did the right thing by not killing her, bringing her to the sheriff’s hut. I will always love her and think of the few good times we had together. My mum she is going to hang at the gallows in a weeks time. It is the end of my birthday week.

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