Families Secret

December 13, 2011
By mellojello GOLD, Anchroge, Alaska
mellojello GOLD, Anchroge, Alaska
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I was in the bathroom looking in the mirror at all the scars on my back, arms and legs. I could only remember how they got there and how painful it was. Then I start to remember all the bones I broke and how I had to find my own way to fix them... The last thing I remember is my little brother. He had such an amazing smile and light laughter. You would never think he would hold a dark secret. This is the story about my family’s secret it was the morning of October first about ten in the morning my brother was eating his break fest and I was right next to him. I heard mom and dad yelling at each other and I over heard only a minute of their argument. My dad said “This can’t be! It’s impossible!” My mom yelled at him in reply and said “look we both know this is no longer a problem on my side of the family!” So being carful I decide not to let my little brother hear mom and dad fight it might be hard on him. So I drove my brother to school me and him are in high school he’s a fresh man I’m a junior. After school we drove back home and mom and dad were still fighting. My mom runned out of the living room and grabbed my little brother. She stared at my dad and said “he’s normal ok he doesn’t have the problem that I had”.

Now I was begging to wonder what was mom’s problem. She has never told me about this “problem”. I looked over at my little brother his eyes were deep....as I kept staring into them his eyes started to scare me.....it felt like he could see all the way into my soul and pick the good deeds from the bad and point them out. After we had dinner we decide to go to bed there was a lot of testing that day. I put my little brother in his room tucked him in bed and went to sleep myself. Around midnight I heard a banging noise against a door. I stepped out of bed onto the carpet and walked out of my room to the door I heard the pounding. I searched for the door knob and opened the door. My eyes started to water I ran to check on my brother he was still there and safe. I ran back to my parent’s room and screamed in a high pitched voice. I ran down stairs tears running down my face like a river. I grabbed the phone and called the ambulance as they asked me what’s Ur emergency I slowly forced myself and pushed myself to say my parents are dead.

I ran back upstairs to my parents room feel on my knees and started to cry. They were tied down with rope a wooden bat right next to them their heads are smashed in. their arms are broken and so are there legs......and their bodies were squished like a steam roller, rolled over their bodies...they look like someone tenderized them as people do with meat.....the carpet was stained with blood. The bat was pure red like a rose.....I sat there crying thinking who would do such a curl thing. My brother woke up and I didn’t notice he walked to me and saw mom and dad. He screamed and cried I held him close to me as his grip tightened on my shirt. I whispered in his ear slowly its ok were going to be ok.....even though I thought it’s not ok something’s wrong. The police and the firemen came and closed off the room they had detectives looking for clues....but till they had something I knew it would be hard to get sleep. I stayed awake and watched my little brother so he doesn’t have any nightmares and wake up scared with no one to help him or confert him.

It was the next morning and one of the detectives said “um mam?” I answered back “yes?” the detective said in a shocked voice “the bodies went missing today. We think that the person or thing that killed your parents hid them some were. Do you have any idea where they might be?” suddenly a bunch of thoughts started running thru my head. Where can they be? Was it all just a night mare? If it was a night mare why is the detective here? Is he a fake? I heard him say again “mam? I snapped out of it, no I don’t know where the bodies might have gone....I’m sorry. The detective said “its ok but don’t worry about a death when the sun goes down sooner or later it has to come back up.”

I made breakfast for me and my brother that morning just a plain scrambled eggs with backen. We finished up around six thirty am. We live close to are school. I get my brother in the car and we start to drive to school. As I pulled up into the parking lot I was wondering. If we live close to the school and there is a whole other naborhood near us why were we the only ones that were attacked? My brother jumped out with his big smile and asked “hey sis can we go to taco bell for lunch?” I placed my hand gently on his head and scuffed it playfully “I answer back sure thing sport” Then I started to think that how my brother can smile after he saw mom and dad’s death. I closed the door to the car and the sound of the door closing reminded me of the pounding on the door I jumped a little.

It was lunch time me and my brother were eating at taco bell he had two soft tacos. I looked at him and I asked “do you remember anything form last night like a door closing or screaming?” My little brother looked up at me and said in a happy voice no why sis?” I stared at him you didn’t hear any one open a door or grab a wooden bat from the garage?” My little brother dropped his taco and his hair fell over his eyes he said in a short serous voice “no.” I was shocked I have never heard him speak in that tone before it was like something took over him. “I studdered on my words o...o...ok then asked “you done eating?” The hair lifted from his eyes and a light and cheerful happy voice came back nope not yet almost done then he smiled. Ill I could think is what a mood swing he had a few seconds ago....what’s going on....can moms problem be mood swings? As we returned from lunch I told my brother to wait for me at his class. He nodded and said alright and smiled really big and ran to his class.

I was sitting in English espoused to write a report on To kill a mocking bird and found myself thinking about my parents. Yea sure they were a pain sometimes but they really helped me and my brother thru a lot of problems they were always there for us. I heard the teacher in my class say Sam they need you down at the office. I asked why and the teacher said there is a phone call for you. I evidently rushed all the way down to the office and said “hello?” It was an old raggedy voice saying if I would like to hear what my parents left me in the will. A sad expression formed on my face but I held back the tears so everyone in the office wouldn’t worry. I answered to the person on the other line yes. Sure. He told me that everything they have is now mine I hang up the phone and start walking back to class I sit down in my seat and just sit there and think. My parents left me everything they owned that’s a lot of responsibility will have to balance school and work to pay off the bills or I can graduate early witch will be a lot of work but I can work full time and pay off the bills. I also got to think of what’s best for my little brother and how I can provide for him.

The last bell rang and I went to pick up my little brother at his class. We started to drive home and I cooked him dinner chicken and mash potatoes then he sat in my room and ate while I studied. When I was studying I heard some clicking noises but decided to ignore it was probly just the heater again. A few hours later I heard the clicking again I looked over my shoulder and saw my little brother walk in the room. I asked him “where did you go?” He replied “o I just went down to the kitchen to put my plate away. I just nodded and said “ok”. It was around ten at night and I was watching the news. When suddenly my eyes widened and my jaw dropped. The news announcer said “there has been a murder at a playground a man was stabbed in his chest and hanged by a swing we think the murder is...” I suddenly turned off the TV and ran to my window. Sure enough that’s what I thought the murder was right near our house. We live close to the school to the murder. A few thoughts started going thru my head. Is the murder sending us a message? Are we the only ones being targeted? Who will he kill next and were? MY brother saw the man that was dead. I told him it will be alright sport I’ll have to stay up and watch over him again that night was the longest night of my life.

I woke up at five am in the morning and I look out the window and saw the detectives still there wrapping up the body and pulling off the caution tape. It’s kind of funny they left the drawing of the man’s body there. I wonder if all the little kids would try to match the body shape or maybe play the murder like a play. I made myself some coffee and I just sat down the shandellear over the table shining barley a glimpse of light. I sat there drinking my coffee then found myself stareing at the reflection of my face in the coffee. I started to wonder if I hade moms “problem” too. I still haven’t figured out what her “problem” was....I felt stumped thinking about it. Around six in the morning my brother woke up and walked up stairs. I just looked at him and said “hey sport how you slept?” He just answered back in his happy tone as always “it was great I had this dream” As he started talking about his dream I just stared at him not thinking wondering how he got moms problem and if I didn’t why? Don’t get me wrong I don’t want mom’s problem I just find it strange. I hoped into the driver’s seat my little brother jumped into the back and we were on are way to school. I started to think that were doing pretty good bye are self’s and that school was almost over. I was about to graduate early and my little brother was about to go on summer break. It was lunch time when I heard someone yell fight! I ran around the corner grabbed my little brother and pulled him away he had a split lip. And a red face from being punched. I told him to never fight again. His hair fell over his eyes and in a serious short voice he said “fine”. I suddenly had been struck with fear for five seconds it seemed like he had another mood swing.

I was in English and I was thinking why or how can my little brother have these mood swings? What’s causing them? Are they affecting him at all? Then after the bell rang I snapped out of it. The last bell ring I picked up my little brother like always and drove home like always. I wanted to see the time so I went over to are old granny smith clock near the bottom I saw a piece of paper. I dug it carful out of the clock and examined it before I opened it. It looks pretty worn out for a piece of paper some of the words are smudged and the writing looks like it has been rushed thru. I remember coming into this house when I was little my parents told me it was like a family hand me down once someone moves or dies they give you owner ship of the house and the stuff inside I guess. I opened the paper carful as it was folded so it wouldn’t rip. I read it one then twice and even a third time I could not believe what I was reading. The note said this “its mind will become yours its heart will go pitch black...it loses all feelings. It will destroy everything for fun and enjoy it. It will not bring mercy....there is no way to avoid it.....it’s always creeping in this house....it will scream and cry.....it hopes to die.....and it will kill.....there is no way to help or stop it....IT IS YOU” near the bottom of the worn out paper is blood stains. More questions started to run thru my mind. What is it? And by you does it mean me? Or someone else? I walked to the computer and started to do some research on are family. I didn’t find anything but I looked over on moms family and almost every one on my mom’s family has disappeared or died Then I found a gap were the information wasn’t full....but what I got was that mom was in a case she was suspected as a murder. So I opened up a new tab in the browser I started searching my dad’s side of the family. I didn’t get anything till I found grandpa......but he was dead. But I saw another gap grandpa was part of the investigation of mom’s murder case....strange. I sat at the computer taping my finger agents my lips thinking. I found out going into deeper research the case wasn’t solved plus what else caught my train of thought was all the research my grandpa was doing in his books. So I decided to hit some of his books. I picked one out and started to flip thru it a small piece of paper fell out. I just looked at the symbol it’s just ying and yang I folded it up put it in my pocket and decided to tuck my brother in bed I went to bed as well.

I woke up walked down stairs in the morning normal ruteen like I always did. Turned on the TV and saw that there were three more deaths all in the same night. Nothing new deaths are always happening I placed the ying and yang sing on my table and looked at it trying to finger it out. My brother walked down the stairs his hair over his face and his body was really stiff. He said in a short serous voice “let’s go now”. I said alright sport we drove to school. I went to my first class while my brother went to his. Thirty minutes after I went to my class they evacuated every one. Apparently someone was killed.....it’s like this murder is following me.....I picked up my brother after school and his hair was still in his eyes. When we got home he went to the kitchen and demanded some food. I told him say please he said “no I want it now” I made him something to eat and he went right up to his room. I followed him asking what’s wrong. He said “nothing is wrong or nothing will be wrong soon enough” I wondered what he meant by that. I went to go to sleep but found myself lying awake still trying to figure out the whole problem on mom’s side of the family. Also why so many murder cases have been near or around me. I slowly drifted to sleep but tonight would be a night I would never forget....

It was around eleven pm and I tried to roll over on my side but I couldn’t. My body felt paralyzed and I couldn’t move at all. I woke up in a struggle trying to move but I cant I started to cry and I started to call for my little brother. He walked in hair over his eyes but I saw a little bit of a glowing red light under his hair. A giant grin on his face and he started to laugh. I asked him “what’s going on?!” He just answered back “HAHA you thought I’m your brother really? I’m just part of him that’s right I’m the it and you can’t help or brother he’s locked away!” I screamed and cried and yelled “stop!!!!” My brother taken over by the it. It smiled and said “I injected a drug that makes all your nerves and all your mussels fall to sleep.” You are not going to move that’s a fact for how much I did put in your body.” I yelled for my brother “help!!” thoughts rushed thru my head what’s going on? Is this real? Am I dreaming? The it smiled and said “my name is scar do you want to know why they call me that?” Scar took his boot and stomped on my arm I heard three snaps I yelled in pain as I looked at my arm and I saw a piece of bone sticking out of my arm. Scar just laughs if you really think about it death is a nice thing you are free from your sins and you give your soul freedom you don’t have to worry about death any more or feel any more pain. Scar thru me I hit the wall hard my arms and legs still paralyzed. He laughed as he grabbed a butcher knife and slightly slashed my back and my arms I screamed and cried as much as I could I yelled again “stop!” Scar grinned yes I’m the it remember that. He was about to slash me again then his hand stopped and I looked at him. The hair lifted from his eyes it was my brother. How can this be? My brother is scar? This isn’t right there’s something wrong there’s something I didn’t search deep enough for. His hair fell back over his eyes and yelled “fool! I know your enjoying this you love blood shed admit it after all the people we killed! HAHA! I started to think again “we” killed? The hair lifted from my brother’s eyes and he said “yes you did kill a lot of people and I won’t let you kill anyone else.” I stared at my brother my eyes watered you knew all about scar and you didn’t tell me? My brother nodded yes I’m sorry sis I’m trying to protect you and to protect you I have to end this.

I watched my brother as he slammed the knife onto the wall and started to ram his head into it. I hear every squish noise and blood started to leak out his nose and he started to spit up blood. I started yelling “STOP DONT DO THIS THIS ISENT THE WAY TO FINISH IT I CAN HELP YOU!’ He was bleeding survirly just smiling sis you have helped me a lot you worked extra for me to support me....and if I hurt you ill just feel bad.....I’m sorry I cause you to much of a burden....sis I love you....and right as he said those words he trusted his head into the knife. His body dropped to the floor like there was a lot of gravity. I started yelling and crying. My brother just died and I couldn’t stop him all I could do is talk to him......I shouldn’t be alive.....I should of died not him. I started to yell WHY HIM! WHY NOT ME! HE DESERVES TO LIVE AS MUCH AS ME!! HE DIDENT DO ANY THING RONG! I SAID I COULD PRETECT HIM IM A FAILUR I COULENT EVEN MOVE IM STUPIED! My nahbor heard me yelling and rang over and entered thru the back door I passed out from blood loss. The last thing I could I think before I passed out was how lonely life is going to be without him....

I woke up in the hospital the next morning hoppeing it was all a dream.....I called out for my brother three times. Waiting for him to run in with his happy voice and light laughter. A nurse came in and told me everything that happened.....all I could do is shed tears the nurse stepped outside to give me a few minuts to gather my feelings. After thirty minutes she said I broke my wrist up near the top of my arm and the middle also I hade four cuts on my back that left to fifty-seven stiches. She also said I will be in a wheel chair for a few months but I can stay at the hospital to recover. Right after she said that everything clicked the mood swings the note the symbol the case....it all paced to gather. The ying and yang are to different sides and when one has more than the other the balance is disrupted....also there split up into two personality’s one is a light and one is a dark. That matches up with the note in the granny smith clock the dark personality must be the “it” there for my brother had two personality’s one was light which was him being himself and one was a dark side name scar or known as the “it”. Which leads me to the case of moms case moms dark side must have known that grandpa was working on her case and didn’t want him to find out about them so her dark side killed grandpa and when mom becoming her normal self she wasn’t happy with what she did so she was surrounded by depression. So she married dad to help her out of it but they had my little brother and he got that side of mom’s trait. Then the day mom and dad died scar probly wanted to be the only dark personality in the house or so be known as king so he goes and kills mom and dad. It all matched up for me that day. But it was a day to late...my brother had killed himself. I can’t afford this hospital bill either. I slowly crept out of my hospital bed. As I stood up straight the stiches started to loosen. I ran out of the hospital people were following me yelling “stop!” I ran in my house and fell on my bed in pain. I started to drift asleep I felt a sun beat down on my face I looked outside the sun was up. It was eight in the morning and I could move around find without my back hurting strange. Am I dead? Or is this a dream? I pinched myself and felt it this wasn’t a dream I walked into my bathroom looking in the mirror at all the scars on my back, arms and legs. I could only remember how they got there and how painful it was. Then I start to remember all the bones I broke and how I had to to fix them... The last thing I remember is my little brother. I slammed my hand on the counter tears started running down my face. I heard a voice say don’t waste your time with the memories of that punk. I looked up into the mirror who is that voice...who are you? I'm Amy...My hair fell over my eyes there was a red glow under my hair and I started to laugh now I'm the only one left. TO BE CONTINUED........

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