Looking glass

December 1, 2011
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I looked down at the figure in my arms lovingly, he really is amazing. I get up slowly making sure as not to wake him. It is a cold December night so the house is as cold as ever, I can see my breaths in front of me. I put my slippers on and adjust my nightcap so the cold doesn't whip my hair. I walk slowly and deliberately, my newly lit candle flickers in the light wind. I make my way across the corridor, slowly, and I notice something. Wait! What is that? Oh me in my foolishness it's just a looking glass, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. I walk towards it smiling, but as I walk towards it I notice that the woman in the looking glass isn't smiling. She isn't even walking forward, she's just standing there, she does look like me. "Hello," I hear my voice echo and smile at my stupidity of course there is no-one there, it is just a trick of the light is all. That's when I hear it, almost a whisper coming from the looking glass; I move even closer to it "Help me," it's a small, quiet voice. The voice of a child it seems, I walk ever closer til I am right ahead of it, almost able to touch it. I feel sorry for her, the woman in the looking glass appears to be crying. I reach out for her, just wanting to comfort her and to my surprise, my hand reaches through the looking glass and into hers. I smile, feeling that I have comforted her in a sweet caress and she will be grateful. Her grip on my hand gets tighter and I look at her more closely, we do not look as alike as I first though, her hair is darker and her face is distorted almost evil looking. Ever so as she pulls me into the looking glass, I cry out for help but my husband is well out of his wits by now. She pulls me through and I'm trapped now, I shall be forever looking through this glass what is worse is that the woman that was here before me has taken my place in my household.

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