My Eternal Blossom

December 1, 2011
By Kalii BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Kalii BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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It was a cool autumn day. The colors of the morning sky were full of cheer, vibrant yellow clouds swayed with the sun, mimicking its every move. The bright orange leaves danced as the breeze swept them away from tree to tree. Aiyana El, 17, heard the energetic cardinal chirping outside her window, waking her from a deep sleep.

Aiyana scanned her room, the deep pink walls surrounding her, the faded green curtains fluttering in the wind, her precious rabbit, Bugsy, starring at her, wiggling her little brown nose as if to say,

“Good morning to you too!”

It was just another morning for Aiyana. Get up; feed Bugsy, shower, makeup, and then wait for her best friend Rayan. Rayan had been Aiyana’s friend since 6th grade. They were two peas in a pod.
If you just met them, you would’ve thought they were sisters. Same long black hair, green eyes, and big bright smiles!
Finally, Rayan beeped for Aiyana outside in her new, fire engine red Bug. Rayan thought the color reflected her. Bright, full of energy, and in a small, short package.

The Bug sat there, engine humming, as if patiently waiting for Aiyana. When she slipped on her boots and headed out, she sensed something… or someone watching her. She looked around her quiet, innocent neighborhood and saw nothing, but still felt eyes watching her. Aiyana quickly hopped in and they were off to Port High.
*Click, click, click*

The camera went off. The man in the bushes admired his new pictures of Aiyana. Then, he headed off to school where he knew he’d see her soon.

Aiyana walked down the same hallway that she walked down everyday, pale, white walls, cheap messed up ceiling tile, and the smell of body odor from the “rebels” who seemed like the only thing they rebelled against were showers.

Rayan, by her side as usual, was the first one to spot him. Devon, the new kid of Port High, he was now officially the cutest guy in school. His tight black curls shaped around his tan face, his squinted eyes always looked closed when he smiled his bright, big smile with his full, light pink lips. He was tall and elegant which helped him on the basketball court, and increased every girl in the school’s interest in him. When Devon walked past Aiyana, their eyes met and connected. They were taken to another place when it was just Devon and her, happy, together, and in love.
Aiyana did you see that! Devon was totally checking you out. Aiyana… Aiyana!
“Wait, what!?” Shouted Aiyana.
“What just happened? Devon walked past and you like zoned out, are you okay?” Questioned Rayan.
“Oh yeah, sorry about that. Devon and I just like locked down on each other. It felt like we were alone, just us two, in our own little world!”
“I wish Cole would look at me like that,” muttered Rayan. As if being beckoned by his name, Cole appeared.
Cole was the cutest guy in school, until Devon came. Maybe that’s why Cole resented Devon, for taking what was his, Aiyana, his beautiful blossom.
“Hey Cole!” squeaked Rayan
“What’s up?" Mumbled Cole in his deep, masculine voice, “Hey when are we going to hang out Aiyana? I’ve missed my lil’ blossom.”
“Maybe in your dreams! Chicks before pricks Cole, and last time I checked you were going after Rayan, not me so back off!”
“It’s just because that new kid! What’s his name, Dan, Dave-“
“It’s Devon, and no! It’s cause I don’t hang out or date jerks! So if you’ll excuse me…” Aiyana stormed off with Rayan trailing behind her.
They entered math together and took their seats. Miss. Gilbert was wearing yet another ridiculous outfit. A tight, lime green shirt, fitting tightly showing three distinct fat rolls. Her tight leather pants only made it worse! Last, but not least, her usual red pumps. Miss. Gilbert thought it matched her because she was a carrot top. Her frizzy red hair framed her plump face, which had golden red freckles sprinkled on to her squash, shaped nose.

“Settle down while I take attendance!” squawked Miss. Gilbert, her voice resembling a parrot. At this time Aiyana was daydreaming about Devon. She knew he was already talking to Katy but she wasn’t all that cute. Plain, pin straight brown hair, boring brown eyes, and her stuck up attitude made everyone hate her.
Aiyana thought about her past relationship, Cole. He was okay, but a little too obsessive. Devon and him had similar features but Cole’s hair was a little tamer, his waves flowing in one direction like a dark, black ocean. Also Cole’s eyes were more round, not like Devon’s uniquely shaped eyes. Most important, his head bobbed with every step. At first it was weird, but she was use to it now. So all in all, Devon was a Cole upgrade, and she wanted him!
The end of the school bell rang. Aiyana glided down the hall to her locker, she couldn’t wait! Rayan and her were going to have a girl’s night out, like every Friday, but this time they were going to bring dates to the movies! Rayan was going to ask Cole after school and Aiyana asked Devon at lunch. His time was a simple yes and one of his cute smiles. Aiyana was so full of joy she literally skipped down the school hall to the parking lot, where she was meeting Rayan.
“How can this day get any better!” Aiyana wandered aloud. Just as she reached the bottom of the hill, Aiyana saw a huge group of people standing around something. She pushed her way through, and that’s when she saw her. Rayan, still, in her own pool of blood. Her throat was slit, her pants and pink laced panties were pulled down, a single red blossom lay across her chest, the word “eternal” written down her left forearm.
That energy and happiness that usually radiated from her was gone, just like her life. Aiyana screamed and burst into tears.
“Who did this? Someone call 911. Please! Rayan? Rayan? Please, please, wake up Rayan!” She held Rayan’s lifeless body in her arms and sobbed. About 5 minutes later Miss. Gilbert came down to see what the commotion was about. When she pushed through and saw Rayan her mouth dropped in awe. Quickly she dialed 911, but she along with everyone else already knew it was too late. Rayan Good was dead.
Aiyana lay in her bed, replaying the same moment over and over. The image of Rayan’s body was tattooed on the inside of her eyelids. Every time she blinked there she was. Then, that’s when Aiyana saw it again. The word “eternal” written in Rayan’s own blood, and that bright red flower just lying there. What did it mean? It was obvious she was murdered, but by who, and why? Just then Aiyana felt a chill. The fall sun was gone and the warm air was now being replaced by a chilly winter breeze blowing through her window, making her feel as cool and hollow outside as she was within.
She stood up to close her window when she saw it. A single flash from a camera, then a hooded figure stalking off towards the parks flower garden, with as sort of bob to his head, with every step. She quickly slammed her window and locked it.
“I’m next, aren’t I?” Aiyana wondered aloud. Little did she know, she could’ve been killed right then sand there, but the killer just watched, and finally climbed back out her bathroom window. That was his style after all. Stalk the prey, and then pounce when they have their backs turned.
Aiyana was waiting across the street for the bus. She was wondering about Rayan, and what she would be saying if she were there now. Aiyana couldn’t even imagine. Rayan always had something unique and funny to say everyday. She thought back to yesterday, Rayan said something randomly cool about Aiyana’s name, but what was it? That’s when it hit her. Rayan was talking about Indian tribes and about an Indian, named Atman, named his daughter Aiyana, for eternal blossom, and one man named Avinash wanted to marry her. She declined and accepted her true loves request to marry.
On the day of wedding, Bhaskar went missing. Everyone in the tribe searched for him and eventually found his body in the woods. Aiyana had no other choice but to marry Avinash. Six months later she went missing and villagers found her body where Bhaskar’s once laid. Her throat slit and flowers were placed upon her body as if the person who murdered her regretted his decision.
The tribe went to Aiyana’s house to find that Avinash had hung himself, a note on the floor saying “Forever with my eternal blossom, whether she loves me or not.”
Aiyana’s little daydream was ruined by a loud beep from a car. She looked up to find Cole in his black Lamborghini Aventador.
“Wanna ride? I heard about Rayan. I’m really sorry for your loss Aiyana, I know you two were close and all.”
“Thanks, Rayan would be happy to hear you even say her name…” Mumbled Aiyana. Then it finally dawned on her that Rayan wasn’t coming back again to even say goodbye, or to laugh at someone’s corny joke. She was silenced for forever. Tears weld up in Aiyana’s eyes. She wiped them off her face with the back of her hand and hoped in the car.

“Just throw your bag in the back.” mumbled Cole. She did as she was told and placed it back behind Clint’s seat. Aiyana heard her bag land on something with a crinkle. Quickly, she picked it up and saw them. Dozens of pictures sprawled across the cars floor, all of them of her. Aiyana picked some up and looked a little closer. She scanned the picture, her smile bright and luminous with the flash she never saw. In the background of one picture she noticed a figure. He was tall, blurry, and tanned to perfection. His squinted dark eyes that looked greedy and hungry with excitement.
“What the hell are these Cole!” shouted Aiyana as she sat up from the back of his seat. As she sat up she realized they weren’t heading to school, but towards Howard’s Woods. Aiyana was frozen with fear. So Cole was the one that killed Rayan. The one taking pictures of her! She actually trusted him…
“Cole, what’re you going to do to me?” Aiyana questioned, fearing his reply.
“Showing you the truth. Showing you who’s the good guy, and whose really bad.” Cole replied in a tight, dark voice.
“And what’s the truth?” She squealed.
“You’ll see, trust me!” They pulled over next to the forest. Cole grabbed the pictures and strolled over to a picnic table. He beckoned for Aiyana to come sit down. In disbelief, she went and sat across from him.
“Aiyana, I know you’re probably freaked out about the pictures and all, but look closer at the man. He’s in every single one!”
“I saw him, but who is he?”
“Are you serious! You’ve been gawking at him sense he came here and you can’t even recognize him in a picture! Aiyana, that’s Devon Fessler! Look at the pictures. He’s even in the one with you and Rayan. I did some research and back in Lititz, where Devon used to live, five girls were raped and murdered, each one had some sort of symbol telling the cops who was next. The last girl had an arrow on her arm, meaning the killer moved. Rayan had the word “eternal” on her arm and a blossom on her chest. Do you understand what I’m saying?!”
Wait, so what you’re saying is Devon killed five girls, came here and killed Rayan, and is now after me?” She asked, making sure she understood everything. Then, they both jumped as a twig snapped loudly.
“I figured someone would find out sooner or later. Bravo Cole, but what’re you going to do now? We’re in the middle of the woods, and no one could here you scream. Also one other thing, I have the knife!” Devon charged after hem from the shadow, knife n hand. Cole grabbed Aiyana and they ran deeper into the woods. Twiggs and thorns cut Aiyana as she ran, but she didn’t care. She just needed to get as far away from that physco as possible. She quickly turned her head to see if Devon was behind her, but he was gone.
“Wait, wait, Cole. I think he’s gone.”
“No, he’s waiting for us. Let’s just go before-” Cole’s final words were cut off. Aiyana gasped in shock as she saw a knife go through his stomach. Cole dropped on to his knees and clutched his gut. Pain flashed in his eyes. Devon came from behind him, pulled his knife out, and kicked him face down on the forest floor.
“Now it’s your turn!” Devon eagerly shouted. Aiyana didn’t care anymore. Everyone she loved was gone and her alcoholic mother didn’t care about her. There was no one. Devon tackled her to the ground. He unbuckled his pants and started to pull hers down. Aiyana closed her eyes and pictured Rayan’s face just smiling, welcoming her to a place where they could be together forever.
“Pity, I like it when they’re feisty,” grunted Devon while on top on Aiyana. “You know your friend even called out for you to help. Too bad you didn’t hear her, just like no one will hear you.” Aiyana began to feel pain in her heart. She opened here eyes and saw the monster that’d caused it all. Behind him she saw something move. Cole was alive! He stood up and picked the knife up from the ground.
“How’s this for feisty!” Cole shouted as he plunged the knife into Devon’s back. Devon’s eye’s opened in bewilderment. He gasped one final breath before collapsing on Aiyana. She pushed his sweaty body off her and cried with relief. Rayan was avenged and Devon wasn’t ever going to touch anyone ever again.
Aiyana and Cole were in the back of an ambulance telling the cops what happened. They sent dogs into the woods but they found nothing but a single red blossom. Aiyana didn’t care. Devon was gone and for once, she was happy.
5 Months Later
Aiyana was at the doctors patiently waiting for the results. Today was the day she found out whether the baby was a boy or girl. This was both a happy and sad moment. This was all a reminder of the man who had raped her and planted the seed inside her, but also the start of a new beginning. Dr. Floe came in.

“Hey their Aiyana, guess what I have? Your results! This is the most exciting part of my job I got to tell you. So any ideas for a name?” She exclaimed. Aiyana took the sheet out of the doctor’s hand and read it. It was all becoming real now. Her baby bump was coming in and now she knew what to name her little girl.

“I’ll name her Hope. Thanks for all your help Dr. Floe.” Aiyana said shakily.
“No problem and if your ever having unusual pains or need any help you just give me a call okay sweetie.” Said Dr. Floe. They shook hands and Aiyana was again left alone in the exam room.
Hope was a perfect name. It stood for everything in Aiyana’s life. In hope of a happy, new beginning. In hope of graduating In hope of being a good, single parent and not ending up like her mother. This baby was now her life, and she couldn’t be happier, no matter who the father was.

The author's comments:
This started as a romantic short story, but once I started writing, everything came naturally and created this. Enjoy !(:

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