No Way Out

December 1, 2011
Laying there, no way out,nothing but darkness, it felt as if I was trapped in a box. didn't’t know what to do. No food, no water, no light, and I was incapable of movement. Starting to picture scenarios in my mind of being rescued, I sadly felt hope drain my body because the chances of that happening were nearly impossible. I then started to pray, pleading to the Lord to help me get out of this incomprehensible situation. Thoughts of how much of a hypocrite I am polluted my mind. Why was it that didn't’t thank God for all the good things, but only sought him when going through problems? As i felt my body little-by-little shut down, hopeless, no way out, I faded into oblivion. Was I really buried alive or was it all a dream? In what seemed like seconds i woke up to find I was laying in a hospital bed.

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