Death is Down the Road

November 30, 2011
The walls are closing in fast and my mind starts to race. My life is slipping into the darkness slowly. As I walk down my path of life I look to see if evil is up the path. I lay silent with the night for the devil has come to collect my heart. My heart pounds like a drum at every beat. The crisp winter breeze cuts at my fingertips and turns them dark blue like the sea. Death comes quick to people who know it's time but for others it's slow. I fall to the ground and I can't get up. My legs go numb and so do my arms.Bones in my arms and legs start breaking. Screams leave my dry cold mouth but no one answers to my call. Blood starts dripping out of my mouth out of my mouth till my whole body is wiped clean of it. My body turns blue and white like the sky and blood surrounds my cold body. I see a figure wearing a black cloak and his hand extends to mine. Our hands touch and I feel a warmth hit my body like a bullet. My body lays frozen and dead as I leave it. I was finally gone from this cruel world.

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