Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd and the Big Mystery

December 1, 2011
By Sydhawk BRONZE, Saint Joseph, Missouri
Sydhawk BRONZE, Saint Joseph, Missouri
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Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd was a curious lad. No. Scratch that. Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd was an adventurous lad. Yep, that's more fitting. Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd was an eleven year-old boy with the imagination of a 7 year-old and the courage of a mountain lion. At least he hoped it was as big as a mountain lion's. Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd wished everything about himself to be grand. And that's why he wanted to be a detective.

Detectives were fearless, and caught the villains. They always solved the case, and usually has some AWESOME fighting skills. Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd had been dreaming of being a detective since he was born...(though maybe a bit after that. He wanted to be a superhero first, but of course, superheros never got paid enough.) Plus, who doesn't want to have AWESOME fighting skills? Lame-o people, that's who.

Right about now, Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd was tiptoeing around his house at the devastatingly late hour of 10, magnifying glass practically glued to his face and Sherlock Holmes-esque hat perched haphazardly atop his flaming red hair. His blue eyes darted back and forth as he scanned the kitchen floor. Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd had heard some noises like footsteps and a door slamming earlier in the night. Since both of his parents had gone to sleep after their argument, now was the absolutely perfect time to go detective-ing. Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd thought of this as his big break into the detective world. He just couldn't screw it up!

Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd padded his way in spider-man pajamas up to the fridge, which at the moment vaguely reminded him of the Hulk. But he shook that notion off. He was a detective, and detectives didn''t think about superheros! But the fridge was kind of big and hulk-like. It was silver though, and not green, so everything was okay. Right?

Opening the door as quietly as one 11 year old boy named Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd could at that time and place, he blinked his eyes to the bright light of the fridge and looked at the food through his trusty magnifying glass. What was different? He saw the milk and the eggs, some weird pasta dish. The Chinese from last night. He took a whiff of the air and immediately the hand holding the magnifying glass flew to his nose. That smell, it was awful! What could create such an odor?

Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd grasped the magnifying glass once again. Remember when I mentioned that it was practically glued to his face? Turns out it really was glued to his face. Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd thought it weird, for he did not remember putting glue on his magnifying glass. But it was not as weird as the strange stench from the fridge, so he shoved it away for now, choosing to focus on what had created the smell.

There! Third shelf on the left next to the pasta dish! The culprit of the smell was apprehended! A small shiny package shaped like a piece of pie. Pie usually didn't smell that bad though. Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd quickly grasped the item from the fridge and shut the door quietly. His folks did not need to be awake at this hour. He held his breath and took it over to the table, where he got up on a chair and stared at the object. It definitely had a stench, but he was very curious to find out what was inside. A good detective always followed up on his leads. This was his biggest lead, so he decided to find out was was inside.

Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd left the table to get some supplies. A good detective always had gadgets and gizmo's to help him in his... detective-y-ness. Rummaging through the kitchen drawers, he found the perfect tools. Yes, these would do nicely. He took his loot in his arms and went back to the table.

A safety knife - to cut it in case something needed to be cut.
A pair of tongs - to pick up pieces or the whole thing after he restrained it if it started a retaliation.
A big spoon - to kill it if the above situation happened.

Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd sat back down at the table and looked at the mysterious foil wrapped object through his magnifying glass that was glued to his eye. Carefully he pulled back the foil, holding his breath as the stench hit him in waves. His eyes were watering, but he continued on. A good detective never quit anything. So Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd wouldn't quit either.

It was slightly yellow and smooth, with some holes all around. The object was kind of lumpy and odd shaped too. Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd didn't know what to make of it. The smell seemed to be made in the object. He touched it, and quickly pulled his hand away. It wasn't alive, it seemed. but something was off. A good Detective used all of his senses to find out weird things.

Okay, so Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd already covered sight. Smell, well, that was obvious. It reeked. Touch, it was smooth and lumpy. Smooth lumps, really. It didn't make any noise, so no sound. That left....taste. Taste? He thought it would taste nasty. It sure smelled nasty. Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd wanted to be a good detective, but he didn't think he could muster up the courage to eat the strange smooth lumpy thing. Maybe he didn't have the courage of a mountain lion.

He had to try it though. Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd didn't think it was poisonous. His parents wouldn't put it in the wasn't them! It all made sense now! Someone was trying to poison his family! Why though...why? That's it! Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd wasn't taking one bite of the stuff. He was going to save his family! He took the seemingly poisonous object and tossed it in the trash. There! Wiping his hands, Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd crawled into bed with a smile and a magnifying glass glued to his eye.

In his dreams, he was the best detective around.

The author's comments:
I had this itch to write something, and when I sat down to write, this is what came forth. I hope people will get a smile for their day, or remember a time when they were like Carter Louis Willowala the 3rd.

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