November 30, 2011
What if there were to be a person lurking around your house? and you were home? What if you were sitting on your bed in your room and you saw the doorknob turn? Would you scream and run? Or would you sit there in surprise and wait for the door to open and the person come and kill you or kidnap you? it would be a terrible thing to happen to ANYBODY. I would be the type of person to scream and run, find some sort of sharp object and throw it at them. I'd probably try to find some scissors and just chuck it at him/her. Its funny how we are just talking about people coming into our houses and saying "This would never happen to me",and "I'm safe in my house." But your WRONG. On e window or one door in your house could be unlocked and sooner or later someone that you DO NOT know will come and try to take you or your things. And your not always at home, CORRECT?

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