In the Dark of the Night

January 5, 2012
By RiaMajumdar BRONZE, Raipur, Other
RiaMajumdar BRONZE, Raipur, Other
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Walking down the road at three in the morning after a mind-blasting party at some friend’s seemed a better idea some twenty minutes back when you were surrounded by forty more people spilling out of a warm house with party music thumping indoors. Now you are wondering whether you should have accepted that offer for a ride back home after all…

The solitary sound of your boots has never sounded more ominous as you stride down an empty road with dark houses shaded by trees on either side. The widely spaced streetlights, shining their paltry light on your wobbly self are not helping you with that icy feeling at the back of your neck either.

You shrug off that feeling of someone watching you from afar as nothing but delusions brought on by a few more beers than you should have had that night. Obviously you are not alone; there are live people sleeping in their houses on either side of the road and any time now some late night cruiser would drive by, honking its horns. And let’s not forget the stray dogs, they must be responsible for that fear; after all, you have had a phobia of dogs since the time your aunt’s chihuahua almost bit off your thumb as you played a prank on it a few summers back.

But the coldness just won’t go. You rub your arms over your leather jacket, and wonder if winter will be coming sooner this year, as you pick up your pace; you definitely need to get home fast or mom would kill you for being late.

You wonder why the municipality doesn’t replace the streetlamps with floodlamps as you start sprinting. You definitely need to get home soon…


You scream out as a dark figure appears out of nowhere before you. But your scream is lost in silence as you finally focus on the person before you.

It is a young girl, maybe twenty-two or three years old, wearing black leather from neck to boots. You stare like the college student you are as you take in her petite form, her midnight black hair that is shining so lusciously against the light offset by the lamps, her creamy white skin, so pale and beautiful…

And then you lock gaze with her. You are mesmerised. You have never seen a more beautiful pair of eyes in your entire life; dark eyes sparkling with magic and mischief. Your lips part slightly as you drink in her beauty. Surely you should escort such a pretty girl to her home lest she is attacked by night prowlers…

Your lips spread into a smile that is answered by her. You study her full lips and then her teeth, her dazzling white teeth with those long canines…

Before you know it, the girl has her arms around you. When did she get so close? But you don’t mind. She has more strength in her arms than you would have gauged from her tiny figure.

And then she hides her face against your neck. You thank whoever has sent you this gift from heaven and put your arms around her tiny waist.

Suddenly a sharp pain lances through your neck, at the point right below your ear. But it dulls out fast and so does your senses…

Who is dimming the streetlamps? Why do you feel so light and airy? Are you holding the girl or is it the other way around? As your mind wanders through these questions you still are vastly aware of the delicious pain prickling through your neck, and the slow sucking sensation that seems to be spreading bliss through your blood.

The last thing you see before you close your eyes is the girl raising her head and licking something red off the side of her mouth…

The author's comments:
Tread the night with care. You never know who might be watching...

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