the worst day ever

January 6, 2012
By beavergrl BRONZE, St Helens, Oregon
beavergrl BRONZE, St Helens, Oregon
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The worst day ever
At the beginning

I run, run for my life. Not sure why there after me. I`m scared for my life. I`m afraid to look back. Afraid they`ll catch me. Afraid no one will help me. How did this happen? How did I get stuck in this? Where did this all begin?

“Sammy wake up.” Mom yelled up stairs.
“I`ll be down in a second, and don`t call me that!” Sam yelled at his mom. I had a dream, but this one was weird. I`m not sure why but it seems like it`s going to happen.
“Sammy, hurry up!” Mom yelled. “You`ll be late for your first day of high school.” The words, just hearing the words haunt me. I hate it. It brings back to many memories. “Sammy hurry up!” Mom yelled one more time.

The reason it brings back bad memories is because that was the last time I saw my brother Stone before he disappeared. He was on his way to high school and he just vanished. We never saw or heard from him again. We searched weeks and months, but found nothing. Until a month ago. Someone had called in, saying that they found a body. When we heard, we checked it out. Happily it was his, but sadly he was dead. We never forgot about what had happen to Stone, except mm apparently because she`s sending me to that death trap called high school.

“Sammy if you don’t come down, you father is coming up!” mom screamed at the top of her laughs. I knew that she was serious so I went down stairs even though I didn’t want to. When I got down there, I didn’t talk to anyone. I was silent. So silent that they didn’t even know I was down stairs.

“Sammy is that you?” my mom had asked as I walked into the kitchen. I didn`t correct her. All I did was sit next to dad. Next, I must have been asleep, because all of a sudden I was on my way to high school. Apparently I had fallen asleep at the table. Oh no, I need to wake up before they take me to high school
After, I had woken up; I was terrified at where I was. I was in my mom`s car on my way to my worst nightmare. High school! Oh no, this isn’t good. Oh, why, why, why did I ever fall asleep at the table? Oh no, were almost there. Were almost at the high school!!!

The school
“Sammy, wake up” my mom had said to me, “were here.”
“Mom how dare you bring me here,” I yelled at her “you know that one year ago this is where Stone disappeared. It`s like you don`t even care that he`s dead.” I was mad at her. Apparently so mad that apparently I started to cry because dad gave me a tissue. I don`t know what happened next, but I must have done something to make mom upset. Because all of sudden mom started crying.
“Honey, I know what happened to stone.” Mom said as tears fell down her face. “I know that this is where he disappeared.”
“Then why are you sending me here,” I asked her sounding like I was about to cry. “I`m confused.”
“Because you need to go to school,” mom said as she continued to cry. “And get a good ejection.”
“You’re kidding me right,” I told her as I stopped crying. “That`s your excuse. That is the lamest excuse I have ever hea….”
“Samuel, stop it,” dad had said in a tone I never heard him use. “You don`t need to argue with us. You’re going to school, and that’s it.”
I didn`t know what to do next. I was afraid that is I said something it would be the end of my life. So this is all I said. “But, mom, dad don’t you think that something suspicious is going on.” I told them like I was series. “I mean did you ever think that someone is after our family. I mean everything seams different since Stone hit that boy.”
“Sam, I know that everything is weird.” Dad had said as he got out of the car. “But, you`ll just have get use to not going to school with Stone, anymore. I know that it`s going to be hard on everyone, but you`ll just have to work threw it like we are.”
“But guys, there might actually be someone out there, after us.” I had told them as dad opened my door. “And I know that it might seem weird but, this might be true. Also what are you guys going to do if I ever end up missing? Well, what are you going to do?”
“Sammy, just get out of the car and go to school.” Mom had said as she grabbed a tissue. “Just, please go to school.” Adventully somehow they got me out of the car. But I still didn`t go to school. Instead I went somewhere no kid would go. Well unless they were a smarty kid. The library.

At the library
When I walked up the steps, I had to think of an excuse to why I wasn’t in school. Then I just hit me. The perfect idea, but would it work. Would it actually work on adults? I mean, I know that it would work on kids, but what about adults? Well I guess that we won`t know until and adult ask.
I had gone up to the librarian, and was a little bit afraid because what if she did ask. Would it work? I guess we`ll just have to see.
“Hello maim,” I said to her in a scared voice. “How are you doing on this fine day?” I stood there until she had answered. I waited for about ten minutes, and she still didn`t answer. So I just said to her “So I was just wondering if I could have my library card?” She still didn`t say any thing so I just started to walk away, until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and it turned out that it was the librarian, but not the old lady. No this one was a young girl. She was about my age, so about 14. I still wasn`t sure why she was hear. Shouldn`t she be at school? While I was still thinking I heard a voice and I thought it was her voice.
“Umm sir, I don`t mean to be rood, but you don`t have a card.” She had said to me in voice that sounded like an angle. It also sounded like I had heard her voice before. “But if you want we can sigh you up for…..Sam? Is that you?”
“Umm do I know you?” I had asked.
“Umm yeah, it`s me roes.” She said so sweet. “I`m in all your classes.
“Except wood shop,” I said as I started to giggle. “Right. You’re not in my wood shop class?"
“No, I’m in there to.” She had told me like she was serious. “It`s just I`m always in the back. So that`s why you never see me. Yeah, well I`m the one who built the sign in Mr. Eaton’s room. And you know the wooden chair in the room that everyone speeds to class to sit in it? Yeah, I built that, too.
“Really? That`s cool” I said with joy. "So your names roes? Right?"
"Yes. Rose Elizabeth Joy." She said like she was part angle. “So, are you going to check out a book or are you just going to stand there?”
“Oh um, I would like to check out a book.” I said like a love struck idiot. “Yes so do you guys have any war books?”
“Ha, you’re funny.” she said as she was giggling at me. “Hmm, yes we have some war books. Here I’ll show you to them.”
Next, I don’t know what happened but apparently she thought that I was some type of idiot, because she started to talk to me like I was three. Or at lees that`s what I thought. Then again she could have just been helping me, so that the next time I came in I would know how to find books without help. Well at lees I hoped that that’s what she was doing. Then the next thing I did was I thought I would ask her a few questions. So I had said to her, “so aren`t you supposed be in school?”
“Aren`t you supposed to be in school? Hmm, why aren`t you in school?” she said to me like I had asked a stupid question. Which now that I think about it, it might have been a stupid question to ask. So then I decided to answer her question, which I guess was also my question. So I had just said to her, “well, the teacher asked if I wanted to go to the library, and I told her I did.
“And you thought she meant the city library!” she yelled at me. “Are you serious? She probably meant the school library!”
“They have a school library?” I asked to get her attention. “Well can you still help me?”

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