Murders in the Woods

January 5, 2012
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It is just a cool breezy day at Origin High School over at Condolence Hills, but this town is a very mysterious town it is said that this town has had many murders in its past. As usual, in a typical High School students are buzzing around telling everyone all types of rumors. George, a mysterious boy who was trained by his widowed father that was also in the military, is walking around school looking for his friends. Once he finds his friends he says “Guys, I heard a rumor that there have been many disappearances over at the woods behind the park!” His friends just laughed as if he was making this up.

The next morning, George was up early watching the morning news, and they talked about how there were murder cases over at the woods that George had mentioned to his friends. When he went to school he told his friends about what he saw, ad this time they believed him except for Mark and Jeff who still denied him. George always thought of them as not cool or nobodies. George then asked them if they would go check it out since they were so confident in their claim. They agreed, and told everyone to meet them at the park tomorrow at 6:00 p.m., but little did George know that Mark and Jeff were the murderers!

So the next day, after school they all went to Newberry Park. Mark and Jeff were of course the first ones there, and they did not seem scared at all. They acted like they really wanted to go into the woods, and they were mocking the others about how much braver they were than them. When everyone got to the park Mark and Jeff went into the woods with no hesitation. George and his friends have been waiting for 30 minutes for his friends, Mark and Jeff to come out. Jen and Dave, Mark and Jeff’s best friends who were also thought as nobodies or loners to George, said, “What if they got murdered?” They said this in a scared manner. Brick and Cruz, two of the best jocks in their school, said, “Well lets just go in and look for them.” They said this because they were not scared of anything, or so they say. Their friends were all uneasy about this, but they finally came up with a decision and went into the forest to find their friends.

Once they are inside they suddenly hear freaky animal noises that they could not hear from outside the forest. They went deeper and deeper into the woods to find their friends. Ironically the two jocks were scared the most, they were jittering and whimpering like little babies. They have now gotten so deep into the forest that they were lost and nobody could hear them if they screamed. Jen and Dave disappear out of nowhere. They are now as scared as they could possibly be. All of a sudden they hear a bundle of twigs crack behind the bushes. They are now very scared knowing that they could be the next murder victims. George yells out, “Whose there!” There was no reply, so he throws a rock at the bush, and rabbits start hopping away. “Whew” George says in relief. He turns around to find out that two people in ski masks holding Cruz and Brick hostage with their chainsaw and axe.

A few seconds later after being shocked from taking his friends hostage George is knocked unconscious by two other people in ski masks. The mysterious people drag them to their camp and wait until they wake up. Moment’s later George, Brick, and Cruz wake up finding out that they have been all tied up. “ Who are you and let us go!” The mysterious people reply “ Oh fine might as well show you who we are before we kill you.” They then take off their masks and…

George’s mouth drops in awe. Since the people about to murder them were none other than their friends; Mark, Jeff, Dave, and Jen. George says, “How could you guys do this, I thought we were friends?” “Well why do you think you are the coolest and that we are nobodies!” The murderers said, “ Yeah I thought so, no answer,” They also said. They then picked up their weapons and said “Well lets gets this over with,” They walk to one of the jocks and say, “Oh, Brick, we never liked you,” and chopped off his head without any hesitation. They take the remaining football player, Cruz, and without hesitation chop him in half with their chainsaw. They then go outside camp to hang what is left of their bodies, like they did to the other murder victims. While they are doing this George finds a knife all the way across the camp. He goes there and grabs the knife even though his hands are tied up, and uses his military like skills to cut himself lose. The murderers return ready to kill him not knowing that he is already cut lose.

Suddenly, George knocks their weapons out of their hands, and starts running away. They chase after him, and try to catch up to him as fast as they can. George is just to fast for them to catch up. He manages to lose them, but unexpectedly trips on an overgrown root, and yells out in pain. The murderers hear him and the chase is back on. Once George got out of the forest he ran as fast as he could to the police department. He told the police the whole story, and then they headed over to the camp, just to find out that they have gotten away.

George knows exactly where they are hiding, so he goes to the old steel mill that they used to hang out in 4 years ago. He then assassinates all of them except for one because Mark had gotten away. All George had to do was wait because he knew that Mark would come after him for killing his best friends. When Mark found him, he and George had an epic stand off. Out of nowhere Mark pulls out a dull blade, but little did he know that George had special skills that he learned from his dad. Mark takes a swing, but George dodges every single swipe he does. After Mark is tired George tackles him down to the floor, and starts beating him to death. In the end George had won, and it has just been another mysterious day at Condolence Hill.

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