What did I do?

December 31, 2011
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I screamed at the top of my lungs but he wouldn't stop. He put another shot in my arm and injected it. Immediately after I started shaking and felt a rush of pain everywhere. I screamed again but this time instead of ignoring me he hit me in my lungs and I couldn't breathe. I lift my head up to say something but within that moment my body went limp and I was in a unfamiliar sleep.
I awake in the same place but with a numb feeling consuming my body. I tilt my head to try and see if he was still there which was a huge mistake. Within that moment he was standing over me, looking me straight in the eye, and a cloth in his hand. He put it closer to my face and I could smell the chloroform on it. He went to put it to my face and I found myself trying to lift my arms just to find them strapped down to the table I was on. He leans in closer "DON'T!" I find myself screaming. With a swift movement I'm unstrapped from the table and on my feet. My first instinct is to run but I don't because I figure that's exactly what he wants. He stares intently at me without saying a word. I'm scared for my life but I don't let it show. I wonder what he's thinking. Probably about what's next to this little game he's playing. Trap me in a corner, knock me down on the ground, or maybe just stare me down till my heart gives from pounding so hard.
I blink and he's gone. I look all around and he's no where in sight.
I look for a way out but it's no use it's pitch black expect for the light shining over me. I take advantage of the light to examine my body and I'm horrified I did. My tee shirt and jeans are shredded to bits and my shoes are gone. My arms have scratches all the way up them and burn marks where my wrists were strapped down. My legs are the same way. I have a small gash on the top of my head. I'm covered in blood from head to toe I can barely stand to look at myself. So I crumple to the floor in the fetus position and just lay there, hoping death comes to me before he does but I know it won't happen. What feels like an hour later he's in the room again right next to me. Afraid to get kicked in the head I don't look up. I still haven't figured out what he wants. I've asked him at least ten times in the two days i've been in this room. He gives me very little food, gives me a blanket to sleep with at night but tortures me all day. I really wish I knew the kind of person he was before I agreed to meet him, but I'm the stupid little 15 year old who doesn't think before she does anything. I just wanted to meet him so badly. I guess I shouldn't let my need for love get the best of me. It didn't even occur to me that he had changed. I finally let myself look up at him. We lock eyes and just stare at each other for a while, not saying a word. He lifts me to my feet and let's go but I can't support myself so I fall back down. Again he picks me up but doesn't let go this time. Instead he drags me over to what I think was the table I was strapped down to before. He sits me down and then hands me some clothes that were in my bag I had packed. Maybe this meant he was letting me go, that he had his fun and was done. Or that could be exactly what he wants me to think. So I take the clothes but I don't let my guard down, you never know what he might do next.

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