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January 3, 2012
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He walked around the classroom, showcasing his silver gun and tugging on his pocket of his jacket telling us he had bullets. He, a fellow classmate struck fear into me and so many others in class. He then sat at the front of the classroom and told us to pass up our cell phones; we all did as told to.

He sat there for a moment then he started laughing and pointing the gun at all of us saying,”The fear you all feel right now is the fear you all have put me through.” He, John the gunman, talked about how people picked on him, teased him, and how he could not take the bullying. My heart went out to him because all the times I saw him getting bullied; I could have done something, so we all wouldn’t have been in that position.

The door opened and Mr. Smith was about to walk in when he saw the gunman. You could hear Mr. Smith running and yelling down the hallway. Andrew stood up from his desk in front of me to talk to John. “Please just let us go,” he stammered,” the teacher will be back with help and it would be easier on you.”

“No, it wouldn’t be easy on me, because people like me just don’t get it easy,” he said in a yelling tone. “Only people like you get everything they won’t in life and you just, don’t deserve it. So sit down.”

“But,” Andrew stammered to get out.

“But nothing,” said John.

As Andrew went to sit down, a beep came from his back pocket.

“You have a cell phone.” yelled John as he got up from his seat pointing his gun as Andrew as the whole class gasped in shock.”You called the cops I bet.”

“NO, no, no” pleaded Andrew with his hands moving across his torso.

With that John shot Andrew right in the chest in front of me, killing him. I cried as I watched Andrew, my best friend, fall to his death. I got on the floor next to him and just cried. John looked shocked at what he had done and stared at Andrew and back to his gun over and over again. He then reached into Andrew back pocket while I screamed at him not to touch Andrew. He pulled out the beeping noise which was a watch telling Andrew he had been late to work.

John the hit his fist against the wall asking to himself why did he shoot Andrew. In the distance you could hear the cops running down the hallway telling John to come out with his hands up. A sobering John walked out into the hallway.

While all the other students left to go see their loved ones, I stayed with Andrew until I could say good-bye to him. Then I walked slowly out of the room past John covered in blood.

I was close to the doors when I heard a startling popping noise. I thought the policemen shot John, but John, shot him-self in the head, killing himself. I will never forget that day.

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