Mayland Thompson

January 3, 2012
By Juquice BRONZE, Fountain Inn, South Carolina
Juquice BRONZE, Fountain Inn, South Carolina
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"You will never die , until you live."

When Mayland Thompson dies he wants to be buried with a body of a twelve-year-old girl. Her name was Sidney James. Mayland Thompson was a gardener for Sidney’s family. Sidney was always by herself and often had an expression on her face as if she was hiding something.

Sidney’s parents were never around; her mom was always in her office and her dad was a lawyer so he was always out. Mayland Thompson was a nice man and loved kids, even though he had none of his own. He was also a Christian man. He always brought Sidney a treat or present every time he came.

On a beautiful day of June, Mayland came and there was no sign of Sidney. Mayland entered the house in search of Sidney. He approached the Sidney’s bedroom and heard a loud “BOOM!” He quickly opened the Sidney’s door and saw he body dangling from a large rope. He quickly ran to get her, but he was too late. Sidney was gone. She had broken her neck. Mayland acted as if that was his own child, and burst into tears.
When Sidney’s parent arrived several hours later, they found Mayland holding Sidney as if she was only sleeping. No one knows why Sidney hung herself some say because of loneliness, and some say because she was unloved. Thompson went to jail that night because everyone assumed that he had killed her. Mayland got the death penalty and was killed on July 23 on a silent night.

The author's comments:
My class was assigned a sentence and we had to turn it into a story, and my sentence was "When Mayland Thompson dies he wants to be buried with a body of a twelve-year-old girl."

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