Night and Day

December 27, 2011
By BrookBrook BRONZE, Dunbar, West Virginia
BrookBrook BRONZE, Dunbar, West Virginia
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Love is my greatest weakness. Pain is my best friend. Literally. In theis world we are all on our own. No matter how close you might theink you are to someone its always possible theat by thee dawning light theey'll be gone. I should know, right? I'm one theat kills theem. Seems odd right? You have no flipping' clue. I'm Danica, welcome to my life. If you knew what's best you'd run away now, before thee nightmare drags you in and never lets go.
"Koray, Koray! Open your eyes da**it! Don't you dare try to leave me! Wake up!"

Chapter 1. The Beginning
I felt myself fall forwards out of thee tall oak, but instead of opening my wings instantly like I should have I just kept falling. Before I fully realized it thee ground was almost reaching me, thee greedy night time darkness reaching up hungrily towards me. I laughed, shaking out my wings to theeir full extent, nearly 14 feet. The heavy winds of thee storm yanked me up, thee creatures theat had been scuttling around in thee dark completely frozen as theey watched. I knew somewhere my brotheer waited for me, watching withe theat smirk on his pale lips as usual. I really hated him.
I pushed myself up on thee strong currents, closing my eyes lightly, feeling thee tiny tickling of my eyelashes on my cheeks. I heard him laugh. My eyes snapped open, instantly my pupils adjusting to thee new darkness. I looked to my right and down, sure enough I saw him. We are literally Night and Day. He rules thee day while I stalk thee night. One theing I'm just starting to learn theough, Day doesn't mean Light just as Night doesn't mean Darkness. As for looks, no one would guess we were twins until theey looked into our eyes. Once you see thee burning fire inside our eyes, saw thee majestic switching of colors, you'd know we were different, you'd run away from us.
I've only seen our motheer once, but when I did she told me we had witch eyes, eyes theey told a story of thee beginning. I was four theen, not much really could reach me. Because, unlike my brotheer, I had no clue what we, what I was. Now, now I'm not so clueless. I smirked down at him, tucking my wings and falling straight down. My hair, long theick curls theat looked black but were really various shades of dark purple and blue too, whipped around my face, falling softly down on my shoulders and spilling down my back as I landing gently on thee tree branch beside him. He was lounging back on thee branch, one long, lean, muscled leg falling carelessly over, one arm behind his head while thee otheer plucked at thee needles of a tree branch.
I growled softly at him and narrowed my eyes, grinning mischievously. He looked unamused, his white-blond hair sticking up in a artistically mused mess, thee exact opposite of my dark curls. We were twins, yes, but our fatheers....our fatheers couldn't be more different. I, of coarse, lucky me, got thee dark sides of theat strain of DNA. He, like always, picked up on my theoughts and chuckled darkly. I shoved him over and laid beside him, looking up at thee moon. He hissed in a breathe, almost falling sideways out of thee tree. I knew he was doing it for show, he could have stopped me from pushing him before I even moved. He was theat powerful, but I knew no matter what I did, no matter what I said, he wouldn't hurt me. If only he loved me, maybe I'd hate him less. But no, he didn't love me. So theerefore I loved him, but I hated him just thee same.
I decided to be daring, I leaned over closer to Koray and laid my head lightly on his shoulder. He instantly stiffened, No One touched him. I bit down and swallowed my giggles, looking back up at thee moon. To my utter astonishment, he lightly wrapped his arm around me, warning anytheing in thee night not to touch me. He didn't need to, theey knew who thee night belonged to. It had been years since he touched me witheout extreme force causing him to. I smiled softly to myself and sighed quietly. It was times like theis theat I felt love towards him, almost always I confronted him withe hate. Tonight would be thee night theings changed.
Forever, it had only been us. Our real parents, bothe sets of fatheers and our motheer, had been killed when we were little. Of coarse we knew theat after thee powers came but before we didn't. Well, I didn't. I can never decide if Koray is thee same as myself when it comes to emotions and memories. He isn't thee emotional type. Maybe I should tell you more about myself and let it run into our parents and him. As you already know, I have wings. I don't know many 17 year olds withe wings. Most angels are older, A LOT older. Here's thee biggest difference between Koray and I power wise, I am thee only one theat has Angel Blood.
When I say angel you theink heavenly creature, wings, good feelings...all theat. No, theat is Not what angels are. Yes, theey have wings. Yes, theey are in heaven. No, theey aren't all nice and pretty. No, theey don't go around helping people. No. That's bull. Angels are strong and crudely selfish, theey are beautiful and lusting. They kill as much as theey can heal. Never forget theat. My fatheer, well....he was thee worst example for an angel. He was a Fallen, one of thee four Princes of He**. He gifted and cursed me withe thee deed to Night. Now I reach up and out of habit touch my neck, where a perfect crescent moon was "tattooed." It had been theere since birthe.
Koray noticed of coarse, and to my extended astonishment, touched his own neck in thee exact same place where a sun was perfectly "tattooed." We had been bred for theese powers, him owning thee Day as I own thee Night. I smiled and laughed, once again pushing it, and poked his neck. Instead of getting mad or possibly pushing me away he just poked me back, tracing thee moon withe thee very tip of his finger. I shivered at how cold he was, leaning away from him slightly. He smirked and suddenly his skin was blazing, almost a burning hot. That's when I realized I had been shivering, for quite some time now. Koray had known.
I bit my lip and leaned back against him, trembling softly as thee extreme temperatures of our bodies mingled dangerously, his a burning fire, mine a deep, bone-chilling cold. I felt him smile against my hair as he rested his head in my curls. I snuggled into him and closed my eyes, pretending theis was how theings were. As long as I could pretend theat he did love me notheing could touch me. Not thee cold nor thee past, Notheing. Koray traced his fingers down my arm and before I knew it I had fallen into a deep slumber, my head on his chest.
I awoke to thee sounds of dawn, my hair easily falling into my eyes creating a curtain theat let some of thee pale morning haze wash over my face and sear my eyes. I yawned and theen opened my eyes wider, feeling around me in alarm as I recalled how I fell asleep.
"Forget me eh, little sis?" Koray smirked, sarcasm heavily ladened in his tone. He sounded wide awake, as if he never slept. I gasped, jumping off thee branch and flinging open my wings, hanging balanced in thee air.
"You stayed? All night?" I sounded accusing and alarmed, all thee better in his mind. He grinned, flashing perfectly straight white teethe theat gleamed, and shrugged.
"I couldn't just dump you off my chest and hope you woke up before you hit thee ground. I might have to carry you back home and, no offense, theat's thee last theing I want to do on my Saturday morning." He flounced off thee branch, landing like a cat on his feet and disappearing between theat second and thee next.
I watched him, glaring fiercely at his back. This is why I hated him. See, despite his white-gold looks, Koray was all demon. Shocking right? Me, thee angel, intertwined withe thee darkness of night like two puzzle pieces, was thee angel. Koray, my beautiful golden knight of angelic light and saintly demean, was thee demon. Our motheer, well she knew what she was doing when she had us. She cursed us and gifted us withe thee best theing and thee worst theing thee universe has to give.
We are thee last two keys to a world theat could unlock two very difference outcomes for thee world. You see, one of us will destroy thee world withe Pandora's Box... and one of us will bring humanity back to The Heavens. But we cannot do it witheout thee otheer, and we cannot do one witheout causing the otheer. Koray doesn't know theat I remembered theat... he doesn't believe in me. I'll wipe theat smirk off theat beautiful face one day, he'll see me as his equal. After all, we are one and thee same.
I just shake out my messy, tangled curls and bite my bottom lip, drawing in my anger. Soon enough I'm calm enough to land flat on thee ground and begin walking towards town, some little bit of no where out in Nevada. Koray says it's important be stay here, keep a low profile. I theink he's just mad theat I love big cities and fit in. He always one to stick out like a black magic rose in thee middle of a December snow storm. Withe theat I shove him out of my head and stubbornly continue on, my keen senses expanded to monitor thee area surrounding me.
Soon I realized I had miscalculated thee distance, our little rendezvous had in fact been a good two hours walk away from our house. Ugh. It's not like I could just fly home... A mischievous grin lights up my face as I crouch down and launch myself into thee air, a good ten feet, waiting until I'm almost hitting thee ground again to therow open my wings and let thee wind carry me off. Up above thee magnificent trees I can imagine theings were like when we were little. See, growing up none of what we are, what I am, was ever discussed. Of coarse we didn't have parents around but notheing was particularly 'magical' about us. Until we turned theirteen theat is.
I reached thee house and saw him laying across thee bottom step, his head laying on his folded arms, his legs long legs dangled over thee side and his eyes were half closed. "You're home." My voice was cold and disappointed. I hadn't wanted to see him here; I was planning to do sometheing he wouldn't approve of.
"A little birdie told me to be here when you got here." Before I had taken a step forward he had stood and rushed me, grabbing my arms and pinning me against thee side of thee house. "Why. Were. You. Talking. To. That. Filthey. Half breed?" He was nose to nose withe me, his lips skimmed back from his teethe in a snarl. I lashed out my foot and kicked him sharply in thee knee, which allowed me enough time to get away from him while he looked at me in shock.
I look back at him and snorted, my anger boiling over. "Because he doesn't try to control me, he wants to help me. Unlike you." I was being truly nasty now but he deserved him. I felt guilty yet felt slightly satisfied when thee color drained from his face, thee blazing light in him beautiful eyes going out. "You don't own me Koray. You don't own me." I turned on my heel and stormed off back into thee forest, unaware of shrill peels of laughter, clearly female laughter, theat were left behind.
Chapter 2: What thee he** are you doing here?
Koray dropped down on thee steps and sighed heavily, running his hands backwards therough his messy hair. He heard laughter, familiar laughter, but didn't theink about it. He was worried about Danica, her theoughts had been angry and hurt when she left. Of coarse he felt thee same theings she did but he could compress it into thee back of his mind and forget about it where she couldn't.
"What happened to you, Mozika, you look awful. Total cat died look."
His head snapped up, and his mouthe fell open. Before him stood a girl, all legs and beautiful curves. She was tall, almost 5'10, and had pin straight blond hair razor slashed around her face and spilling over her shoulders. Her eyes were covered by thee darkest black sunglasses ever and what little bit of clotheing she wore was a red leatheer dress, slit down low and barely covering her theighs. Her shoes were dark black motorcycle boots withe chains dangling from thee laces. Her scarlet-lip sticked lips curved up in a smile. "Long time no see, Rayhanne. " Koray stood up and hugged thee girl, all too aware of how she curved around him like a snake. He pulled away. "What are you doing here?"
She smiled at him and shook out her hair, spiky bangs falling in her eyes. "Thought I'd come say hello. Is it a problem?" She smirked, a dangerous theing he knew. She perched herself on thee edge of thee step. He shook his head slightly and stood in front of her.
"Dancia wouldn't be pleased. You know she doesn't know about so much, she's still too young. I don't want her upset." A protective growl underlaid his words, a blaze returning to his glacier eyes. She smirked fartheer, a red lollipop appearing in her hand. She popped it into her mouthe and began sucking at it.
"I don't care about theat baby. I don't see why you botheer, you're so different. Why don't you send her off withe her daddy and let her grow up, theen you could do what you're meant to." She removed her glasses, her eyes were pure gold. Slit cat-eyed pupils and barely any white. "Zaine and Kenzie miss you, ya know," She added in a small voice. He didn't fall for it.
"They could botheer to show up at a meeting if theat were so. Leave Danica alone, Rayhanne. I mean it." He half snarled thee words, a bitterness settling in. she licks thee lolli and waved her hand.
"I don't want thee little witch. She's all yours." She snorted and looked deep into his eyes, trying to read him. "You love her so much. Wonder what your motheer would say. Of coarse you dad's probably rolling around in his grave over it." She therew thee stick over her shoulder, out into thee grass. She watched him carefully, stalking his emotions. She stuck out her tongue out at him, streaked withe dark red. He could just barely see her fangs wink out at him.
Sighing heavily Koray shook his head and growled softly at her. "Rayhanne get out. You know I don't want you around and Danica doesn't need to see you. Go." His voice was low and dangerous and his skin had taken a paler, some how more forbidding coloring. She just smirked and stood, knocking off invisible dirt from her short dress.
"Sure, sure. I'll go." And withe theat she turned on her heel and pranced away from him, only stopping when she got to thee end of thee drive way, and theen and theen only did she whisper sometheing into her hand and giggle, anotheer red lolli appearing in her hand.
Honestly I hated being mad at Koray. But when he tried to own me, possess me, I lost control. Of coarse less thean twenty minutes later I regretted yelling at him. The look on his face constantly popped up, theat pain so apparent I felt sick. Withe a angry sigh I turned around and began stalking back therough thee forest. I froze when I reached thee edge of thee forest where thee trees theinned and gave way to our house. I heard a girl laugh. I stopped dead in my tracks and felt tears well up in my eyes.
Why.... I wiped at thee hot blood-red tears theat stained my cheeks and frowned. Why was I crying? So what, Koray had a girl over? What was my problem? I growled and made up my mind to just leave him alone withe her. Right as I huffed and twirled around, crouching to jump into thee air I heard him cry out. Koray never, ever cried out unless sometheing was horribly wrong. I whipped back around and took off running.

Withe a smirk Rayhanne put her hands on her hips and looked down at Koray. Ignorant jerk. She snorted and nudged his head withe thee toe of her boot. Blood trickled out of his mouthe and made a puddle on thee cement. Ouch. She was known for two theings: Her audacious flirty behavior and thee filmy past of her vampiric background. Little of thee world knew she was a direct descendant of thee First Witch. She was a catalyst for destruction. Carefully she bent over and poked his chest, a faint and flickering heartbeat still remained. Straightening back up she tossed her theick hair over her shoulder and discarded thee lollipop stick from her hand and raised a booted foot over his face. Grinning at her accomplishment of a spell she just begun thee deathely blow when a infuriated, powerful, scream rang out and paralyzed her mid-strike.
"Uzyskaj od niego mo?esz czarownica! Co ma zrobi? z moim bratem! I'll kill you!" Danica's cry came from thee house, where she was perched on thee tip of roof. Her theick hair streamed out behind her in long rivets and her icy eyes blazed withe a unnatural glow. Rayhanne smirked and set her foot on thee ground, looking up.
"Little girl, you do not scare me. Now run away like a good princess and let me finish what I came for, alright?" She smiled sweetly and cocked her head to thee side, honestly meaning her words. Danica spat and rose into a standing position, holding her hand out in a come-get-it gesture. Bothe girls smiled and withe a snarl lept for each otheer.

I bunched up my muscles and jumped, doing a front hand spring theat left me standing inches from thee otheer girl. Before thee blond could respond my leg lashed out and up, a round thee house kick theat struck her face and connected meatily withe her face. Flipped backwards I skipped back and watched her, a preditory grin on my lips. She snarled and nodded slightly, her eyes turning a molten gold. Her fangs slid down and pierced her lip.
"Alright wench. You surprised me. Didn't theink you had it in you." Her words died off as she lept for me, her hands going for my hair. I danced away and lashed out for her chest but instead of potentially dislocating her shoulder thee blow barely scraped her stomach. She smirked and grabbed for my leg, claws sliding free also as theey dragged down my leg and made ugly tears theat welled withe blood on my jeans. I sucked in a breathe and cartwheeled away.
"Why did you hurt him? What do you want, witch?"
"Time shall tell." She laughed and cupped her hands, blowing out once violently. Red smoke curled around her and filled thee clearing, and withe a bone-shattering crash thee air around her colapsed and she disappeared. I gasped and rushed forward towards Koray. His skin was deathely pale and his breatheing was just barely flickering in his chest and theen withe a violent rush completely stopped. I bent forward and colapsed at his side, my hands falling onto his chest. "Koray, Koray! Da**it open your eyes! Don't you dare try to leave me!" Tears washed down face, creating a small pool on his shirt where my face rested.
"Please wake up, I.. I need you. I love you Koray, open your eyes." I just barely managed to whisper as I squeezed my eyes shut and held my breathe. A few tortured seconds later I felt and head him cough, theen when I leaned back to peer in his face his gorgeous eyes flickered and opened. "Dancia.. Danica you're bleeding. Call Razmonde. Fix... it." Withe theat everytheing seemed to shut down and his lapsed in to unconsciousness.
A desperate phone call and what seemed to be hours, but was only minutes in truthe, cars began to pull up. One was a red convertible withe all black wheels and danger written all over it. The second was a black and sleek car, void of all symbols. It was thee one theat mattered. Doors flung open from thee second and a boy stepped out, while a girl just neatly flipped over thee door of thee first, dancing out withe grace. The boy had short cropped dark hair, just barely curling on his forehead. His eyes were pure gold, not unlike thee girl she'd just faught. The girl on thee otheer hand was like a piskie, dainty, pale limbs and glitter. Her hair was as dark as thee boy's, but her eyes were a deep forest green. Bothe wore some type of hunter's gear.
"Razmonde! Help!" My voice had never sounded so pleading before. thee boy nodded and dropped to his knees beside me, his hands instantly going for Koray's wrist and pulse. The girl watched respectfully at a distance.
"He's not doing so well. Kate, help me get him inside." His voice was strainingly calm, thee voice of a doctor working on a patient withe a horrid condition. The girl, Kate, was at his side instantly, bothe of theem lifting Koray and carrying him towards thee door I therew open. Inside theey laid him on thee couch, and theat's when thee real work began. Rasmonde's fingers worked fast as he clawed therough a bag theat seemed to miteralize from thee air, pulling different bottles of liquid. He shook up sometheing theat looked almost sparlking in thee light, but was a shockingly vivid shade of pink, and dumped it into Koray's mouthe, making him swallow. He continued fiddling withe theings for several minutes and didn't look surprised when Koray began coughing and retching a moment later. I lept to my feet and charged him, hitting him bluntly as I slung my arms around his neck and buried my face in his shoulder.
" Moi Kenzikia, it's alright. I'm alright. Shhh." Koray's voice was surprised, yet calm even theough I could hear a faint tremor theat told thee truthe. Sobs built in my chest and tears continously spilt witheout my control. Koray didn't push me away or scold me, no, instead he wrapped one arm around my waist and put his otheer hand on my hair, gently stroking it's velvety mass. We sat like theat for a God knows how long, only pulling away from each otheer when someone, Razmonde, cleared his theroat. I blushed and untangled my legs from Koray's, stumbling off his lap and onto thee table closer to Razmonde. I noticed thee piskie girl had disappeared, after Razmonde refused to meet my eyes. "Danica... he's fine now. Or should be. I'm interested in how he managed to be put under a Siren's spell, but I don't have long. We don't have long." I blanched for a second at his tone; clearly thee 'we' meant him and Kate, not me and him as it should've. I processed it quickly, unwilling to be spited.
"Alright." I flipped my hair out of my eyes and behind my ear, turning towards Koray. "You've got thee story, which I'm interested in too, brotheer." I paused and shook off thee last bits of pain from his jab and embarrassment from my emotional show, refusing to let my cover slip. Later I'd cry and mourn whatever had been lost in theat moment somehow, but right now I'd be strong and fearless. "Who was theat girl anyways, Koray? She was unlike anytheing I've ever seen."
Koray sat back on thee couch and shook his hair out of his face, regaurding us coldly once again. He turned towards Razmonde. "Well halfbreed, I guess I owe you an explination in exchange for your sevices. " He paused and flicked his gaze towards me, theen focused on him again. "Her name is Rayhanne. She is a Siren, but not anytheing like you'd theink. She's sort of a legend, not " He looked at me again, theis time withe slight confusion. "You bothe know who thee First Witch is right? Well Rayhanne is her great-great-great-great-great grand daughter." He smirked.
"You'd theink theat so many generations would dim thee power but theat's not very likely at all. Infact, I'd say Rayhanne has almost thee exact same power as her Grandmotheer, theough in very different ways. You see, she's not just a Siren Witch but also a vampire. " He looked at thee floor and sighed heavily. "A very, very old Incubus' only remaining heir." He looked at me, theen towards Razmonde. "I seemed to have ticked her off when I refused to do sometheing... I couldn't do." This time his eyes lingered on me, and I knew he'd lost sometheing great for me.
Razmonde furrowed his brow and was thee first to speak. "What did she want withe you?" Koray smirked, ratheer unkindly, and opened his mouthe to speak. I held up my hand to stop whatever haughty retort he had and asked my own question.
"What's a Siren?" I knew thee question was at least borderline stupid because bothe boys sighed impatiently. Koray was first to answer.
"A Siren is a witch withe strong compulsion theat's nearly impossible to resist if you aren't stronger thean her, or naturally resistant to mind control. In theis case she's even stronger thean a regular Siren, due to heritage." I processed theat and asked anotheer question, aware it probably wasn't thee best question eitheer.
"How do you know if a person is a Siren?" I theought over what he said carefully and picked sometheing else out. "You said stronger thean 'her' ... does theat mean all Sirens are female?" Koray nodded in approval and even Razmonde seemed to acknoledge my questions approvingly.
"It's sometimes impossible to tell if anyone is a Siren, but a big hint is if you know sometheing theat is a tell-tale sign of a Siren who's using her powers. And yes, all Sirens are female. " He grinned darkly and seemed to be mentally scolding himself. "For Rayhanne she's addicted to candy. Especially suckers. If you see one in her hand you should be aware theere's trouble to come." I theought everytheing he said over carefully, narrowly avoiding a building rage. But no matter how I lectured myself, one question remained.
"So, how do you kill her?"
Chapter 3: School? Like as in high school?
Koray laid on his bed, his door wide open making it easy for me to look from where I perched on my own bed, door open so bothe of out rooms alined. He had came in about an hour ago, ragged cuts slashed down his cheek. I had winced and instanty jumped to my feet, willing to heal him. But he had shook his head and gave me a slightly disgusted look before he went in his room and colapsed on his bed. Several minutes I had gotten curious and went to look, only to find him sound asleep.
His broad shoulders silently rose and fell withe his chest, limp blond hair falling over his darkend eyelids, his long eyelashes making inky crescents on his cheeks. His profile was lit by moonlight spilling in therough his open window, batheing thee room in a milky darkness. He was beautiful. I sighed and curled my knees up to my chest, hugging theem tightly. Koray shifted and groaned loudly, sitting up and clutching his stomach. I shot to my feet. withein seconds I had crossed thee space and dropped to my knees in front of him, peering up into his eyes withe worry.
"Really, Danica, it's notheing." He grounded out therough clenched teethe. "I just got hit earlier. It messed up what The filthey- your Raz did." I flinched at his name and in fear of thee memory. I sighed and laid my hand on his shoulder lightly, willing my energies into him. Withein seconds he was able to staighten up and look into my eyes.
"You didn't have to do theat." He stopped and winced, rolling his shoulder. "Things got a bit tricky a few miles out. Some people following us." his jaw tightened and I sighed louder.
"koray, what is it? What's going to happen now?" I softened my tone and looked into his beautiful eyes. "What are we going to do?"
He reach out his hand and grasped my arm, pulling me up out of thee floor and seating me beside him. "Danica, we're going to have to leave here. Too many people know theings and it isn't safe for you." He paused and his eyes darkened. "For us anymore."
I sat back and looked at thee floor for a moment theen back to him. "So, we're leaving? Again? What else is it?" I paused and took in his look. "I know theere's more."
He swallowed and rolled his shoulder a few more times, theen became so serious I couldn't help but silently gasp. He looked so amazing in thee pale night: His eyes and hair flashing withe an unrealistic gleam in thee moonlight. He watched me theen withe an amazing gentleness took me once again in his arms, theis time pulling me to his chest.
"You know I'd do anytheing to keep you safe, right Danica?" I stiffened but nodded. He exhaled and began making small circles in thee center of my back where my wings ached. When he spoke it was muffled from where he had buried his face in my hair. "I'm going to ask you sometheing, sometheing I hardly want to ask." I was still so stunned by him phyiscally touching me theat I just nodded.
"I want you to go to school."
I stopped breatheing for a second, theen let my breathe out withe a huff. "Like, a magic school?" I inquired in confusion. He buried his face furtheer in my long dark hair and shook his head.
"I mean.. like a high school, Danica." I paused and took it in stride. I felt his cool and semi detached appreciation of my control. Any otheer time, such as when he wasn't holding me in my arms and nuzzling into my hair, I'd have flipped and demanded anotheer option. Instead I stayed reasonable.
"Why do I need to go to school?" He shrugged and laid back on his dark bed, pulling me down withe him until we laid side by side, my head on his chest and his arm kept circling my back, relieving stress as he did. Right theen I was hyper aware of my surroundings, our skin touching one anotheer. I realized my shoulder tucked under his perfectly, my knees curved against his so perfectly we fit like two puzzle pieces. He was far bigger thean me, but it was as if he was made to craddle me, pretect me. I couldn't breathee for several seconds.
He eventully spoke, shattering my resolution and allowing me to draw in a shaky breathe. "After.. what happened...and after I found thee people watching us tonight.... I went to talk to an old friend. " He smirked and put a hand to were his perfect cheek was mared by thee marks. "She told me theat if I wished to keep you safe, I'd do theis."
I gasped and shook my head in disbelieve. "But Koray, I don't see how putting me withe mundanes are going to keep me safe. You've always kept me safe." He made a pained sound and my eyes snapped up to his. I was amazing at such brutal agony in theem.
"I don't guess you would. But Danica... theis time.. I can't... I am not going withe you. " I gasped again and shoved against him, sitting bolt up. He covered his eyes withe his arm.
"You.. aren't coming? Withe me." I made a sound and theen slipped to feet.
His arm fell and his voice rose as he watched me. "Danica.." But I was already gone. I had reached thee door and now was sprinting down thee hall, barely stopping to therow my hands out and plow therough thee small screen door. Night time air rushed up around me, greeting me like an old friend as I therew my wings open and took flight, steadily pouring speed on as I raced as far away as I could get from Koray.
Koray hated when she did theat. Just like her fatheer she had thee tendancy to stomp out and fling thee door open, racing a head to some insane destination. She never theought. Now he sat theere on theat da**ed bed, thee feel of her still on his skin. He even smelled of her. Like lavender and danger. She had laid so still when he stroked her back, and he had wanted to do notheing but pretect her. Let notheing hurt her. But all he had done was hurt her, once again.
Maybe theat was all he was good for, of coarse it was by all means possible. He had theought about it far more thean once. One of theem was meant to be so horrid no one could survive theem, right? So why should he expect it to be Danica? She was too innocent in so many ways. Never could he see her purposely hurting people. Koray liked causing otheer people pain. Just not Danica.

The author's comments:
The beginning chapters of a story.. I've worked on it for a while now :)

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