Stranded on a Deserted Island

December 16, 2011
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The salty cool wind blows upon the shore. The stars are illuminating the sea as though there were two skies, mirroring each other. The sounds of the jungle are silent tonight in quiet desperation watching the plane skewer. Smoke clouding the sky, and covering the island. Muffled voices almost inaudible, mostly intelligible growing louder, and louder till it is the only thing that is heard. There will be no sleep tonight, the killer is loose.

The only thing you can do right now is run. Run away as fast and far away as possible. But you can’t escape the ocean. All you can do is hope and pray that you can be safe. You need to hurry, as the killer is getting closer and closer to end your fate. All you can hear is the ruffles of the bushes and the trees. And the noises all the birds are making. Quick, run faster or else it’ll catch up to you.

The earth crumbles under your feet. The sound of cracking branches and twisting vines are heard behind you. Deep breaths are heard and you quickly realize that the enemy is closer behind you than you thought. Stopping in mid run, you jolt your body to the left. Back against a sturdy tree, darkness hides you and the enemy who dares to cause you harm passes you. The stop and search party wondering where you have gone. You hold your breath, doing all you can to prepare yourself for your next move. The killer turns their back to you, still looking about in confusion. Now is your chance, ACT! You lunge forward, vine in hand, tying it and smoothly wrapping it around the others neck. The struggle is on, thrashing about to get free. But just as quickly as the struggling starts, it ends and a body lays limp.

You did it your attacker’s body lays before you. Your fight isn’t over yet. Now there are multiple footsteps. You can’t tell which direction they are coming from. Your heart is beating fast and you, ready to take on the next enemy. You get into your fighting stance and wait. The foot steps begin to get louder as they approach you. You see shadows running by they are circling you. Then the shadows lunge toward you all at once.

WAKE UP!!!!! Your head is throbbing; you’re blinded by the fire from the plane. People are yelling to run, the killer is getting closer. You run with the crowd, constantly looking over your shoulder, the crowd leaves you behind. You wipe the sweat from your brow but it feels slimy. You look down, and your hands are covered in blood. You convulse and your backpack falls to the ground. You’re not hurt you find as you look over yourself. You reach over your backpack and the glint of the knife glows in the night. Suddenly the realization of it hits you……………. You are the killer.

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