What a Boring Day

December 19, 2011
It was dark. Nothing to be seen to the left. Nothing to be seen to the right. The smell of death was in the air. I walked out into the open street blood on my shoes, drawing out a trail. I turned a few corners and stopped in front of a closed window. No one was watching but there were plenty following. I looked around the empty street. No one was around. No cars, no people, just quiet. I picked up a rock, the size of my fist, and launched it at the window. It broke through with a crash and the sound of breaking glass. I quickly took off my shoes and ran. As I sprinted down the streets staying in the shadows I heard sirens and saw lights flicking on from the houses. I looked up to see a man standing just ahead of me. Waiting for me. No time to take a chance. I held my shoes in one hand and pulled out my knife. As I passed I quickly stabbed his heart and kept on running. The ground was sharp against my feet but I kept going ready for anything. I turned into an alley and waited. No one came by. 1...2...3. I jumped onto the garbage can I was sitting next to. The dog seemed surprised. I sank my knife into his head. What a boring day.

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