The Eternal Guards of the Ceiling Treasure

December 26, 2011
By Adi12345 PLATINUM, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey
Adi12345 PLATINUM, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey
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Long ago, a teacher in a school, Mr. Niemis, carrying 20 massive tote bags, glanced around the hallway, ensuring nobody was watching. He was a strange sight, covered in mud, tar, and soot. Quickly, he darted into his classroom, locked the door, and closed the blinds. No light from outside penetrated into the room. Climbing onto his desk, knocking papers onto the ground, he pried the ceiling open. He scanned the interior; dark, hidden, and out of reach. Perfect, he nodded to himself. One at the time, he tossed the bags into the ceiling chamber. Sweat trickling down his forehead, he glanced at his watch. Time was running out. Tripling his pace, he finally stashed all the bags in the ceiling. Gently, he resealed the ceiling. Nobody would suspect anything was hidden there. Outside, he heard the sound of smashing glass and pistols. They had arrived, but it was well hidden and safe. His job was over.
Several years, one day, a student, Justin Case, was presenting his science project. When he pressed the secret button on his surprisingly realistic handcrafted clay volcano, red liquid shot out and burst through the ceiling, creating a wide hole, the size of two ceiling tiles. A huge blue bag dropped down with a thud. Sparkling objects tumbled out onto the ground, astonishing Justin and his classmates. Gold! He began to scoop up as much gold as his scrawny white hands would allow, but Mr. Niemis hollered, “No! The gold belongs to the teachers, not the students!”
Justin scowled, turning as red as a tomato. He trembled in fiery rage. After science class was over, he and his classmates came up with a plot to get their hands on the gold. Knowing that the teachers came to school at 7:00 am, they prepared themselves with iron rods, wooden sticks, and even pistols they had borrowed from their parents. At 6:45 am, they hid in a corner.
Fifteen minutes later, they spotted all the teachers skipping down to the Sigma hallway, with grins on their faces, totally unaware that their end was near. Suddenly, Justin Case and his friends jumped out at the teachers. Bullets sliced into their hearts, while rods and sticks repeatedly smashed their heads. The teachers dropped dead, in a rapidly growing pool of blood. Justin and his friends stashed them in the ceiling, and gathered all the loot, as well as the car keys of one of the teachers.
After piling all the gold in the trunk, they set off to the bank. While they were crossing a bridge, all of a sudden, a blinding light shone upon Justin’s eyes, causing him to lose control of the car. The car, a BMW, veered off the bridge, plunging into the river below. The ambulance and police were too late; the children had drowned, and… the trunk was empty; the treasure was back in the ceiling.
To this day, it is believed that the teachers continue to guard their treasure in the ceiling, occasionally damaging the ceiling, or causing leakages. Anybody who pursues the gold for selfish reasons will meet their doom, and join the teachers as treasure guarders.

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