Undead Seer

December 22, 2011
By PicturesAndPens BRONZE, Garrettsville, Ohio
PicturesAndPens BRONZE, Garrettsville, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
Life asked death,"Why do people love me but hate you?"
Then death replied:"Because you are a beautiful lie and I'm a painful truth."

My whole world changed when he came back into my life.
“I don't want you here”. I said
“Look I didn't come because I wanted to, you wanted me here”.
“I don't care, I want you gone now”! You are the one who made this happen to our family. I nearly said, possibly screamed in his face.
“I regret every second of pain I put you and your mother through ,but I’m still apart of this family”.
“Enough dad”! I’m sick of of you putting guilt on Mom and me”. Could you please leave, now”?
“Fine,but know this I will not stop until you are mine, for good”.

Dad left....for now anyway. Right then I was thinking that my life will never be normal. All of this craziness was do to being born on Friday the 13. Yup, 365 days in a year and I was born on that of all days. The first time my life turned up-side down was when my father died. He was always drunk so my mom kicked him out. Eight days later..... dead. He was probably being stupid and messed up on some drug and got hit by a car. We were sad,but it wasn't our problem.

I think my whole family is psycho. Every Carrn is dysfunctional. Well, I’m Angel Carrn. My father is Daniel Carrn. My mother is Missy Carrn. That’s my family, full of maniacs and low life's. So on top of my crapped up life, I am flunking English.

Everything is messed up being a teenager. For me I'm not that afraid that much, because having a life like mine makes you have more strength. What is so weird about a girl who can see her dead family? Okay that's freaky, I admit. You won't believe me if I said that this happens fairly often with me.

I can see ghosts. I never told anyone because it's my secret. My own little creepy world. I guess that's what happens with people who are born on Friday the thirteenth in October. The only person that knows is Michelle Smith. She is just like me. Same weird “gift”. Also born on Friday the thirteenth. The thing is I only see my family. Thank God. Michelle can see everything that is undead. I don't know what I would do if I could see everything that's undead. I guess it wouldn't be that bad I could see my dead cat that we had when I was 6.

In school today I felt a presence. My father. He kept saying to me that I’m going to be with my ghost family soon. On my birthday he says the whole Carrn family will rise and make a ceremony for me to be killed and be a undead for eternity. I was pretending to be fine with it, I wasn't , so I went and told Michelle. She knows all these chants that can kill off some ghosts. I don't know if that would be the best thing to do. I would be happy for my family not to harm me, but it has so problems with it.

The pro's are that it will get rid of my ghost family forever..... hopefully. My life could be normal. Who am I kidding I can never be normal anyways, the con's are that I could get killed for doing this powerful spell,and could also be half alive half dead.

As you can see there are more con's than pro's. Of coarse when has a girl ever come out of the battle safe. There I was, sitting here in my room doing my math homework when this tornado starts forming on my floor. I'm sucked into this death trap. There is a graveyard. I'm standing on the foggy floor thinking am I dead? Than I notice Carrn everywhere. I'm in my undead families graveyard. Everywhere Carrn, Jane Carrn, C.C. Carrn R.I.P. I can't stand this anymore I want to go back to Salem, Massachusetts. In the shadows I hear a faint cry. Then I appeared. Yes. I appeared. I was watching my self running away in the distance. A forest appeared with my family running after me. Than I realized it was my future. On October thirteenth. This is what is going to happen. “HEY”!

My dad popped up behind me, making me jump a foot in the air.
“Hey”. My dad said in a raspy voice.
“What is this place”? I said scared to speak.
“This is the Carrn family graveyard”.
“This is where every Carrn comes after their death”.
There I was, when I noticed I was standing on my grave. My GRAVE! That was the first time in my life I was freaked. “What's this”? I asked my dad.
“This is your future grave”.
On it, it said. Here lies Angel Carrn. October 13, 1995-October 13, 2010. She will be missed.
“Send me back home, please, I want to get out of here”.
“Now,Now. You have to see your future home”. “A Tour”!
“I don't want to die”. I screamed.
“Too bad”! Dad yelled at me.

It's your destiny. It kept repeating in my in my head after he said it. I finally got to go home. After sixty eight minutes lying on my tombstone, dad sent me to my bed. I went to sleep after that. Nightmares came to me every night. There was know stopping my future now. I decided that I will do that spell. I don't care if I will die or something worse will happen. I hate this, I need to stop it.

Today is October 12. A day before my birthday and possible death. I have been learning and practicing the spell. I hope I have it down well. The weirdest thing is that I'm excited for this to happen and also very nervous.

12:00 am. October 13. Happy birthday to me. I appeared in the forest. Angel, come on, I said in my head. “Let's do this”! I yelled out loud. I started running, trying to find a place to do the spell. “Ouch”! I heard a cracking noise. They flung something at my feet making me trip and fall down a small hill. I got away and found a cave. I went into the darkness to do the chant. Awwhh! An object that felt like a million knives slashed my arm. I fell onto the damp ground, trying to hold my broken pieces together.

AMONG-RE-SON-DO-AN-SOO-LA-SHONT. Saying the spell louder hearing screams far away. AMONG-RE-SON-DO-AN-SOO-LA-SHONT. Screaming in pain. Feeling my heart slowing down every second. Lying on the cold, wet, stone cave floor.

The fog rose from the floor. I felt the touch of cool skin. I opened my eyes. Blinded by the bright lights. I saw Michelle hovering over me.

“Angel, Angel”! “Are you okay”?
“Michelle get me out of here, I want to go back home. I don't want to die”!
“Angel, it's okay, your safe now”. “Where am I”? I said.
“Your at Salem Hospital”.
“How did you find me”? I asked
“I was with you the whole time”. Michelle said.
“Followed you”. “Angel I'm part ghost”. Michelle said in a whisper. So shocked I couldn't say anything.
“I was there every second”.
“What happened when I fell to the ground? I thought I was dead”.
“I did the spell and defeated your family”. “Your welcome”. She said in a proud voice.
“Why weren't you dying”?
“I'm not a part of your family, the spell can only harm you if your apart of the family your destroying”.

I have been in the hospital for about eight days now. It's my last day. It's about 6:58pm and the sun is going down.
“I'm ready to say goodbye Michelle”. I said to her.
“Okay”. I reached to give her a hug. Then I vanish. Going to the Carrn graveyard.
“You are now a ghost by night and a mortal by day”.
A voice said, in the distance.

The author's comments:
This was inspired, well not really inspired but a English Assignment that never was read.

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