An Internal Affair

December 22, 2011
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Adam pounded his hand on the desk. “Nd wht mkes you think tht you would be the most qulified to led. Do you think you hve more worldly experience? Or perhps you think tht the rest of us re stupid?” Adam stood up and circled around the empty seat opposite his own chair. “Uri, to be honest, you’re the most incompetent of the five of us nd yet you still dre to try to offer your own ledership ides? Give it up. You’re worthless.”
Uri whimpered then caught himself. I wish I could be as otspoken as the others. Still, have to try. “I’m not saying I’m smart or that yo’re stupid. I’m simply ptting the idea ot there that we cold all take trns leading and everyone can have their time enjoying the leadership.” Uri sat down resolutely, staring straight across the desk at the position where Adam’s eyes were just mere seconds ago. “Besides, Adam, yo haven’t even considered the opinions of the others yet. I’m sure Evan wold have something else to say.”
The room seemed to quiver as Evan, previously silent, stood to speak. “Adam, if you want, I could b th prfct solo ladr. But you wouldn’t stand for that would you. With Uri’s way w can at last mak failurs pay for bing wors than I am.” It was Evan’s turn to circle around the desk, realigning the chairs to mirror each other across the desk. The room seemed almost too small to contain Evan’s commanding presence, but his aura demanded a sense of balance. But it was not long lasting.
Seething with rage, Adam knocked over the closer of the two chairs, dealing it a brutal kick. “So you pln to let these losers hve prt in this too?”
“This way w can also find out who is truly suprior… Ian or Oliver disagrs bliv othrwis?”
Positioning himself in a relaxed posture against the wall, Ian gave a lethargic wave. “Actually, really don’t care. Serously, f you guys handle ths, all the better, because, frankly, to me t doesn’t matter who actually s runnng the show. As long as don’t have to take responsblty for t, ‘m fne wth whoever.” He proceeded to release a loud yawn, sinking even lower down against the wall.
Oliver dusted himself off. Walking over to the desk, he pulled a cigarette from the inside of the table, lighting it with a gilded Zippo lighter. “Well, what’s in it fr me? Even if I did let yu guys d all the leading, I’d end up n the bad side f the bargain. Ian might nt care wh the leader is, but I d. S, place yur bids, and ill vte that way.”
Uri coughed as he tried to speak but the loud bellowing voice returned and silenced his words.. “Ian cars about nothing while Olivr cars only about mony.”
“That’s a le! Do care about food and sleep.”
Evan ignored the interjection. “If w wanna b rich or lazy, you do that by yourslf. I, howvr, would rathr spnd my tim doing mor worthwhil things. Still, if vryon had a say, thn you can do your primitive vnts without my suprvision.”
“Nd let these idiots ply prt? In’s only worried bout his next mel, nd Oliver cn only count his csh. Nd we cn’t forget Uri, who cn’t even think for himself. T lest Oliver and In cn be dmnt on their wnts. Uri cn’t even sy wht he wnts without crying for Mom. He guys cn’t even make decision.”
“Wll that is just mor proof for my supriority.”
Uri cowered into a corner, his earlier sense of courage completely gone. “That’s too far, Adam,” he squeaked.
“Nd whtch gonn do? Punch me?”
“Please, stop it—. “ Uri pleaded.
“H shut up, Uri. It’s like Adam said, yu can’t stand up fr yurself. At least I can get the guts t ask fr the highest bidder. Cme n guys, what’s it gnna be?”
“Wll you guys shut up, ’m trying to sleep."
“So can w dcid alrady?”
“How re we gonn do this, vote?”
“Vot? Why not, I’ll win ithr way.”
“Do actually have to do ths?”
“Whatvr, lt’s go.”
“This is bsolutely stupid. I vote myself for leder.”
“I vot making vryon do thir own thing.”
“ vote whatever came before ths”
“Yu guys didn’t ffer anything! H, whatever, everyne plan.”
“I choose , hhh, everyone do—“
“Anyway, without furthr ado, I will b th first ladr today.”
Adam pounded the table, enraged at the decision. “Tht’s it. I’m sick of your ridiculous pride and superiority sttements.” He reached in the desk, pulling out a small silver pistol. “I’m gonn shut you up once nd for ll. You nd your pride.”
For the first time, Evan looked afraid. “Don’t do this, man. You’ll gt your turn.”
“Don’t do it. Evan’s right, yo’ll get yor trn. Don’t do something stpid becase yo are jealos,” said Uri from the corner of the room.
“Shut up! I’m not jelous! You cn be jelous ll you wnt, but this… Tht’s it. I’m done with this.” With a swift motion, Adam lifted the gun and fired a single shot. Blood pooled on the floor around the solitary body as five became one, and one became none.

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