A Vampire's Sin

December 20, 2011
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I don’t have much time left, but I will tell you my sin. I have been guilty, and my time has come. My heart is beating. Beating. My family thinks I am a monster and I have done wrong. I was born this way. I’m not ashamed of being a monster because to be a true monster you have to convince yourself that you are one. A vampire has to feed, but I promise you, I did not kill. That person had set me up on purpose. I would never kill the innocent. I’m telling you the truth, I would never. But if you open up your eyes, you will see clearly that no one is innocent. If you pollute you city, you have done a sin. If you steal a car or even a little pen, you have committed a sin. Time is short and I only have a minutes to live. You get the point so I shall go on. The Hunters are after me and they are going to find me soon. I’m hiding in a hidden cellar in the basement of my house. I know what you’re thinking. They would come here and look. But, I shall remind you that they think monsters would run to a different country. Humans. They need to start somewhere simple, but they never do. The walls of the cellar are just barely visible. I can hear my heart beating. I hate that person that has made me act this way. Making me hide in a cellar like a rabbit trapped in a hole by a fox. That person would have died before I even drank his terrible blood. Terrible I say. His blood was drowned of sins. You can probably smell it miles away. Only vampires can smell sins. It is really a curse. I can hear the Hunters outside my house. They actually are getting closer. Their hearts are beating slower than mine. They are calm, which is strange. If you were hunting a monster wouldn’t you be scared? I hate them. They have no reason to live. They have killed many of my kind. Why should they come here and kill me. They kill all the innocent like me. They are getting closer. They are probably roaming through the house right now. But, they have broken the lock on the basement door. I can hear their loud, echoing feet coming down the stairs. Now their hearts are pounding. Which is good; they should be scared. I’m very good at scaring. My heart is slowing down. But, it still feels like it is punching my chest. They are tearing though the basement. I can hear the furniture crashing. The cabinet of glass has fallen with a thud. All of my crystal hearts I have given my mother has been destroyed. This is making my blood boil. My child hood is precious to me. My mother has never known what I am. A monster. She loved me because I was the only child she could have. When she found out she couldn't look at me. I never knew that vampires existed. I thought I was normal. I never knew I was a vampire until my teacher took me aside and tried to kill me. I never thought a monster could be that evil. I was born a monster so I will die like one. They are at the door. I bare my fangs. Two guys are at trying to break the door down. I start to count. One. Their hearts are pounding. The door is growing weak. Their feet are making crunching noises as they walk over the broken glass. Two. My eyes are full of hatred. My fangs are thirsty. This is my home and it will stay my home. My rage is over powering me. The door is broken down. They start to shoot when I come out of the corner. My life ends like that. Before my eyes close, I gasp for air and whisper one word “Three.”

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KatyPie97 said...
Dec. 26, 2011 at 3:08 am
Wow! thsi is absolutely amazing! I thought at first that it was something twilight, but I was pleasantly surprised at how original it was! is this a part of a different story you have written? If not you should definitely make a prequel to this story! good job! If you have some time, check out my work!
Pikachu99 replied...
Dec. 26, 2011 at 9:02 am
Thanks it is not part of a different story but I will post the prequel
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