December 20, 2011
By aboule1 BRONZE, Hudson, Massachusetts
aboule1 BRONZE, Hudson, Massachusetts
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Candi. That was her name. The name that I hear in my head everyday of my life. Candi is short for Candace. My sweet seven year old sister with curls the color of fire. Blue eyes so big and bright and a smile that lit up my world. Candi was everything to me. She was my shadow, my heart, my joy. That is, until a real life monster took her away from me. Candi was in the first grade and I was a junior in high school. My mom had her with her new husband and my step-dad. At first I was jealous that my mom was bringing another child into our lives because I was her only daughter. The moment she was born I fell in love.

The school year began uneventfully, new clothes, new school supplies, and a shiny Dora the Explorer lunchbox for Candi. I walked with her to and from the bus stop every morning and afternoon. Our family’s nightmare began the day I had to stay after for getting after school help. Candi had instructions from mom to walk directly to our neighbor Mrs. Filmore's house as she was a retired school teacher and was home every afternoon. That is when he took her. At some point during the half mile walk to Mrs. Filmore’s Candi vanished into thin air.They found her mutilated body two weeks later in a gully off highway 1. Candi had been raped, strangled, and dumped like a bag of trash on the side of the road.

The entire town along with law enforcement searched our little town of Hampton 24 hours a day for fourteen days, but when that unmarked car pulled in our driveway and the two officers walked slowly up to our front door I knew she was gone, but our nightmare just started. I didn't stay to hear what they had to come to tell us. I went upstairs to my bedroom, locked the door, and destroyed everything i could get my hands on. I don't remember the wake, the funeral, or the dozens of people that came to our home to offer support for me and my family. I walked through these days as a ghost of my self. I don’t know if I ate or slept or spoke to anyone. As the visitors slowed down and I returned to school just going through the motions, I vowed to myself that i was going to try to prevent this from happening to anyone else’s sister. The only question was, how?

While sitting in class I would frequently get panic attacks when i though of my sweet sister lying in that gully battered and bruised and all alone. During these times I would raise my hand, excuse my self to the bathroom and escape that room where it felt like that everyone was looking at me. Instead of going to the bathroom I would find a quiet corner of the high school library everyday for weeks. I researched pedophiles and how they are able to lure their victims over the Internet. I entered into chat rooms disguising myself as an eleven year old girl named Candi and waited for the first fish to bite.

I could not believe how many pedophiles there were in the world. There were many of them that message me and i told me how pretty i was. I was so disgusted. Each and everyone of them deserve to die a slow and painful death and I am going to make that happen so, this will never happen again to a poor little girl. Once I got in communication with my first victim on the chat room, I told him to meet me near the same highway at the gully. The same place my sweet Candi was found. I realised that I was just a junior and a small girl that could possible die with just me. I decide that I was going to take my step-dad’s pistol out of the cardboard box at the bottom of his closet. If this creeper tries anything I will be ready. He has to do everything that I say or I will shoot him seven times in the heart. Seven, the age of Candi.

I got in my step-dad’s truck and started to drive to the gully. I started to feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins. I told one of my friend Seth what I was going to do and he was for it too because Seth knows about what happened to Candi and wants to help me kill every pedophile that lives on the messed on Earth. Seth and I were trying to figure out where we were going to put the truck because we needed it for the attack. We decided that we were going to drive down to the gully so nobody would see us. I don’t even think anybody will be out anyways because it was past midnight. We drove down and saw him. I was disgusted. He was a middle-age old man with hair that was reseeding. He was a tall skinny man with glasses that took up his whole face. I don’t feel guilty at all about doing this. This guy was a creep and deserves to die for what he has done in the past to little girls. Candi would have been proud of me. I took the gun of the front seat and Seth took the rest of the supplies. We were ready.

I ran out of the truck and pointed the gun to his chest.
“Don’t you move you creep or I will shoot seven holes in your heart!” I said
He did not say a word. I gave the gun to Seth while I get him ready to die. I took some duck tape and covered his mouth so nobody could hear him scream.
“Give me your keys!” I said.
He gave me his keys right away, but his hands were shaking. I grabbed the keys out of his hand and moved his truck right behind mine. My truck was facing one side and his truck was facing the other. I tied his hands real tight with some rope that i brought from home and attached it to the back of his truck. Then I did the same with his feet to the back side of my truck. There was no way he was getting out of that now. He started crying. I started to laugh.

“Don’t you cry. You deserve everything that I am going to do to you. This is for my sister.” I said.
I got in my truck while Seth got in the pedophiles truck. We both started the engine. I Closed my eyes bowed my head.

“I love you Candi.” I said.
Seth and I both slammed on the gas and started to go different directions until we pulled this horrible person apart. I cold not hear his screaming over the two loud engines. Then all of a sudden it was not hard to drive now. I shut of the car and went out to see what was going on. There he was. He was ripped in half and one side was stilled attached to my truck and the other side was attached to the other truck. There was blood everywhere. Seth and I took his body and dumped it into the gully. It felt good knowing there is one down out of all the pedophiles in the world. Candi I know is proud.

Seth and I did this every weekend and are still doing it until every pedophile has died painfully and slowly. I will never get caught because nobody knows of these men because they dropped off of the face of the Earth to be pedophiles. One day I will find the pedophile that killed my poor innocent Candi and I will make sure that his death will be the most painful of them all. I know hoe to catch him because at the scene i noticed something that the police did not. He cut up his license and threw it in the gully. Now I just need to put it together and I can find this disgusting creep.

The author's comments:
I hope people get from this that this does really happen to little girls out there and i want people to help stop this from happening.

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