Ivory Remains

December 20, 2011
By Anonymous

“So rip my pictures from your wall, tear them down an burn them all, light the fire and walk away, there’s nothing left to say…” A dark brown haired, blue-eyed girl sings as she goes to finish food. She comes home from Basic, only to find her sister left alone in their condo, not eating because she is too busy going “clubbing” with her friends, so she decides to try and prepare a meal for them. As she is doing so she debates on how to start the conversation, wondering whether to approach as she was taught in Basic or nice and easy like she always had to before.

“Ivory? What are you doing here so early, don’t you have work?” Sierra Knight says as she comes out of her room, dressed in what seems to be the latest style. She plops down on the white futon and starts picking at her nails, “Well since you’re here, I do need to talk to you about something…” she trails off.

“Sure, what is it?” Ivory says, worry laced through her tone, her sister just looks at her and her once blue eyes, that are now gray, harden. She stands and motions for her to follow and walks back to her room.

Ivory checks on her .45, making sure it is still in the holster on her side as she follows her sister into the back room, a gut-wrenching feeling in her stomach.

The room is dark as she walks in, the stench of metallic copper strong in the air. She automatically draws her gun, one hand on the butt with the other wrapped around for security, held down by her side.

“Sierra? Where are you?” She asks although she assumes she is in the far corner where the smell is coming from.

Piercing gray eyes show in the dim light, and a hunger resides in the depth of them. She reaches to the side for the light switch and flicks it on, illuminating the whole room, causing her sister to cower in the corner, or what was left of her sister. A creature lurks in the corner, the navy blue shirt torn as ragged wings jut out of the back and the skirt is ripped up the side.

“…Sierra?” Ivory asks as the thing pulls its lips back to reveal a mouth covered in blood and needle-like teeth, her sister or the thing, growls. She reacts the moment it lunges at her, drawing the gun up and pulling the trigger two times before it smashes into her, one bullet going above the heart, the other in the neck. She drops and kicks it back against the wall, one of the claws/nails cutting into her abdomen, she stands up slowly to turn around and as it is momentarily dazed she aims the gun and pulls, placing a bullet in her heart and head.

“I’m so sorry…”

Staggering out of the room, blood flowing from her stomach slowly, and the blood from the splatter of her sister dripping off of her skin, she makes her way to the futon, not caring if it is white and sits, the gun resting at her sides.

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