Benjamin Haze

December 20, 2011
By Arielle1367 BRONZE, Winchester, Virginia
Arielle1367 BRONZE, Winchester, Virginia
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“Benjamin Haze, you are assigned to house 2143 with Jazmyn Elliot. You have one hour to get ready, rushed extermination,” the voice rings over the intercom as the students are in class. A black haired, green eyed young man looks up from his book, Kiss Me Kill Me, and sighs as he sees it’s only eight in the morning and already there is an assignment waiting.
“So Benji, you ready for this or do the adults need to handle it?” Jazmyn stands over him, hands on hips in her black cargo pants and camouflage t-shirt. Her cocky smile rests on her face as her violet eyes gleam under her dim red hair.
“First off Jaz, you’re only a year older and second, I wouldn’t be making any snide remarks pipsqueak.” He stands up and walks past her, his six foot six, two hundred and twenty-five pound frame towering over her petite one, figuring that if he goes to the armory she will leave him alone until the time to leave.

Benjamin and Jazmyn leave the building twenty minutes before their designated time, both quiet, contemplating on their upcoming task. Benjamin looks through the file again and sees that there are three of them, but only two live in the district and reportedly only one is infected. The nineteen year old and a seventeen year old, the seventeen year old is the one infected, but the infection hasn’t shown. Always after forty eight hours they show it, they always go after the closest to them and normally the uninfected either get ate or turned.

“Come on, we need to hurry before our time is up.” He says and picks up his pace, Jazmyn rushing to keep up with his long strides.

Within ten minutes before their deadline they show up outside of a white door condo, they stand there contemplating on what to do next. After five minutes they hear four shots go off and a horrid scream, one they have all heard before, and they rush in to see a brown haired, blood covered girl, sitting on the futon, dying the white pink with the blood.

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