Ivory Remains: Story Behind

December 20, 2011
By , Winchester, VA
Ivory Remains came to the academy, blood soaked, dazed and empty-eyed, after the experience with her corrupted sister. Only nineteen at the time, she quickly became one of the best fighters and exterminators this era had seen. She became close to Benjamin Haze a little over a month after she snapped out of the catatonic state she was in, I guess killing your sister does that to you, and went on her first extermination mission only three months after.
Benjamin played a role as an older brother, a mentor, and a best friend after he had taken her from the bloody reminder her home had became. As an apprentice to him, along with two years military training on top of SWAT training since she was fifteen, she was a good pupil, though disobedient to anyone who pissed her off. Many months after her survival of the attack, she started looking for her elder sister, Elaine, but no progress had been made. A year passed, Ivory and Benjamin became more and more skilled at killing off the corrupt, and gaining the highest kill streaks with being only a two person team, made them the most favorable choices.

Jazmyn, along with others became terrified of her, and the relentless, remorseless exterminator she had become. The cool hardness in her eyes, staying entirely incorruptible under any circumstances; her eyes only melting into her soft blue color around Benjamin, only showing emotion to her closest friend. Well over a year later, Ivory located Elaine and found out that she was being kept in a secure building that had quarantined itself during an attack, harboring god knows what. The chances were one in a million that she was even still alive, for the only record they had of Elaine Knight was of her entering the building moments before the spree started. Ivory increased her training and her techniques ten-fold, in case the chance came that she would have to face her sister, for the fact that if it wasn’t her sister it might be something that could kill her.

On her twenty-first birthday, Benjamin threw a party for her, a vanilla/chocolate cake that said “Ivory, for a great reminder of how much you have come to mean to me. I would want no one else as my partner in crime.” That small little expression of feelings finally bringing tears to her eyes, amazing everyone around. That night, she rummaged through all of her belongings, the locket of her younger sisters’, the little notebooks they used to use, even the photo albums and clothes she had managed to salvage, finally crying after two years had passed, with Benjamin by her side for support.

December 31st, two weeks after she turned twenty-one, her team got assigned three killings. One, a small family with two to three kids, the other an orphanage, and finally the last one was the building in which was said to hold her sister. Ivory took this challenge, took the very fact that this might be it, and contained all feelings that may have made her break and locked them all away. The first killing was done within two hours, the thought of only one more until the factory playing through her head over and over.

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