Home Alone

December 20, 2011
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I’m alone, all alone, completely alone. Nobody is home; I’m in my room with my bedroom door shut and I’ve officially run out of things to do to entertain myself. My parents should’ve been home a half hour ago and I’m beginning to worry. The house being silent as the grave begins to eat at me until my nerves seem to be standing on end, for I have become hyper aware of every little noise, every rustling leaf and every looming shadow. The tick, tick, tick, tick, tick of the clock suddenly penetrates the utter lack of sound. Every tick seems to reverberate off the dim lite walls, the wind throws itself against the side of the house in its attempt to get in and the shadows begin to crawl. C-R-EEEEEE-A-K…. SLAM!!! I can hear a door somewhere in the house close. My hair stands up straight, my breath quickens, and my saliva gets caught in my throat… someone is here, here in the house with me.

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Dassa said...
Dec. 28, 2011 at 2:36 pm
please can u write some more or some kind of sequel to it becasue this is s good story
mrommel replied...
Jan. 12, 2012 at 2:26 pm
Thanks :), and I'd be happy to write a continuation of my story, so I'll see what I can do.
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