The House

December 20, 2011
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The three friends had just returned from a football game. Elsie’s parents were out of town and they decided to go to her house after.

“Did you see that creepy guy staring at us from the top of the bleachers?” Erika asked.

“No.” we answered, too excited from the victory to be thinking of anything else. We went down to the kitchen grabbed some drinks and snacks and went back upstairs. As we ate we decided on a movie to watch. Elsie put it in and we all layed down to watch. Half way through the movie, we heard the dog fence fall in the kitchen.

“You put your dog in the laundry room, didn’t you?” I asked her.

“Yes,” said elsie, “She’s in her kennel.” Three pairs of eyes looked up with a trace of terror in them. “Hello?!” we called, no answer.

Thoughts ran through my head. Should we lock the door? Should we hide? Should we try to run out the front door? Quietly, we decided to try to sneak out the front door. As we stood up we heard the creaking of footsteps on the stairs. My heart jumped into my throat as I tried to swallow the fear. Now, there was nothing to do but wait. We heard him moving around in her parent’s room. Then he went across the hall to her sisters. The next room would be the office, right next to where we were. I motioned to them to run once we heard him move into that room. The footsteps creaked; I could feel him moving around. Finally seemingly hours later, he was in the room next to us. We sneaked over to the door flung it open and sprinted, I was last. I had just reached the stairs when I felt something catch my ankle. My face hit the stairs and I immediately felt blood dripping out of my mouth. I looked toward the door, my friends were gone, safe. He dragged me down the stair and set me on the kitchen counter. I could feel my heart pounding throughout my body. I was too weak to run, it dawned on me that there was no escape. Tears rolled down my face. “Please,” I begged “ don’t please!”

He smiled a crooked smile, I could see nothing but hatred in his eyes. He pulled a knife off the counter beside him. He moved toward me and I closed my eyes, I didn’t want to see my fate. When I opened them, I saw Elsie and Erika beside me fast asleep. My heart was pounding. As I took a sigh of relief I heard footsteps coming up the stairs…

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