December 15, 2011
By Anonymous

On my daily bus ride home from school there is normally me and three other students on the bus. But today things were different, there was someone else sitting in the seat across from mine. As I peered forward to see if I recognized them, they quickly turned their face toward the window. After that, I knew something was strange or perhaps different about them.

The strange person didn’t say a word; they were silent the whole time. After we pulled out of the bus loop to start our journey home, the stranger quietly pulled out a news article. Interested, I tried to see what it was about but I wasn’t able to see that far without my glasses. After I reached in my backpack to pull out my glasses I looked over and the article had vanished and they had a small piece of paper, vigorously writing what seemed to be a note they crumpled it up and slowly glanced at me and threw it. Curious to see what it said, I opened it but I wasn’t able to read it. It appeared to be in a different language.

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