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December 11, 2011
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"Let me go! Get off! Stop!" Panting, Amie forced the words out of her mouth. "Shut up!" the man replies. Such a familiar face, but yet Amie could not bring the face to a name. She then again, with all her might, tries to force him off of her. He tumbles off the bed and towards the hard wood floor. She quickly jumps up and runs as fast as she can! Through the door. Rushing in the hallway. Down the stairs. She trips. Quickly, she gets to her feet and turns back to find Him standing behind her, laughing, "How pathetic! You though you could get away?"
His chuckle makes her skin crawl. He laughs until his big fat stomach begins to cramp up. Suddenly he grabs her, one hand on her throat then only clenched tightly to her knotted dirty blond hair dragging her off to the room where it all began. Pulling hard he tries to drag her up the stairs but she fights back holding onto the railing praying he’ll soon give up. When her fingers can’t take it anymore, she is forced to let go. In tears she is slowly being forced to the room, over the threshold, her bare back rubbing and burning on the rough carpet. He slowly 'uses' her to his advantage. She is in such shot it almost doesn’t seem real. When it is all over Amie shivers with fright. She is overwhelmed with sadness and pain. She never thought this day would come..she had been..RAPED.
Once he had fallen asleep, she runs to the kitchen to grab a knife. Slowly, she opens the dark wood drawer and sees the shine of the blade. She envisioned how she would carry out the crime. She must have made too much noise retrieving the knife because when she looked up, there he was..chuckling! You could see the extra fat on his neck wiggle back and forth like a gobbler on a turkey. Scared to death, she aims the knife towards his throat.
He mocks her, "Oh no! Don't kill me! You really thought you were smart enough to pull this off? what?! You though you would just come down here, grab a knife and kill me? I don't think so!" Amie is in such shock that she is motionless. He grabs the knife from her hand and brings it to her throat. "How does it feel?" he says jokingly. With reality clicking back in her mind, she slips away but not quick enough. He reaches out and grips her arm tightly, and pulls her to the ground. He lets go of her arm and his finger marks are left in red from grabbing so tight. He climbs on top of her with his enormous body holding her down not giving her a chance. He rips, with his bare hands, her shirt off so all is exposed. She tries not to look but out of the corner of her eye she can see him licking his lips with a disgusting smirk that makes her stomach turn. He brings the point of the knife to her chest. He whispers into her ears, “I’m going to enjoy this” and with one forceful push he plunges the knife into her body through her heart. Gasping for air, Amie grabs for her chest as a reaction, she can feel the blood run through her fingers! He had ripped the knife out with all force. Just before her last breaths she finally recognizes the mysterious man..."Dad?"

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