December 6, 2011
By Anonymous

On a cold rainy night Tiffany was driving home when her car broke down. She pulled into a driveway of a house she had never seen before. Her cell phone was not working so she had to borrow a phone. She decided to go inside the house she was parked in front of. She rang the doorbell and a middle aged woman answered the door. The woman would not let her borrow her phone unless Tiffany gave her something in return. Tiffany had no cash on her so she said she would give her a ride. Reluctantly, tiffany got into the car with the strange woman. Tiffany got into the old scratched up car and they drove off. The woman began creepily looking at her. Since the car was so old, it broke down yet again. This time Tiffany was not in a neighborhood area; she was in the middle of nowhere. The creepy lady slowly undid her seatbelt, and turned the radio up high. She pulled out a knife and killed Tiffany. No one could hear her screams because the radio was so loud. The end.

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