Unexpected Angel

November 6, 2011
Everyone is portrayed a certain way. From the things they do and say, to what they look like and wear, we can learn things about them. This story is about a boy named Max Delgado. Max was different from everyone else; he wore the same clothes every day and never talked. Therefore you can imagine that everyone acted like he was invisible and always made fun of. If someone was in this situation they would likely stick up for themselves and get revenge on them, but not Max. All he did was slowly peek over his should then keep walking with his head down. No matter how hard the punches were or how terrible the comments made him feel.

It was like any other day at Max’s High School, Arizona High School. It was the period before lunch. Max was at the front of the class keeping to himself like any other day. As he nervously got up to sharpen his pencil he accidently bumped into the quarterback of the football team, Jared Turner. Jared looked at Max with disgust, then he said, “Watch it loser!” Max just sat back down without saying a word. Everyone started laughing and pointing at him. The teacher finally got the class to calm down. Suddenly, Jared blurted out, “He’s no one! No one cared about him and he’s weird!” The sound of evil laughs arose. All Max could do was sit there and not say anything. What would he say after all? It would just cause more pain for him.

Then the bell rang for the next class which was lunch. Of course that was everyone’s favorite time during the school day. It was like any other lunch; everyone had their own tables. From the cheerleaders and the football players, to the nerds and outcasts, they were all separated. Max had his own table, right beside rotten infested trash can. Everyone could care less what he was doing. All the wanted to do was make fun of him. Lunch was just about to end, and then it all went downhill from there. There was a single gunshot and chaos began to unravel. Unfortunately, Max had his headphones on listening to music. Then there was another gun shot. The tall, obese man with the gun screamed, “Everyone be quiet and stop where you are!” A frightened silence came over the school.

The man started walking around every table with and evil smirk on his face. Then the man punched Jared, the football player, in the face. Suddenly Max stood up and said in a frightening voice, “Stop!” The man turned and looked at him, smiled mischievously, then slowly walked over to Max. All there was complete silence. The man looked at Max and slowly pointed the gun at him and had a sly smile on his face. Max just stood there, barley breathing, filled with terror. His eyes began to water, feeling as if today was his last day.

Then, Jared was so afraid that something was going to happen to him so he started to slowly walk away. The man quickly shifted towards Jared pointed the gun at him. Then the man cocked the trigger and Jared quickly stopped in his tracks. He quickly looked behind him and started running. The man pointed the gun at Jared and pulled the trigger.

Meanwhile, Max was watching intently. Right before he pulled the trigger Max ran as fast as he could and jumped in front of the bullet before it could hit Jared. After the man shot Max he could hear police sirens in the distance, and then quickly exited the school. Jared turned around and saw Max lying on the floor. He quickly rushed over to his side. With a confused look on his face he asked, “Why did you do that for me?” Max slowly opened to his eyes and began to cough up blood. The bullet had pierced his right shoulder.

There was a moment of silence between Max and Jared. Then Max whispered, “Everyone deserves a second chance.” Those few words changed everything. Ever since then Max Delgado recovered and had to go through a minor surgery. Jared Turner changed completely. Instead of being rude to everybody, he was nice to everyone in the halls. Now everyone knows who Max Delgado is, not the weird kid, not the guy that sits alone by the trash can or is always made fun of, but their unexpected angel. So remember this, before you start judging someone: think long and hard before you say something hurtful. You never know who’s willing to risk their life to save you.

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